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Namor1 Dwayne johnson the rock (9)
Agility: 4 Strength: 8 Toughness: 5
Perception: 3 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 7
Agility 6 Amphibious Aquatic Healing
Bio-Electric 2 Breathing Combatant 7
Diplomat 5 Durability 2 Extended Longevity
Flight 3 Hybrid Physiology Multilingual 5
Speed 2 Stamina 3 Strength 8
Undersea Kingdom
Dehydration Oxygen Imbalance Pollution
Water Deficiency
Name: Namor McKenzie
Position: Rule of Atlantis
Team: None
Age: 81
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant/Atlantean Hybrid
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Dwayne Johnson
Alts: Longshot and Sebastian Shaw
Timezone: Eastern Time Zone
Music: "Princes of the Universe" by Queen
Quote: "Imperius Rex!"
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: None


Namor is the son of a human sailor and an Atlantean Princess. Leonard McKenzie was aboard a ship sent to try and recover vibranium from the Antarctic. In searching, blasting was done and rubble from the continental shelf crashed down into the Atlantean settlement there. The king, Thakkor, sent his daughter, the Princess Fen, up to investigate what was going on. Fen met Leonard and despite the differences fell in love. Fen returned again and again to the ship and for longer periods of time. The two were wed on board the ship, but Thakkor was wondering what had happened to his daughter. He sent a squad of Atlantean soldiers. They attacked and Leonard was apparently killed. Fen was taken back to the undersea kingdom albeit pregnant at the time.

Namor was born beneath the waves and raised as Atlantean royalty. He was untrusting of surface dwellers even as his own heritage was obvious to his fellow Atlanteans. An oil spill first caught young Namor's attention towards the surface specifically. He later went to New York as human divers discovered another Atlantean settlement. As it turned out, these divers were Nazis and this was 1936. As the Third Reich attempted to expand, Namor became a member of the Invaders; a super team of the 1940s that fought in the European theater mostly during the war. After the war, the group broke up and Namor returned to the sea.

While he did not trust the surface world, it was still the world of his father and he wanted to be involved. He continued to venture into the surface world and watched as the mutant phenomenom began. He was also able to get Atlantis recognized as a soverign power within the United Nations. In the 80s, Namor once again became involved with the surface world by being a member of the Justice Society. He was still a little on the outside of this group as his mistrust of the surface and his own temper never let him be fully embraced by his teammates. When the JSA was disbanded, Namor never bothered to receive the medal but instead returned to the ocean. He has remained in the ocean for an extended period now until something else gets his attention.


Power: Agility (6)

While on the ground, Namor still has the agility of a peak human athlete, but when he is in the water or in the air, his agility is greater still. He is able to dodge military aircraft coming in as well as keep up with someone as nimble as the Human Torch.

Power: Amphibious

As half Atlantean, Namor's body is able to survive and operate beneath the waters of the ocean. His body can withstand the crushing pressure of the ocean. His blood will not freeze in the deeps. He can see in murky to almost no light of the deep ocean. Due to his father's humann half, he can survive indefinitely on land as well albeit he will need to occasional return to the water to keep himself strong.

Power: Aquatic Healing

Namor heals more quickly than the normal human or Atlantean when immersed in water. He will still faster than a normal human when not in water, but this will again weaken the longer he is out of water. This is not a healing factor per se, but just his body doing what a normal person's does albeit faster.

Power: Bio-Electricity (2)

Namor appears to have an ability similar to an electric eel in that he can channel great amounts of electricity through him. Namor cannot produce this electricity himself, but rather absorbs it and stores it when directed at him. He can store and discharge enough to send a grown man off his feet without harming himself.

Power: Breathing

Namor can breath both water and air indefinitely. Most Atlanteans can only survive above water for a matter of minutes, but Namor, thanks to his father's heritage, does not share that weakness.

Skill: Combatant (7)

Namor has lived a long life already and has been involved with fighting from a young age. He is an incredible hand to hand combatant although his style does tend to be bull in china shop and rely on his body's resistance to see him through. Still, he has been through World War II as well as undersea wars. While it is not a formal brand of martial arts, Namor can win many unarmed fights.

Skill: Diplomat (5)

Namor is royalty and a king to his people. He may seem bullish at times, but his devotion to his people is beyond question. As such, he knows how to rule and work with other heads of state in order to get things done. He understands the art of the compromise and when to stand his ground.

Power: Durability (2)

Because his body can withstand the high pressure of the sea, he is highly durable able to take a great deal of punishment be it from weapons or the pounding from other metapowered individuals. He can withstand extremes in temperatures, falls from great heights, and high powered energy blasts without serious injury.

Power: Extended Longevity

Atlanteans live longer than humans with the average life span being around 120 years old. Namor has been seen in public since the 40s and has apparently aged very little in that time.

Power: Flight (3)

Namor has wings on his ankles although these small wings do not seem sufficent to produce the lift or speed that Namor can reach. However, he can maneuver and even out race some military aircraft at his top speed. He can still carry several tons while in flight and not lose speed or altitude.

Power: Hybrid Phyisology

Namor's abilities derive from the fact that he is hybrid of homo mermanus (Atlantean) and homo superior (Mutant). He is unique to both sides of his heritage. While most of his abilities can be traced to the Atlantean side, he demonstrates abilities that simply being Atlantean and Human does not explain thus he is considered a mutant. Prolonged absence of water will begin to gradually decrease his strength and other abilities to the level of an average Atlantean.

Skil: Multi-Lingual (5)

Namor is fluent in many of the Earth Languages as he is a king and must deal with many cultures from time to time.

Power: Speed (2)

Namor can move much faster than the best conditioned human athelte, but he is fastest in the water. He can cruise at around 60 mph and reach top speeds of 75 knots (around 86 mph).

Power: Stamina (3)

Namor can operate at peak performance longer than the average person. He can go full steam for about 24 hours before fatigue really sets in. As with his other abilities, absence from water for extended time does begin to weaken his ability.

Power: Strength (8)

As half Atlantean, Namor is already stronger than the average human but he is also much stronger than Atlanteans too. On land, he is able to lift a couple hundred tons. He can fly while carrying up to 50 tons with no loss of speed or elevation. His strength is dependent on water. If he is out of contact with some form of water, his strength will decrease gradually. His baseline is average Atlantean. On the other side, being immersed in water increases his strength. In the water, his strength is almost limitless.

Power: Vision

Namor can see in low to almost no light due to his Atlantean phyisology and needing to be able to see in the deep waters of the ocean.


Advantage: Undersea Kingdom

Namor is a king of an undersea kingdom. As such, he has access to its wealth and technology. Being as it is under water, his technology is vastly different than land based combustion and the like. Many of the items he used date back to the sinking of Atlantis during the Great Cataclysm. Atlantean technology owes a passing nod to some magic as well.


Flaw: Dehydration

Namor can be susceptible to very high powered heat attacks as they tend to dehydrate him faster and thus weakening him.

Flaw: Oxygen Imbalance

Namor is a hybrid which means he can survive in either the air or the water. However, if he spends too much time in one or the other, the oxygen he is taking in causing some imbalance within Namor resulting in mood swings and symptons similar to a manic depressive. His best strategy for dealing with this is to split time between the environments.

Flaw: Pollution

Namor will suffer physical and mental detriments if he is immersed in polluted water. One of his main gripes with the surface world is wanton destruction and pollution.

Flaw: Water Deficiency

When Namor is not exposed to water, his abilities will gradually decline. His base level is closer to an average Atlantean. While this is stronger than a human, he is still weaker than he would normally be. His powers begin to decrease after a day of no expose to some kind of water.


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