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Stonewall-02 Stonewall02
Agility: 2 Strength: 6/8 Toughness: 5/8
Perception: 2 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 4
Absorption 8 Combat 3 Endurance 1/4
Healing 3 Invulnerability 5/8 Magic Effects 1
Size Alteration 6 Strength 6/8
Self Aware Streetwise
Alone Big Softie Broke
Daddy Issues Thug
Name: Jerry Sledge Jerry is a gentle giant who's not yet aware of the 'gentle' part. Ruinous childhood and traumatic creation of his powers have left an otherwise quiet and thoughtful young man with more range and anger than he knows what to do with. Like most men for whom academia holds little interest and with similar backgrounds, Jerry's fallen in with a bad crowd. He's not a bad guy, he's just at the bottom of a deep hole.
Position: Criminal?
Team: None
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Race: Mutate
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Nathan Jones
Alts: None
Timezone: Eastern United States
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Jerry's story starts before his birth with the assault of his mother by a man named Carl 'Crusher' Creel. After Jerry's birth, his mother decided never to lie to him raised him to be a good man. Sadly, his anger and his naturally unimpressive intellect kept him from ever making anything significant of himself scholastically. Six months into his seventh grade school year, Jerry came home to find Creel once more in their home, only this time the villain possessed powers that before he did not. Jerry leapt upon the man to protect his mother, striking at him. The instant their skin touched Jerry was granted a portion of his father's power. Creel viciously beat Jerry into the ground and left the young man to watch as Creel assaulted her again. Unable to save her Jerry watched Creel kill her and then leave, mocking Jerry's weakness.

Jerry healed quickly and soon realized he was no longer normal. With no mother to look after him, he left, knowing the next step would be foster care. Jerry grew up on the streets after that, using his powers as a low level thug, he made sure he never got into any serious trouble. Car theft, apartment break ins, Jerry grew up quickly. Never forgetting the lessons his mother taught him Jerry made sure never to seriously hurt anyone on his jobs, never to take any large jobs that would draw attention to him, and never to show his full strength, afraid that doing so would mean he would end up once more on Creel's radar.

Jerry's all grown up now and his fear is gone. He's stronger, harder, he's figured both himself and his powers out and he's done hiding in anonymity. Now it's time for his big break, something non-violent but visible, so that Creel will know he's still out there, will come seeking him, and the two can finally settle what debts lay between them.


Power: Absorption (8)

Like his father Crusher Creel, Jerry has the power to absorb the properties of things he comes into contact with. Unlike his father, he lacks perfect control over this ability. He can take on the properties of any solid non granular (no sand for instance) matter, however turning himself into water or air or even soaking up the powers of another super are beyond him. Stonewall also requires emotional stimuli to fuel that aspect of himself, rage, fear, protective instincts, whatever it may be it is the fuel that triggers the change.

Skill: Combat (3)
Nothing special here. Jerry came up hard and he's fallen in with a hard crowd, there's no martial arts in his repertoire or anything of the sort, but he knows how to throw a punch and expects his natural abilities to compensate for his lack of skill.

Power: Endurance (1/4)
Jerry is already super human physically, and as such he can push himself to his limits for long periods of time without trouble, however it's when he takes another form that he steps up his game. Once he's bolstered himself he can survive without air, water, food, and is utterly tireless for around a maximum of 2 days.

Power: Healing (3)
Stonewall does not often take damage that leaves an injury, but in the off chance this happens he tends to heal more quickly then your average person. While not on par with famous mutant healing factors, he does tend to mend at about the speed of 'super soldier' class metas.

Power: Invulnerability (5/8)
Stonewall didn't get his name because of his quiet nature, he got it because he naturally soaks up hits without issue. Bullets and average weaponry have never bothered him, and when he takes on additional matter he's nearly unstoppable. Stonewall lives up to his name.

Power: Magic Effects (1)
Jerry inherited his powers from his father, and his father's powers were mystical in origin. Jerry isn't a magician or anything, however his abilities work with magical things that perhaps science fueled powers would not. He can absorb the properties of mystical metals such as Uru. Not the spells or abilities these metals possess, but their innate properties such as mystical protection, strength, and durability. Of course he still has to have such metal within reach, not a common occurrence to say the least.

Power: Size Alteration (6)
Jerry, given enough motivation, is capable of not only adding to his power, but also his size. This is a rare occurrence requiring a great emotional investment, however it is an impressive sight. To date he's never grown taller then sixty feet.

Power: Strength (6/8)
Jerry's powers come with a certain base line level of strength, essentially the sort of level that makes him a threat to most things, like large buildings and armored vehicles. He can toss around cars, rip the doors from safes, walk through concrete walls all without breaking a sweat. If he taps into his absorption powers he can increase his prowess significantly.


Advantage: Self Aware

Jerry Sledge knows who he is. He may not like it all the time, it might make him angry, but he is remarkably self aware and he never sees the need to lie, not to himself and not to others. In the past this has made him difficult to manipulate. Flattery and insults are nothing but wind to him, and he has a knack for seeing through useless bull. Quiet, reserved, he can be remarkably insightful. Manipulating Jerry through flattery, insults, or intimidation almost never works, even psychic manipulation aimed at making him believe lies about himself (and only in this situation) finds difficulty gaining purchase in his mind.

Advantage: Streetwise
Jerry is an orphan, big, meta, and angry. This combination almost never leads to being the ward of a billionaire and almost always leads to a life of crime. Jerry has kept himself out of the headlines by not being involved in any crimes big enough to warrant serious attention, but he grew up on the streets and knows them extremely well.


Flaw: Alone

Jerry's father murdered his mother in front of him, since that day Jerry has been alone. He has no siblings, no girlfriends, no friends, no family. Jerry is alone in the world without any support.

Flaw: Big Softie
Despite his imposing stature and affect, at his core Stonewall is a big soft marshmallow. He wants to be a nice guy, he wants a life with purpose and reason, and he does not want to hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it. Unfortunately he's a criminal. These things are incompatible.

Flaw: Broke
Jerry Sledge lives from one crime to the next out of a crap hole apartment. He owns nothing more then a flat screen TV, an XBox, a few games, a chair made from cinder blocks, and some clothes. Jerry is, basically, flat broke all the time.

Flaw: Daddy Issues
Crusher Creel is Jerry's father. Crusher Creel is The Absorbing man, a villain who's fought The Hulk to a stand still and can threaten entire cities. He assaulted Jerry's mother and then returned to kill her years later. Jerry hates no one in the world as much as his father, and his father sees no reason not to hunt his son down and kill him when next the mood strikes. Jerry is a magnet for his father's attentions, attentions that can be lethal to anyone near by.

Flaw: Thug
Stonewall is a thug, always has been, most likely always will be. He's not stupid, but he never made it past 7th grade. It's obvious to anyone that meets Jerry that he is no great mind.


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