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Quote-open Where mankind is menaced by magic... there must Dr. Strange go to combat it! --Strange Tales Vol. 1, #118 Quote-close


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Willpower: 9

Abilities: Magic

Spellcasting: 10

Abilities: Skill

Arcane Knowledge: 10, General Medicine: 7, Martial Arts: 6, Neurosurgery: 8, Strategy: 5

Abilities: Gear

Book of the Vishanti: 8, Cloak of Levitation: 3, Eye of Agamotto: 8, Other Magical Items: 5

Advantages: Contacts Sanctum Sanctorum

Flaws: Egotistical, Emotional Detachment, Incantations, Mystical Notoriety

Languages: Atlantean, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, and Tibetan


Attribute: Willpower (9)

One of Dr. Strange's most formidable tools as a master of the mystic arts is his indomitable spirit of will. The spells that he casts and the powers that he invokes are largely driven by his own force of will, and it is also through this mental fortitude that he is able face down demons and devils from myriad other dimensions and can make journeys to otherworldly planes without losing his own grip on reality.

Gear: Book of the Vishanti (8)

A large tome of magical spells, incantions and counter-spells, the Book of Vishanti is a repository of white magic that is said to contain the entirety of the knowledge of the occult ever possessed by man. It is an indespensible resource for Strange, which he is able to consult should his own extensive knowledge of magic and the occult fail him.

Gear: Cloak of Levitation (3)

Though Dr. Strange is able to fly and levitate through his own magical means, he employs the Cloak of Levitation so that he is able to transport himself in this fashion without expending the focus or magical energy to do so. The Cloak is capable of flight speeds approaching the speed of sound, and responds directly to Strange's mental commands which allows him to use the cloak in a prehensile fashion, to lift items or otherwise move independently about his form. The mystical power imbued within the Cloak renders it impervious to most physical harm, though it offers no special protection to Strange himself.

Gear: Eye of Agamotto (8)

The Eye of Agamotto, held within the Amulet of Agamotto, is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of the Sorcerer Supreme. This mystical artifact can grant the user True Sight that can pierce through illusions, deceit or mind control, can free others from the same, or display recent events in a localized area through psychometry. The Eye can grant and augment psychic abilities, open dimensional portals, and can also perform telekinetic feats of great strength. Perhaps of greatest note is the powerful light that the Eye is able to emit, which can weaken and even destroy entities that are either comprised of or allied with dark magic, such as devils, demons, undead creatures and the like.

Gear: Other Magical Items (5)

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange has a number of magical items, talismans and artifacts which he has accumulated over the years, some of which he guards for safekeeping and others of which he uses on a semi-regular basis. These include such objects as the Orb of Agamotto, the Wand of Watoomb, the Tome of Oshtur and the Cauldron of the Cosmos, though there are many, many more. These are specialized items which can futher augment and amplify Strange's already formidable magical abilities and knowledge.

Magic: Spellcasting (10)

As the Sorcerer Supreme of not only the Earth, but the entire Universe, Dr. Stephen Strange is the benchmark by which all other magic users and sorcerers are compared. He is able to cast a variety of spells to achieve a near infinite range of effects, which include but are not limited to Eldritch Blasts, Teleportation, Flight/Levitation, Shielding, Healing, Imprisonment, Banishment, Telepathy, Transmutation, Matter Control, Energy Control, Illusions, Weather Control, Clairvoyance, Intangibility, Dimensional Travel and Astral Projection. Strictly speaking, there is little that Dr. Strange cannot achieve through the use of a spell, incantation or magical item at his disposal - however, for the purposes of gameplay, player consent and staff approval will always govern the upper limits of these abilities.

Skill: Arcane Knowledge (10)

After the accident that injured his hands, Strange ultimately turned his impressive and analytical mind to the pursuits of the occult and the arcane, embracing his role as the Sorcerer Supreme by learning everything that he could about sorcercy, magic, and the supernatural. He has an impressive library of ancient magical tomes and texts at his disposal, and combined with his many years actively protecting Earth's dimension from evil forces, there is little in the area of mysticism that Dr. Strange is not aware of or could not learn about in short order. As the Sorcerer Supreme, he is widely recognized as not only the greatest sorcerer in the Universe, but also the world's leading occult authority as well.

Skill: General Medicine (7)

Dr. Strange was an accomplished and gifted medical doctor before becoming a practitioner of the occult arts, having graduated from medical school and earning his doctorate much faster that most other medical students. He had a residency at a major metropolitan hospital before his accident, and though he was specialized in his functions there, he was still possessed of a brilliant medical mind and skill-set that provided him with a broad base of general medical knowledge and skill. Though he has not actively practiced medicine in years, his knowledge in this area has not waned.

Skill: Martial Arts (6)

Trained by Tibetian monks of Kamar Taj in martial arts and self-defense, Strange is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant and is able to hold his own against highly-trained assailants, even without the use of his magical abilities. Typically, he prefers not to engage in direct physical confrontations, and his discipline in those regards is focused on evasion and defense, however he is able to employ offensive tactics if necessary.

Skill: Neurosurgery (8)

As a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange was specialized in the demanding and difficult area of medical science that dealt with directly operating on and healing the human brain. His mental acuity and fortitude in this area was accompanied by the nimble dexterity of his hands, giving him both the nerves and the skill to perform lengthy and complex operations that were beyond the scope of most other doctors. Though the accident that injured his hands has rendered him unable to perform these sorts of operations without the aid of magic, Strange still possesses the same high level of mental skill and knowledge in this arena.

Skill: Strategy (5)

Dr. Strange is a fair tactitian and strategician, able to use the same analytical mind that made him a brilliant neurosurgeon to good effect when divising plans against foes both mortal and magical. He is able to take a broad perspective as well as focus on smaller details when determining the best course of action to achieve a set of objectives, and is typically able to use the resources at his disposal to their best effect. Most importantly, however, he is able to remain objective and focused when doing so, rarely becoming rattled or panicked, even in the most dire of situations.


Advantage: Contacts

Throughout the years, Dr. Stephen Strange has formed a number of contacts as his position of the Sorcerer Supreme, having worked extensively with many members of the super-hero community to thwart threats ranging from the mystical to the mundane. While many can (and do) call upon him for aid with problems of the occult nature, Strange is also able to call on other heroes and luminaries of their respective fields for their aid or consult, and has even formed a supergroup of his own in times past to deal with specific threats.

Advantage: Sanctum Sanctorum

Located within the heart of New York's Greenwich Village, the Sanctum Sanctorum is Dr. Strange's base of operations, his headquarters, and his home. Aside from housing his living quarters, the Sanctum also contains Strange's numerous magical artifacts and his extensive occult library. The Sanctum is warded with a variety of magical spells and protections, and is also guarded by the Seal of the Vishanti, which takes the form of the distinctive circular window that looks out from the third-floor meditation room.


Flaw: Egotistical

As a neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange was arrogant and egotistical to the fault of alienating his colleagues and even most of his patients. While his personal journey has tempered this fault, the burden and the responsibilities of the Sorcerer Supreme are not always enough to keep him humble and he does on occasion lapse into the ways of old. He can at times fall prey to an over-inflated sense of his own importance, becoming single-minded in tasks that are relevant to only him or his own responsiblities.

Flaw: Emotional Detachment

The ability to divorce oneself from sentimentality and emotion can be invaluable, even necessary, to a surgeon of any variety, but especially a neurosurgeon who is given the most hopeless and desperate of cases. However, that emotional detachment also lends itself to an outward persona that many might view as being cold, callous, and uncaring. While the opposite is actually true, as Stephen Strange is a very compassionate man, he has carried on this sense of detachment in order to help protect himself against the weighty and far-reaching matters that confront him on a daily basis as the Sorcerer Supreme, lest he become overwhelmed by the matters that face him. Still, many view him as being aloof and sometimes insensitive because of it.

Flaw: Incantations

As powerful as Dr. Strange is, the vast majority of his magical spells and abilities are reliant upon either physical gestures or vocal incantations. By either removing Strange's ability to speak aloud or restraining his arms and hands, once can effectively limit those abilities and render him nearly powerless - one can in fact incapacitate him quite easily merely by binding him securely and gagging him so that he's unble to create the mystical gestures or speak the incantations necessary to cast his spells.

Flaw: Mystical Notoriety

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange is a marked man and a target for any would-be magician, sorcer or arcane pracitioner of ill-intent that either wants to prove themselves or claim Strange's station and power for his or her own. Aside from this constant threat, Strange's position as Sorcerer Supreme and his duties to protect this dimension from threats both within and without places him directly in the path of evil denizens from other realms who are bent upon the subjugation and destruction of our reality.


Dr. Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon whose talent and skill was rivaled only by his massive ego. However, Strange's world came crashing down around him when an automobile accident crushed the bones in his hands, rendering him unable to even hold a scalpel - let alone perform brain surgery. Spending his considerable fortune with doctors and physicians across the globe in a futile search for a cure, Strange was left penniless and destitute and at the proverbial end of his rope, before he was led to seek help with an ancient order of Monks in Tibet. There, he came under the tutelage of the individual known only as the Ancient One, who saw Stephen's true destiny and trained him in the mystic arts, ultimately passing on to him the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme. Since that time, Dr. Strange has relocated himself back to New York City, where he serves as mystical consultant to the world's super-heroes while maintaining his responsibilities as the Sorcerer Supreme and protecting this dimension from all magical threats both within and without.


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