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Star StarBey
Agility: 6 Strength: 7 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Beserker 5 Energy Absorbtion 6 Eyesight 4
Flight 2 Hand to Hand 6 Starbolts 6
Starbeams 5 Starblast 8 Strength 7
Omnilingual Oxygen
Blank Slate Demeanor
Earth Energy Komand'r
Name: Koriand'r Princess Koriand'r is completely new to Earth and so has much to learn. She is an exceptionally skilled warrior with a sharp mind as well as a charming, flirtatious and charismatic woman in general who loves to have fun. When the time comes to fight though, that side of her fades and the warrior is left in it's place.
Position: Tamaran Princess
Team: Titans
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Tamaranean
Type: DC FC
Actor: Beyonce
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: "Afro-Left" by Leftfield
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Many things led Princess Koriand'r to where she is now. The first event that set it all in motion would her elder Komand'r getting ill as an infant and losing the ability to absorb energy and fly which deemed her unworthy to rule their home world of Tamaran. This meant the throne would one day be Kori's This started an intense rivalry for Komand'r.

The rivalry continued, and even got worse, when both girls were to study with the Warlords of Okaara to become warriors. They studied there for some years but when Komand'r attempted to kill Kori while they were sparring, she was expelled from training. Enraged, she swore to get her revenge.

Koriand'r continued her training until the day she was recalled home. It was not long after that in which her sister's plan for revenge was revealed when she showed up with the Citadel, the enemies of Tamaran. Komand'r had allied herself with them and given them detailed information of their defenses which allowed the planet to be easily conquered.

Tamaran surrendered, the conditions of which including handing over Koriand'r and never permitting her return or else her planet would be destroyed. Kori was enslaved by her sister and at Komand'r's hands, suffered years of torture, and torment in every form of abuse possible. When Kori killed one of her captors who had once raped her, Komand'r decided to execute her sister for it as punishment.

Before that could happen though, Kori and Komand'r were attacked and captured by a race known as Psions. These alien scientists, with a sadistic side, performed experiments on both sisters that could have easily been deadly. Their bodies were flooded with energy to see how much they could absorb before exploding. However, Komand'r's forces attacked the Psion ship to get her back and Kori used the distraction to escape using destructive blasts of solar energy, a result of the experiments, that are called Starbolts.

Despite it all and against her better judgement, Kori freed her sister as well only to have Komand'r turn on her and use her own, much stronger version of the Starbolts, to strike Kori down and captured to be held for execution later.

Kori managed to escape though and stole a spacecraft, fleeing to the nearest planet. The planet Earth.


Innate Ability: Beserker (5)

When Kori becomes enraged, she becomes practically invulnerable and is immune to most kinds of damage. The exception is weapons that can pierce her skin. In the air, she's almost impossible to hit which makes harming her and getting her out of her beserk state very difficult. Because of this, it raises her Toughness to a 5 with the exception being, of course, against piercing weapons.

Innate Ability: Energy Absorbtion (6)
As a Tamaranean, the Princess can absorb what seems to be an endless amount of UV energy. This is what fuels the rest of her abilities. She can also drain UV evergy from other beings, turning this ability into a weapon if she has to which can be turned on those beings that rely on Ultraviolet energy to fuel them in some way, draining them to the point of almost incapaciation if need be.

Innate Ability: Eyesight (4)
Koriand'r is able to see much further than normal humans. Her maximum range around 35 miles.

Power: Flight (2)
In the air, Starfire is capable of great speeds that max out somewhere around 80 mph though it's never really been tested.

Skill: Hand to Hand (6)
Having been trained, for many years starting when she was young, by the Warlords of Okaara, Starfire is an excellent hand to hand combatant and has yet to find but a few which were better than she is. She knows many fighting styles and is great at improvising and mixing styles together to keep her opponents off guard.

Power: Starbolts (6)
A side effect of the experiments done on her, these shots of energy charge pink and are thrown from her hands. They are capable of doing a fair bit of damage and can even go through walls over concrete like a hot knife through butter.

Power: Starbeams (5)
A weaker version, though only slightly, of her Starbolts, these are beams that come from her eyes with the same effect as her 'bolts though they take a little more time and energy to make it through the concrete.

Power: Starblast (8)
Koriand'r has the ability to use the energy her body stores to be released as a single blast that emits from her whole body with devestating effects and reaches a an eight block radius with a shock wave that extends the damage for a total of ten blocks. However, doing this drains Kori of all her energy which leaves her powerless, vulnerable to everything and completely exhausted until her energy levels are replenished.

Innate Ability: Strength (7)
Despite the way she looks, Starfire has an amazing of strength thanks to being Tamaranean. There aren't many who have the ability to hold Kori back let alone overpower her.

Innate Ability: Omnilingual
Through simply touching someone, Kori is able to immediately absorb any and all languages they know. With men, she prefers to do this through a kiss because she finds it more fun.

Innate Ability: Oxygen
Starfire doesn't breath oxygen and therefore doesn't need it to survive which helps her withstand the cold vacuum of space and allow her far greater, if not infinite time, underwater.


Advantage: Blank Slate

Without access to her home world and being completely new to Earth, Kori has a blank slate as far as life goes. A brand new beginning and a chance to protect her 'home' this time.

Advantage: Demeanor
Starfire is a charismatic, charming young woman with a sunshine demeanor that tends to draw most people in. She's fun loving and flirtacious yet there's a maturity about her that comes from all she's been through in her short years.


Flaw: Earth

Kori is completely new to Earth and as such doesn't understand the laws, the culture or it's people which leaves her at a severe disadvantage and floudering a little on how to handle herself and the world around her.

Flaw: Energy
Starfire relies on Ultraviolet energy to fuel her abilities and while her body stores it, the use of these abilities in any way in turn drains it. Because of that, Star must constantly keep enough stored to keep her powers going, otherwise she is left completely vulnerable to any and all kinds of attacks and will lose her powers until she can store up enough energy to once again use them.

Flaw: Komand'r
Having fled from her sister's ensalvement, Kori isn't sure whether her elder sibling will hunt or down to retrieve her or not but is constantly looking over her shoulder, just in case, which makes her just a tad jumpy sometimes.


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