Hero NYC
Static7 Static2
Agility: 2 Strength: 2 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 5
Aftershocks 2 Ball Lightning 4 Bang Baby -
Chain Lightning 3 Combat 4 Electrokinesis 6
Electromagnetism 10 Energizer - EMP -
Fanboy 8 Flashbang 2 Interrogation 4
Invention 5 Ion U - Juice Up +2
Junior Detective 3 Levitation - Light Show -
Magnetokinesis 9 Nova Burst 6 Radio Static -
Recharge - Science 5 Shock Vox -
Sky Surfing 4 Static Cling - Static Interference -
Static Saucer 5 Static Sense - Static Shields 7
Static Shockwave 7 Static Shots 2 Static Shower 7
Static Staff 2 Static Stream 5 Tactical Intuition 3
Taser Punch 2 Tech Support - The Glow -
Vulcan Surge Pinch - Witty Banter 7 Zap Caps -
Allies Bang Baby Expert Boost
Family Gear Geek Fu
Horizon Labs Multilingual Power Player
Science Bonus Static Strength Streetwise
Uniform Untapped Potential Urban Justice
Urban Landscape Video Gaming Virgil Hawkins
Family Gear Girls
Hood Insulators Mouth
Overload Power Loss Quantum Juice
Responsibilities Secret Identity Showboat
Uncontrollable Water Wood
Name: Virgil Ovid Hawkins Straight out of Harlem, Virgil Hawkins was nothing more than an average science geek that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught up in what came to be known as the Big Bang, Virgil found himself with incredible abilities and powers! Which he uses to protect his neighborhood and city from villainous intent as Static!
Position: Shock To Your System
Team: N/A
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Bang Baby
Type: DC FC
Actor: Leon Thomas III
Alts: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Music: Hero by Nas (featuring Keri Hilson)
Like Clay by Leon Thomas III
Quote: "I put a shock to your system!"
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Bullies. It's always bullies. Bullies are the reason that Virgil Ovid Hawkins was even at the huge gang war that was going down in darkest parts of Harlem. He was given a gun by one of his gangbanging friends earlier that day. He was supposed to come down here, kill Francis and the he would be bangin' for life himself. But things didn't really work out that way. Mostly because Virgil spent his earliest moments there... hiding behind crates and oil drums.

The cops, of course, showed up to the Big Bang and hurled tear gas at everyone. Tear gas that was laced with what was supposed to be a radioactive marker so they could track down and arrest everyone at that huge gang war. Turns out, though, that the tear gas was laced with something else. Something called Q-Juice. And this something killed over ninety percent of the people gathered there that day. The other percentage wasn't so lucky. Virgil was in that other percentage.

Apparently, the modified gas had managed to turn a number of these hoods and gangbangers into monstrous mutates with superhuman powers and abilities. They came to be known as Bang Babies and started to wreak havoc across New York. Virgil had become affected by this mutagenic gas also, as he gained electromagnetic powers. Of course, inspired by his love of comic books and torn by the dangerousness of these new Bang Babies terrorizing the city, Virgil Hawkins donned a costume and become the wisecracking warrior: Static!

For the next two years, young Virgil was flying around as Static and combating the Bang Babies and protecting his city from any and all threats that dared to try and rear their ugly heads. During this time he hooked up with some other epic heroes, created some milestones and even formed a tag team superhero partnership with his best friend. But even through all this, he still wanted to make a name for himself... as Virgil.

Being gifted with intelligence, Virgil applied for an internship at Horizon Labs, thanks to some pushing of the program by his school's guidance counselor. Turns out that the people at Horizon Labs loved his essay and his ideas for portable particle acceleration devices (the semi-working model was a big hit) and welcomed him with open arms.

Looks like this Hood Hero headed for the Big Time...


Power: Aftershocks (2)

Virgil can use his ability to leave patches of static electricity in his wake. Whether they planted on the ground or in specific areas, once acted upon by an outside force, they release a quick shock. Essentially, these piles of electromagnetic energy act as mines.

Power: Ball Lightning (4)
Electromagnetic energy that has been compressed into a crude spherical shape that explodes with high end shock value upon impact. Size of explosion varies dependent on how much power was packed into the compressed sphere at the initial creation.

  • Static Fact: Ball Lightning explosions allow for the hitting of multiple targets within a given area.

Power: Bang Baby (-)
Virgil's physiology was altered by the event known as the Big Bang. That explosion of mutagenic gas has caused Virgil's body to change on a cellular level. As a byproduct of this genetic remapping, as it were, Virgil is now in possession of unusual and extraordinary abilities. Due to this actual physical change, his powers and abilities are directly tied to his own bioelectric energy levels. As a result of which, his electrolytes and blood-salt levels are higher than normal. Virgil needs to maintain these higher blood-salt levels in order to support the use of his powers. Meaning that the higher those levels, the more they augment his powers for the better.

The experimental chemical that created Static is known as Quantum Juice (Q-Juice).

  • Static Fact: As a Bang Baby, Virgil is susceptible to any and all weapons/viruses/biological agents designed for his specific style of genetic alteration. There is a very specific genetic signature that Bang Babies give off and Virgil emits that signature at full force. On the flip side, this protects him from blanket "anti-mutate" practices and actions due to this specific genetic signature.

Power: Chain Lightning (3)
Electromagnetic bolts that have the capability of striking one target and then arcing to another nearby target. Virgil has no personal control over whether or not the bolt arcs other than using science and cleverness to ensure multiple strikes.

  • Static Fact: Chain Lightning will lose its continuous capability after three targets have been struck. It loses power each time.

Skill: Combat (4)
Virgil has no formal training in any type of combat or martial art. Instead, he has developed his own style of combat heavily centered around the use of his abilities. He is quite capable of holding his own, as long as he's got his abilities and can use them to help best his foes.

  • Static Fact: Without his powers, Virgil's combat ability suffers tremendously. (Combat 1)

Power: Electrokinesis (6)
Virgil has the ability to generate electricity. From within his body, Virgil can take the electricity generated and administer or expel it from his body in a variety of ways. By nature of his ability, he can also manipulate electricity that may already be in existence.

Virgil is immune to the effects of electricity. Any electric attacks used on him will simply be absorbed by his body, as he is a walking super-conductor and battery. There is no limit to the amount/voltage of electricity that Virgil can absorb.

Virgil can use his electrokinesis to do many specific feats such as charging or draining devices of their electrical energy. He can also project his electricity in a variety of different manners from his body and thus can create a wide range of stylized attacks or "Stunts".

  • Static Fact: Virgil's Electricity suffers the same scientific fate as natural electricity and can be hindered by the same things.

Power: Electromagnetism (10)
Virgil's status as a Bang Baby has given him an incredible ability to control various facets of electromagnetism. In fact, Virgil's abilities can best be described as super-conductive electromagnetism. This phenomena gives Virgil the capability of manifesting both electrical and magnetic energy, either separately or combined. By sheer scientific nature of his abilities, Virgil is now part of the Earth's electromagnetic field and can tap directly into this in order to use his abilities.

In addition to this, he's capable of generating his own electromagnetic energy and storing it within his own body. The raw electromagnetic energy that he generates can manipulated, controlled, and enhanced to his whims with ease. This level of control allows him to also vary the current and voltage of the electromagnetic energy he's manipulating at will.

By nature of his ability, Virgil is so in tune with the electromagnetic field of the Earth and electromagnetism in general that his level of control and manipulation has combined with the sheer power and force of the electromagnetic spectrum to allow him such a high rating in Electromagnetism. It is, essentially, the basis of his powers and which everything else he can do comes from.

  • Static Fact: Virgil does not have access to the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum. His ability to manipulate it is limited mostly to electromagnetivity itself.

Power: Energizer (-)
For all intents and purposes Virgil is a battery. This allows him to fuel energy into electronics or anything that needs electricity to function. The constant application of electromagnetic energy from his body and into something allows whatever he's fueling to run off him and the electricity that he's feeding it.

  • Static Fact: Using this ability nonstop for more than thirty minutes will cause depletion of Virgil's energy reserves. This is also affected by how much power he's using, as the more power something needs to be fueled, the faster Virgil's energy will deplete.

Power: EMP (-)
Virgil's capable of creating varying states of Electromagnetic Pulses which are designed to knock out all electrical devices in any localized area. Virgil, being an electromagnet, can create these with ease and make them of varying strengths and ranges.

  • Static Fact: In the event of dealing with opponents of an electrical nature, it is possible that the EMP can cause damage.

Skill: Fanboy (8)
Virgil is a geek, loud and proud. This gives him an extremely well versed working knowledge of superheroes, comic books, science fiction, role playing games and so on. He can spot heroes or villains on sight, as well as possibly knowing their strengths and weaknesses based on what is known publicly.

Power: Flashbang (2)
Shimmering bolts of electromagnetic energy and light that serve the same functionality as a military grade flash grenade. These bolts are forced to explode into a bright flash of blinding light upon impact.

  • Static Fact: Blindness caused by the Flashbang can last up to thirty seconds.

Skill: Interrogation (4)
Virgil possesses a clever and almost hidden interrogation style that employs the process of asking a simple question and listening. He excels in being a good listener and asking the right styled questions to find out what he needs rather than using intimidation and threats. Most of the time people don't even know they are being interrogated.

Skill: Invention (5)
Virgil is an extremely talented whiz when it comes to technology. He's more apt at the designing and jury rigging process when it comes to small devices created for specific reasons than he is with building huge technological advancements. He has a natural affinity for technological aptitude and thus can pretty much find his way around technology and devices.

Power: Ion U (-)
By creating an electrical charge within the body of an opponent or an object, Virgil can make them more susceptible to attacks that are electrical, magnetic or metal in nature. He basically ionizes the target, which pretty much makes them a magnet for those specific styles of attacks and thus they become a walking target.

  • Static Fact: Virgil's ionization lasts only a brief time on sentient beings as their natural bioelectricity takes over in less than a minute. However, it lasts longer on objects that do not have their own bioelectric signature; five minutes.

Power: Juice Up (+2)
Virgil has the ability to feed directly off electrical based objects such as fuse boxes or power lines and use those things to add more power and pack more of a punch behind some of his electromagnetic abilities. This only works with stunts that have a direct link between himself and the object from which he's draining electricity. If there is any break in the link between himself and the object, the Juicing Up effect will abruptly stop.

  • Static Fact: Juicing Up adds a full two points to the rating of abilities that fall underneath this category.

Skill: Junior Detective (3)
Virgil possesses the skills and knowledge it takes to become a great detective in the future. Right now, though, he's still something of an amateur, though with time and focus, he's capable of connecting the dots and following the trail to logical conclusions.

Power: Levitation (-)
Virgil has the ability to use electromagnetivity in a way that allows him to cause objects to levitate. His control over this ability is primarily used in a way that creates flight, more or less. The use of this ability is built primarily around inanimate objects, of which there are very little limitations, as to what he can levitate with his electromagnetivity. Though, it can affect people and other living things just as easily.

Virgil's ability to levitate things varies depending on what the object is made out of. Obviously, metal is the easiest thing for him to levitate, while wood is the most difficult.

  • Static Fact: Virgil's most prominent use of this ability is combining it with his Static Saucer and creating transportation for himself. (Flight 2)

Power: Light Show (-)
Virgil can use his power over electromagnetism to create displays of electromagnetic light. Through his skill and talent with his ability, this allows him to create shapes both simple and complicated, as he can form words or huge bright arrows, all of which can be seen with apparent ease. Virgil's Light Shows are limited by his imagination and can be displayed in a variety of manners, depending on Virgil's needs.

Heroic use of the Light Show consists of Virgil creating electromagnetic nets, cages, and otherwise movement hindering phenomena. While these things are not generally harmful, they are difficult to break free from as they are made from electromagnetic energy. (Toughness 8)

  • Static Fact: Unless being continually powered by Virgil, the Light Shows will last no longer than five minutes.

Power: Magnetokinesis (9)
Virgil is capable of generating and manipulating magnetic fields. Based firmly within his status as an electromagnet himself, Virgil's ability to screw with the magnetic spectrum is a natural occurrence. He can create magnetic fields from his person that can attract or repel, depending on his needs at the time. He can also use his magnetic manipulation to both magnetize and demagnetize objects that are metal, the results of which will remain as such indefinitely as he actually modifies the object on a physical level.

By nature of his powers, Virgil has an immunity to magnetic energy. His body acts as a sponge when coming into contact with magnetic energy and absorbs it, converting it immediately to refuel and recharge his own electromagnetivity.

Virgil is capable of using the magnetic fields he generates in a variety of different ways. This allows him an imagination filled with possible uses for his grip on magnetism, giving him a huge selection of "Stunts" to choose from.

  • Static Fact: Virgil's Magnetism suffers the same scientific fate as natural magnetism and can be hindered by the same things.

Power: Nova Burst (6)
Through a combination of light and electromagnetic force, Virgil can create a surge of bright energy that explodes around him in such a way that it causes tremendous knockback as well as an impressive bright flash that could hinder the vision of those around him.

Power: Radio Static (-)
Virgil has the ability to tune directly into Radio Waves without the need for equipment of any sort. He can completely listen in on police bands and other frequency specific radio waves based on the area that he's currently in. This enables him to also be able to pick up random radio chatter through walkie talkies or similar devices.

Virgil can also use this ability with phones. Both land lines and cellular towers are fair game for Virgil to pick up on. He can eavesdrop on calls, perform calls, pinpoint locations through electromagnetic spectrum triangulation and a host of other features based on the scientific nature of this ability.

Practical application of this ability also allows him access to radio stations of all types, from standard to satellite and even HD channels. This ability defaults to an Audio setting, however, it is possible for Virgil to lock on to specific waves broadcasting through the air, channel them through a source and into a monitor or camera to project Video/Visual imagery.

Power: Recharge (-)
Virgil can use anything electricial to recharge himself. The more electricity that's available, the faster the recharging happens. While this is normally done with fuse boxes or power lines, things like that, it could also happen with electrical attacks or with opponents that display electrical properties.

  • Static Fact: Recharging requires Virgil to drain the electricity for something which results in power loss in whatever he's draining.

Skill: Science (5)
Virgil is a highly skilled and talented young man when it comes to the maths and sciences. He excels in every single one of his science courses, far exceeding what would be normal for someone of his age. He is extremely gifted in the world of science when it comes to knowledge and the application of this knowledge.

Gear: Shock Vox (-)
Communication devices based on an initial walkie talkie design. They are capable of picking up a variety of frequencies, as well as recording audio and has a variety of intercom style functionality. This is one of the primary ways that Virgil keeps into contact with other heroes.

  • Static Fact: Shock Voxes have a range of 50 miles. (Distance 5)

Skill: Sky Surfing (4)
A personalized style of flight, based on the use of his flying disk, Virgil has become more than an expert in the art of surfing through the sky. He can perform tricks, offensive and defensive maneuvers and a host of other aerial feats all while skimming through the clouds. He could, effectively, surf on anything in the air using the skills he has taught himself through constant practice and trials during his hero actions.

Power: Static Cling (-)
Virgil's signature ability is the fact that he can create enough electromagnetic activity between objects or people that will cause them to adhere to things. He has been known to stick criminals together or up against walls or roofs, depending on how he's feeling at the time. He can use his ability to create Static Cling on anything solid.

This is not the same as his ability to magnetize objects as the Static Cling comes from a different scientific background and uses a different range and frequency of his powerset to create the clinging effect.

  • Static Fact: Static Cling is very adhesive when active and would take incredible amounts of strength to uncling (Strength 8+). The duration of a Static Clung object is ten minutes.

Power: Static Interference (-)
Virgil's abilities grant him an immunity to various types of mind control and telepathy. By simply existing he causes static interference around himself and his brain which blocks others from taking control of his mind or reading his thoughts. His body produces enough static interference to also protect him from other forms of "controlling" such as possession or puppeteering, including mind control or tracking devices.

By extension, Virgil can also create static interference around others or objects in an effort to extend the protection he naturally over a larger area. This takes a conscious effort though and the static interference will cease to exist when Virgil no longer is applying it.

The possibility of his Static Interference interfering with other powers/abilities/magic exists but it is not a definitive Yes or No. It is more than likely dependent on whether or not there is a scientific precendent for such actions to be hindered by this Static Interference.

Gear: Static Saucer (5)
A collapsible disk that's capable of flight when acted upon by electromagnetivity. Made from a reinforced metal alloy to allow for maximum flight and durability. In Virgil's hands, this can also become a weapon of some note.

Power: Static Sense (-)
Virgil has the ability to sense the electromagnetic spectrum. Whether it be coming off someone or something, Virgil can lock onto and follow electromagnetic signatures with ease. It works in a manner that allows him to sense electromagnetivity rather than seeing the spectrum itself. Thus, he is not limited by vision, sound or any of his other natural five senses in regards to this.

Virgil's electromagnetic sense works separate from his own conscious state of mind. It's an involuntary sense that allows him to feel the aura of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it takes practiced action on his part to single out particular EM signatures and focus on them for whatever his reasons may be.

Power: Static Shields (7)
irgil is capable of creating fields of electromagnetic energy that can be used as shields or barriers for the protection of himself and others. Often referred to as Static Shields these feats of electromagnetic manipulation are used to block, repel, and even hold back attacks of almost all natures. It is a rare object or substance that can puncture or break through one of these electromagnetic fields.

  • Static Fact: Static Shields are more effective against energy attacks than physical ones. While they are designed as a defensive measure, clever use could make them offensively effective.

Power: Static Shockwave (7)
By tapping into his own power reserves Virgil can create a tremendous shockwave of powerful electromagnetic force. The results of which causes a massive amount of power to pour forth from his entire body, creating a torrent of powerful energy that can result in various styles of damage to anything within a mile radius.

  • Static Fact: Static Shockwaves completely deplete Virgil's energy reserves and leave him in a state of powerless fatigue.

Power: Static Shots (2)
Virgil can create bolts of electromagnetic energy that he can hurl and throw from his hands. These bolts are moderately powerful, capable of causing moderate damage when used for combative purposes. Taking a hit from a Static Shot is like getting punched with a jolt of electricity, as it causes both physical and electrical harm.

Static Shots can also be used for non-combative purposes as they are fully charged "shots" of electricity. This allows them to be used to charge or electrify objects. With slight modifications in intensity, it can also be used to initiate range specific Static Cling or short durationed Static Shields.

  • Static Fact: Static Shots can carry up to a 1,000 watts of electromagnetic energy per shot.

Power: Static Shower (7)
Virgil can use his mastery over the electromagnetic spectrum to create what amounts to a localized electrical storm. He pours a stream of electromagnetic energy from his body and into the air, which then explodes and rains down upon him and his surrounding area. The bolts that drop, while small, are quite potent and pack some serious energy between them.

Static Showers are capable of reaching a seventeen foot radius from Virgil's central position. They are packed with raw and wild bursts of electricity which can cause harm to those that are hit by these bolts. Objects that are caught in a Static Shower tend to fry and explode.

Gear: Static Staff (2)
A collapsible bo staff that is built from a reinforced metal alloy. This gives Virgil a weapon to use while in close quarters combat, as well as an amazing conductor for his powers and abilities.

Power: Static Stream (5)
A constant barrage of electromagnetic energy streaming from Virgil's hands is known as a Static Stream. The constant flow of energy is what gives this ability its true strength as it works in much the same way as other energy blasts and beams would. However, Static Streams have the added effect of causing "shock" damage as well as producing a hard hitting initial concussive impact.

  • Static Fact: Static Streams use quite a bit of energy and thus deplete Static's energy reserves at a higher rate than other attacks. Static Streams can also be Juiced Up.

Skill: Tactical Intuition (3)
Virgil is a very smart and gifted individual. Thus, the application of his knowledge, mostly the scientifics involved, during combat and other real life situations is natural to him. This gives him some sort of latent expertise when it comes to handling certain situations and heroics.

Power: Taser Punch (2)
The application of electromagnetic energy around the fist and the displacement of it against a threat or opponent. Capable of causing impact and shock damage. Depending on the target in question, could also create a Stunned effect at times.

  • Static Fact: Taser Punch is most effective against normal humans as they tend to be weak against the power within. However, multiple Taser Punches could have the same effect on superhuman opponents.

Power: Tech Support (-)
Virgil is capable of using his electromagnetic abilities to manipulate various forms of technology. He can give or take away power from a given device, as well as control the functionality of technological devices that are in need of electricity to function.

In practice, Virgil has been able to manipulate computers on a deeper level than simple functionality, by using his ability to trace the steps someone had taken on a particular computer, bypassing security codes, passwords and other security measures with ease. His electromagnetivity allows him the ultimate backdoor.

Virgil's ability to manipulate technology depends on the various devices he's encountering. He has been able to change the channels on television/radio stations. He's also been able to control the technological components of cars and other vehicles. He's even been able to hijack cell phones and traffic lights.

  • Static Fact: Tech Support is only effective when within five feet of the object being affect. The closer, the better.

Power: The Glow (-)
Virgil is capable of creating a glow effect with his electromagnetic energy to surround himself or objects and thus making instant light. Virgil can also just affect the electromagnetic spectrum itself, producing light and allowing him to create spotlights and other styles of lighting his way.

Power: Vulcan Surge Pinch (-)
Virgil can create and project a direct current into someone's body. This will cause the muscles to lock up and prevent movement, creating a mild paralysis within the targeted subject.

  • Static Fact: The Vulcan Surge Pinch is only effective when touching the target. The moment contact is broken, so is the paralysis.

Skill: Witty Banter (7)
Virgil has a beyond natural talent for wit, puns and banter while engaged in heroics. He is very well versed in pop culture and makes more references than anyone can shake a stick at... or would even want to. He's very vocal when engrossed in battle and this can be very annoying, distracting and even infuriating to his opponents.

Gear: Zap Caps (-)
A series of grenade-styled devices that allow for various antics based on the common theme of ranged dispersal.

  • Zap Cap I: Can be charged by Virgil to create an explosion of electricity. (Electricity 3)
  • Zap Cap II: Designed to release strong metal coils for binding Bang Babies and other superpowered criminals. (Toughness 5)
  • Zap Cap III: Speciality models designed for specific threats and containing various items of dispersal.


Advantage: Allies

Throughout his career as a superhero, Virgil has managed to team up with others on a routine basis. Some of them are superheroes, some of them are scientists or doctors, some of them are just cops that want to do their jobs right. Either way, Virgil has a nice list of people he can call upon if their expertise is needed.

Advantage: Bang Baby Expert
Being a Bang Baby himself, Virgil is perhaps one of the foremost experts on Bang Babies. Not only does he know how they were created, but he has also tussled with most (if not all) of them at some point in his superheroic career. This gives him the inside track when dealing with these specific Bang Babies or even other superpowered villains that may work in the same manner.

Advantage: Boost
Virgil can use any form of electricity to give himself and his powers a Boost. This augments his Bang Given powers by a considerable margin and makes him an even more formidable opponent by raising the levels of his attacks or defenses based on the amount of outside electricity that he may be using.

Advantage: Family
Virgil has a loving mother, a dedicated and strict father and an annoying older sister that all love him in their own special way. They will always be there to give him advice or help talk him through a situation. Even if they don't know that Virgil is Static.

Advantage: Gear
Virgil's best friend and partner in kicking of the villainous bootay. Definitely one of the key people in Virgil's life, he can count on this man to have his back any day of the week and then some. Even if they are in the middle of a huge fight. They don't make friendships this strong anymore.

Advantage: Geek Fu
The quintessential geek, Virgil is well versed in the way of the Geek. He keeps up with all the latest geek trends and memes, as well as a huge chunk of pop culture and trivia. He's more than addicted to comic books and roleplaying games. He's the go to guy when it comes to needing some information on a geeky subject and he's proud of it.

Advantage: Horizon Labs
One of New York City's leading firms in advanced technology has allowed Virgil to come on as a high level intern based on nationwide school search program to give the brightest minds of the future a chance to work and play in an environment conducive to their love of science. With this internship comes access to Horizon Labs facilities, staff, technology and projects.

Advantage: Multilingual
Virgil speaks English, German and Technobabble.

Advantage: Power Player
Virgil is a very dedicated person when it comes to using his powers and abilities. He has built his entire heroic personage around his powers, including his fighting style, costume, and name. This makes him very good at what he does, especially when his power is being used. Mistakes are rarely made, though there is always room for him to learn more.

Advantage: Science Bonus
Being a science whiz gives Virgil the added benefit of knowing how to apply his powers in a way that will give him the advantage, even while fighting those that may be more powered or dangerous. His ability to know how his power works is a luxury that some heroes don't have.

Also, to go along with this, considering the wide nature of his power and the science of it, certain areas or things give him what can be considered a Bonus, as being around lots of metal or electricity allows for ammunition or energy boosting capabilities.

Advantage: Static Strength
Virgil's power over the electromagnetic spectrum allows him to pull of feats that normally he would not be able to do. By using his power, he can lift objects that he normally would not be able to do on his own. While this does not augment his own personal strength, it does provide him with the power needed to do some tremendous feats. (Strength 7)

Advantage: Streetwise
Virgil knows a bit more about the streets than the average person or superhero. Having dealt with gangs and other issues of the street life, Virgil can relate to the problems of the Urban American. He also can spot a bad neighborhood, mugging or ambush set up in an urban environment with ease.

Advantage: Uniform
Virgil's Static uniform is stylish and effective, made from materials that will not ruin the use of his abilities. This mostly just makes him look awesome, though it can be recognizable, which can add some light intimidation factor against certain opponents.

Advantage: Untapped Potential
Virgil has not been able to figure out where his power hits the wall. As of right now it is somewhat immeasurable and that makes him extremely powerful. While there are layers and feats of his ability that he has yet to discover it can be said that Virgil holds a level of untapped potential that borders on amazing.

Advantage: Urban Justice
As Static, Virgil has a reputation as being a hero of the streets and the poorer neighborhoods of the city. This gives him some major reputation points, as well as makes him a dedicated protector of those parts of the city. He is well known in these areas and tends to fair as a better hero or more beloved in places like Harlem.

Urban Justice is also the "tag" name that he and Gear go by.

Advantage: Urban Landscape
Due to the nature of his abilities, Virgil works really well in urban based environments. Cities and other tech heavy places are the prime breeding ground for someone with Virgil's electromagnetic abilities. Putting him in these situations is like arming him with an endless supply of victories.

Advantage: Video Gaming
Virgil is somewhat magnificent when it comes to playing video games. Not to say that he's a master or anything, but he plays them on a regular basis and this helps to keep his hand-eye coordination up to the top of his game. Who knows when such things will prove to be useful in the field.

Advantage: Virgil Hawkins
Hiding behind the geeky persona of Virgil Hawkins is definitely what Static needs. The two personas are so different that even Virgil feels like a different person when he is Static. Being Virgil keeps him grounded, while also providing him with the perfect cover for his heroic antics. Honestly, who would think the geek passing chemistry is the amazing and wonderful Static?


Flaw: Family

Virgil's family comes before anything or anyone else. And this is a fact that could be exploited should the villains find this out. This also means that Virgil could find himself torn between saving his family or saving the world on occasion.

Flaw: Gear
Virgil's best friend is always a liability. Even if he can take care of himself. Virgil feels responsible for Gear in a way that Gear himself may never understand. Virgil will always try his best to be there for his friend, whether in a heroic capacity or just as a friend.

Flaw: Girls
Virgil is a teenager. This means whenever he's not thinking about saving the world or geeky stuff, he's thinking about girls. They cloud his mind and his judgement a lot of the time. Damsels in Distress do a real number on his willpower too.

Flaw: Hood
Static is the hero of the Hood. Perhaps feeling that the more poverty stricken and more urban areas need a ray of light, Static has dedicated himself to these people. He cares more about the people from his own block than he does the world. Granted, should there ever be a choiceless choice between The World and His Hood, there's a chance he could pick wrong. He is just a teenager, after all.

Flaw: Insulators
One of Virgil's biggest weaknesses in terms of being capable of stopping his abilities are insulators. Select materials like rubber, glass and plastics are capable of withstanding the electrical charge that comes with Virgil's abilities. Using his powers against such things tends to not have the desired results.

Flaw: Mouth
Virgil's mouth has a tendency to get him in trouble. Whether it is quick witted quips as Static or awesome put downs to shake up a bully's world... there are times when Virgil's sarcasm backfires. And it never really seems to end pretty.

Flaw: Overload
It is possible for Virgil to overload. If he were to be at max capacity for energy and suddenly be hit with a bolt of lightning or something, it could possibly send him into a state of overloadedness from which he would be hurling electromagnetic force from his body, involuntarily. There's also a chance that he could create dangerous explosion.

Flaw: Power Loss
There are quite a few ways that Virgil can lose his powers and without them Virgil is pretty lost. He's come to be quite reliant on his special abilities and while he's clever and could possibly survive without them, he has built so much of his heroing around them that losing them would be detrimental to his success.

Flaw: Quantum Juice
Quantum Juice created Static. Should someone create an antidote to the effects of this or if new information about this surfaces, there's a high chance that it could affect Virgil as well as the other Bang Babies.

Flaw: Responsibilities
Virgil has many responsibilities that he has to take care of in his life. He has to work, he has school and a social life. He also has to prepare for his future! Not to mention his internship at Horizon Labs. Throw being a big time superhero on top of this and Virgil has one of the busiest lives a teenager like him is going to ever have.

Flaw: Secret Identity
Virgil Hawkins is Static. As a rule, having a secret identity is part of the whole superhero gig. Of course, should someone find out that these two are the same, there's a good chance that bad things can (and will) happen.

Flaw: Showboat
Virgil is a showoff... when in the guise of Static. This can tend to get him in trouble or put him in positions that he may not normally end up in when he's trying to go overboard or perform. There's some overconfident issues that Virgil has when he's Static. Especially if there's girls around.

Flaw: Uncontrollable
With a powerset such as the one Virgil has there's always the chance that it could become uncontrollable at some point. It could happen for a variety of reasons but should it actually come to pass, there's a chance that people could get hurt, things could get destroyed or worse.

Flaw: Water
By nature of his powers, Virgil is weak against water. However, it does need to be a significant amount of water. Things like showers and rain are not strong enough to actually do anything to Virgil's abilties. However, that changes if he's thrown into a lake or gets smashed with a water tower or something of that ilk. Too much water causes his powers to short out and they will be unable to be used until he dries.

Flaw: Wood
Virgil very rarely can get his power to work on wood. Electromagnetism and wood are just not compatible. While he can use his ability to set wood on fire, it is a rare moment that he can actually manipulate such with his electromagnetivity.


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