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Captain America
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Captain America

Quote-open "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. - It's harsh, and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world was what it should be, to show it what it can be."

"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof."

Captain America is known world-wide as a hero of World War II, and one of the first costumed adventurers. After fighting alongside the Invaders against the Nazi menace, he disappeared in 1945. He re-emerged decades later, as if to herald the coming of the 'diamond age' of heroes. Today, "Cap" continues to fight for freedom, equality, and the American Dream.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Agility: 4, Enhanced Stamina: 6, Enhanced Strength: 3, Iron Will: 8, Super-Soldier: 3

Abilities: Skill

Acrobat: 4, Artist: 5, Combat: 8, Espionage: 5, Geometry: 7, Leadership: 8, Tactics: 9, Vehicles: 5/7, Warfare: 6, Weaponry: 4

Abilities: Gear

Shield: 10 Uniform: 4

Advantages: Charisma, Languages, Motorcycle, Rank, Reputation, Wealth

Flaws: Charisma, Enemies, Ethics, Identity, Reputation, Rip Van Winklitis, Wistful

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian


Gear: Shield (10)

The Shield of Freedom is a concave disc just over 3' in diameter weighing 12 pounds singly cast from an accidental vibranium alloy that has never been duplicated. Rumors conflict on it containing adamantium, but it is nigh unto indestructible. It is immune to all known extremes of force, energy, and temperature. It is uncannily aerodynamic and rebounds with neglibile inertial loss. It is capable of slicing through heavy materials.

Gear: Uniform (4)

Captain America's uniform is a Kevlar-Nomex weave with a titanium-ceramic alloy chainmail layer on the torso. It withstands street level weaponry, small arms fire, temperature extremes from the Arctic to napalm, and roughly 1000 watts of electricty. The cowl is molded to guard against a blow to the eye. It is not battle armor - it protects against injury but does not absorb force.

Power: Enhanced Agility (4)

The Super-Soldier Serum incresed Steve's dexterity, reflexes and coordination to human maximum levels.

Power: Enhanced Stamina (6)

The Super-Soldier Serum altered Steve's biochemistry. He burns fatigue poisons and alcohol very fast, making it difficult to get drunk or tired. He can operate for 72 hours without rest. He recovers from drugs and toxins three times faster than normal.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3)

The Super-Soldier Serum increased Steve's muscle density, giving him unusual, but not quite superhuman strength. He can lift 800 pounds, and kick or punch through light materials.

Power: Iron Will (8)

Steve has an incredible will born of his passion for doing the right thing. He never gives up, believing where there is a will there is a way. While not having true psi defenses he can resist mind control/brainwashing up to a point, and shake it off if given a chance. It is Steve's willpower that let him survive Operation: Rebirth, and now the world of metahumans.

Power: Super-Soldier (3)

In addition to the specific enhancements listed, the Super-Soldier Serum raises all Steve's physical aspects to the peak of human achievment. He is an all-round natural athlete, his toughness is the theoretical maximum human physical resilience. He is ambidextrous. He sprints at 30mph. He heals two to three times faster than average. Steve is immune to common viruses and diseases, and is slow aging.

Skill: Acrobat (4)

The Army trained Steve in gymnastics, akin to the events seen in the Olympics. He can execute vaults and tumbles with keen balance. He is no Nightwing or Spider-Man.

Skill: Artist (5)

Steve went to an art institute for college before he barged his way into the Army. He is an accomplished commercial illustrator and could make a steady living at it if he needed to. He keeps his hand in now and again as part of trying to have a life outside adventuring.

Skill: Combat (8)

Captain America employs a dizzying combat style that blends hand-to-hand combat and gymnastics. He has been trained in boxing, dirty brawling, judo, karate, and savate. In addition to his using his hands and feet, Cap can strike with his shield. His trademark maneuver is to hurl it at multiple targets and catch it on its return. He regularly confronts multiple armed opponents.

Skill: Espionage (5)

Captain America is no stranger to undercover work. He can be quiet when necessary although he is no ninja. Steve can keep secrets, and is not above misinformation. He can use simple disguises, and will break and enter with brute force. Captain America is no super-spy. You will not find him using advanced gadgetry like Nick Fury or Black Widow.

Skill: Geometry (7)

Captain America has made intense study of geometry, as part of learning to bounce his shield. He is an excellent judge of distance, size and angles. He is a top billiards player.

Skill: Leadership (8)

Captain America is an inspiring, dynamic leader. Through his words and deeds he can influence both allies and enemies. He is able to assess others' skills and put them to the best use. Cap can restore morale, and drive people to perform at their very best under duress.

Skill: Tactics (9)

Captain America is one of the best field tacticians in the modern world. No plan survives contact with the enemy, but Steve adjusts on the fly. Those with time and resources can outplan him, but Cap sails the tides of battle like few others. The Army had Steve learn chess to sharpen his tactics and strategy. The discipline also lends itself to poker.

Skill: Vehicles (5/7)

Captain America can operate small to medium vehicles (motorcycle, jeep, truck, jet ski, speedboat, hovercraft, airplanes, etc) under combat conditions. He is particularly good with a motorcycle.

Skill: Warfare (6)

Captain America is trained in the arts of war, and has been a professional soldier his entire adult life. He can operate in a chain of command, survive in hostile territory, and analyze and counter enemy tactics and strategy. He can gather and diseminate information and disinformation, including propaganda. He can allocate resources, and use equipment, vehicles, weapons, and personnel to the most efficient ends.

Skill: Weaponry (4)

Captain America knows how to use war weapons such as firearms, explosives, communications equipment, doomsday devices, and vehicles. He chooses not to except in extreme circumstances. He is the most familiar with those of his time, but since his revival, he has got used to modern ordinance. The more advanced or alien a device is, the harder time Steve will have, but triggers and steering yokes and self-destruct buttons generally all still operate they way they used to.


Advantage: Charisma

In and out of costume, Steve's looks, personality and presence give him an edge in interactions. People notice him, at first either because he is fit and handsome, or because he is polite and passionate and 'too good to be true'. This can give the opportunity Cap needs for people to listen to him, or do him a favor, or at least rethink their actions if they disagree with him.

Advantage: Languages

The Army had Steve learn the languages of the major World War II nations. He speaks or understands a handful of phrases in others such as Spanish, Dutch, and Polish.

Advantage: Motorcycle

Captain America employs a customized Harley-Davidsion. It has a 700 CC H-V twin in-line four stroke engine. It is capable of reaching 122 mph in 11.5 seconds from a standing start, covering a quarter of a mile. At 60 mph it can cover 340 miles on one tank of gas. It weighs 480 pounds.

Advantage: Rank

Rank has its priveleges. Steve is still technically an Army captain. The other US armed forces consider him an honorary one. Other world organziations sometimes accord him similar courtesy both in an out of costume.

Advantage: Reputation

The public, media, law enforcement, first responders, and most 'white hat' heroes consider Captain America a hero and an ally. They will rally to his cause, give him perks, and sometimes follow his orders. He is known for his ethics and his dedication. Street criminals sometimes surrender to him on sight. People can take advantage of this reputation (see flaws).

Advantage: Wealth

In addition to his Army pension, a clerical error gave Steve accumulated back pay. He's not rich, but he doesn't have to worry about a regular job. He owns a converted multiple family townhouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Flaw: Charisma

Steve's charisma can be a curse as well as a blessing, giving him unwanted attention both positive and negative. People may dig in and disagree with him, they may think him naive. They may assume he will agree with them and get angry when he doesn't. He is uncomfortable with overt hero worship from his fans. Steve can get flustered by attention from women.

Flaw: Enemies

Captain America is a target of any criminal or villain with a beef against the United States, or just wants to earn a reputation by defeating him. AIM and HYDRA particularly dislike him as does anyone with legacy connections to the Axis 'supervillians'. Captain America's archenemy is the Red Skull, his literal and figuaritve opposite symbol.

Flaw: Ethics

Steve lives by a strong, old-fashioned personal code. He plays by the rules. He does not cheat, lie (unless necessary), or judge. He fights fair. He is extremely reluctant to kill, even as a last resort. Enemies can exploit this, and it can clash with allies' attitudes.

Flaw: Identity

Despite being a public figure and a regstered hero in costume, Steve tries to maintain a private life. His identity is technically a goverment secret, but those with clearance can learn it, and he isn't as careful with it as other heroes. If the public knew who he was, Steve would have no privacy from fans or foes. Worst of all, the Red Skull knows who Steve Rogers is.

Flaw: Reputation

Captain America's reputation can hinder him. People can make assumptions about his beliefs and values that may be innacurate. His enemies can make things difficult for Cap by manipulating circumstances that interfere with his repuation or clash with Steve's ethics. Sometimes people just won't leave him alone.

Flaw: Rip Van Winklitis

Steve missed everything from 1945 to fairly recently. Although he studied history to catch up, he has gaps when it comes to things like pop culture, technology, modern values and social fads. Things that people consider 'retro', Steve didn't even experience the first time.

Flaw: Wistful

Steve's effectiveness as Captain America is tied to his self-confidence and driven by his will. If he doubts his role and place in the modern world, his razor edge dulls and his abilities dimnish. This can have a disastrous effect on his allies, because nothing shakes a hero more than seeing the unshakable Captain America off his game.


Steve Rogers was a skinny kid from Brooklyn back in the Great Depression. His heart forgot that though and he wanted to join the fight against the Nazis as World War II spread to America. Dr. Erskine saw something in him, however, and chose Steve to be the first recipient of the Super Soldier serum. The serum was a success, and Steve Rogers became the ultimate in human perfection. Rather than being the first of many to take the fight to Germany, Erskine was killed shortly after Rogers underwent treatment making him the only one. Steve Rogers donned a mask and became Captain America. He was more than just one more soldier. He was a symbol of American defiance and perseverance. He lead from the front and helped inspire the American troops to fight harder and win the war. Captain America, however, did not see the end of the war. During an invasion into a Nazi stronghold late in the war, Cap ended up being thought killed when he was on a drone headed across the Atlantic. In reality, he crashed into the near frozen waters of the Arctic where his body, due to the Super Soldier serum, went into cyrogenic freeze rather than death. He remained in suspended animation until present day when he was discovered and thawed out. Now a man out of time, he continues to fight for the ideals that make America the promise of greatness and tries to find his own place to fit into a time that is not his own.


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