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Storm comic 01 Storm nn 01
Agility: 4 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 8
Combatant 6 Earth-Link 6 Flight 3
Gardening 5 Leadership 6 Lightning 7
Meditation 5 Temperature Control 5 Thievery 5
Weather Control 8 Weather Immunity *
Languages Magical Potential X-Man
Claustrophobia Distant Distinct Appearance
Emotional Influence Natural Limitations Physical Limits
Name: Ororo Munroe Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, is a member of the X-Men known for her ability to control the weather. Once worshipped as a goddess, she now teaches and strives to protect a world that hates and fears her.
Position: Hero, Teacher, Goddess
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Hero
Actor: Nnenna Agba
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty Classic Comedic Gritty Heroic Romantic Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Ororo was born to N'Daré, a Kenyan immigrant and David Monroe, an American photo-journalist in New York City. When she was still an infant, her family moved to Cairo. At the age of five, Ororo was orphaned when a plane crash destroyed her family's home. She survived, but was trapped with her mother's dead body for at least a day.

She escaped to the streets of Cairo, and was taken in by Achmed El Gibár, a master thief who trained her, along with several other children, to pick pockets, locks and to con the occasional lost tourist out of their vacation funds. As she grew older, she felt the urge to travel, and began to wander south from Egypt. She accepted a ride from a man who attempted to force himself upon her. She killed him in self-defense, but found the experience of taking a life so traumatic, she vowed never to do so again.

She wandered the Sahara, nearly dying in the process, saved only by the manifestation of her powers.

She came to her mother's homeland in Kenya and was taken in by an elderly woman named Ainet, who was able to teach the young mutant to control her powers. Her ability to control the weather lead to her being seen as holy, even as a goddess by some.

Years later, she was approached by Charles Xavier, who recruited her to his team of X-Men, explaining to her the origin of her powers, and how she could use them to help others like herself, and to protect the innocent. She agreed to come to America with him, and though she has often taken time off to travel, and to return to Kenya, she has remained a reliable member of his team ever since, even taking on the responsibility of teaching a younger generation of mutants.


Combat: Combatant (6)

Trained by Achmed Al Gibar, and later by her team mates with the X-Men. Storm is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, and quite capable of defending herself in situations where she is unable to use her powers.

Power: Earth-Link (6)

Ororo's psionic connections with the earth and its biosphere are, to her, simply another sense, just as her touch, taste or smell. At any given time, she is aware of the state of the Earth, atmosphere and weather conditions of her surroundings for several miles. With concentration, she can extend this even further, to about a hundred-mile radius.

Power: Flight (3)

Storm uses conjured, controlled winds to propel herself through the air at supersonic speeds.

Skill: Gardening (5)

Ororo could probably host a local public-access show on organic gardening were she so inclined. Her natural affinity for the Earth as well as a keen interest in botany mean that the grounds and greenhouses of Xavier's School are filled with healthy, well-cared for plants of all varieties.

Skill: Leadership (6)

In her years with the X-Men, Storm has gained enough experience in the "field" that, combined with a mind for tactics and a commanding presence make her a formidable team leader.

Power: Lightning (7)

Any lightning strike possible in nature is within Storm's capability of creating... and unlike Mother Nature, she is capable of focusing multiple strikes on /exactly/ the same spot or target within moments of each other.

Skill: Meditation (5)

In order to prevent erratic moods for the sake of the local climate, Storm took up meditation years ago, and practices multiple forms of it to regulate her emotional responses.

Power: Temperature Control (5)

Storm can alter the temperature of the atmosphere to her will, though doing so in a way that poses a risk to any local ecosystem is extremely difficult for her.

Skill: Thievery (5)

Ororo was raised from a young age to be a thief on the streets of Cairo. Picking pockets, picking locks, or just picking out a likely target. She's rusty at it these days, but she could still make a decent chunk of change picking pockets in Manhattan if she were so inclined. Out of habit, she still carries lockpicks.

Power: Weather Control (8)

Ororo's control of the weather is /almost/ absolute, albeit not always a conscious control. The winds, rain, even lightning, to her are simply extensions of herself when she chooses to wield them (and, sometimes, when she doesn't choose to). Ororo's link with the natural forces is so strong that her emotional state can affect the climate in her immediate surroundings. She is capable of summoning anything from gale force winds to thick fog to the miniature rain clouds she uses to water her plants.

Power: Weather Immunity (*)

Storm is immune to the hazards of extreme cold and heat, as well as lightning (not fire, though she can usually put most blazes out given time if she's conscious).


Advantage: Languages

Storm speaks English, Arabic and Swahili

Advantage: Magical Potential

She has no skill or training in the mystic arts, but due to her matrilineal bloodline, she possesses some inherited potential to wield magic.

Advantage: X-Man

Storm has been a member of the X-Men, and teacher at Xavier's for quite some time. She's formed close bonds with team mates and earned their respect. She has access to all of the same tech (unstable molecule costumes, the Danger Room, etc) her team mates do.


Flaw: Claustrophobia

Due to the trauma she experienced as a child in Cairo, Ororo is extremely claustrophobic, and no amount of therapy, even with Charles Xavier himself has ever truly been able to rid her of this disorder. Even elevators, or rooms without enough windows can put her on edge. Being truly trapped or even given the illusion of it can trigger a full-on panic attack- something that, with her powers, is not just a danger to her sense of well-being. Because of this, Storm's 'room' is actually the attic of the school, and she will still opt to sleep under the stars every so often for her own comfort.

Flaw: Distant

Because of her need to keep herself composed, some people find Ororo to be a touch emotionally distant, or even "stuck up." Her close friends know better, but first impressions can be hard to work past.

Flaw: Distinct Appearance

A statuesque, dark-skinned African woman with silver-white hair and blue eyes. She stands out. She's not necessarily an obvious mutant, and her more unusual features could be written off as hair extensions and contact lenses, but that doesn't make her any less noticeable. It also makes keeping her identity as Storm difficult.

Flaw: Emotional Influence

Storm's powers are tied to her emotions in such a way that she must focus nearly at all times in order to remain composed and in control. If this self-control fails, a wave of grief could cause a downpour, anger a lightning storm- even a particularly good mood could cause some unseasonably warm weather that could potentially wreak havoc on the local fauna, altering their hibernation or migration patterns.

Flaw: Natural Limitations

Storm cannot create something out of nothing. Her control of the weather is limited to altering existing patterns. Were she to halt the progress of a hurricane, the energy from that storm would have to be directed into something else. Were she to end a drought in one area, she would have to draw upon the water in the atmosphere from the surrounding area, possibly causing a temporary dry period in another. Simply put, she manipulates weather, she does not /create/ it.

Flaw: Physical Limits

Like many other mutants, if Storm attempts to push the use of her powers beyond their usual limits for too long, she can suffer physical damage. Taking on or creating something akin to a hurricane for longer than an hour or two could very well leave her near death.


Storm Logs

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