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The Invisible Girl
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The Invisible Girl

Quote-open "Good thing about being invisible, I can't tell if I'm having a bad hair day." Quote-close


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Force Fields: 6, Force Field-Flight: 3, Invisibility: 7


Flaws: Enemies, Overexertion, Public Identity

Languages: English


Power: Force Fields (6)

General Info - Testing her growing abilities has proven that Sue can maintain a single facet of her force field power for about ten hours before tiring. If she really concentrates, she can push it to twelve hours, but that leaves her exhausted to the point of fainting. She also recently realized she can use more than one field power at the same time, but splitting her concentration drastically shortens how long she can maintain the effects. The following subsets of this Force Field power explain some of the 'tricks' she's figured out thus far.

Personal Force Field - The force field lands at an ovoid dome about 12 inches out from Susan's body, and is strong enough to withstand up to about thirty tons of force, regardless of whether that force is kinetic or static. This field can be extended to about a six foot diameter without any reduction in its strength.

Remote Force Field - Similar to her personal field, though, obviously, created remotely. Sue can't create them farther than about twenty-five feet from herself, and only up to about ten feet in diameter. Exceeding either limit makes them quickly degrade in usability. She can place one of these shield 'bubbles' over a portion of someone's body (such as for under water operations, or to deny air), though it would only have as much oxygen as that volume of air normally contains.

Lift - Sue has learned to reshape her force fields into flat planes and use them to lift objects, catch falling objects, act as walls, and similar. Practice and testing has shown that the flat plane fields can support up to about twenty tons of weight/force.

Power: Force Field-Flight (3)

After figuring out that she could lift and catch things with her force fields, Sue started working on other applications of her force fields set into motion. She figured out quickly enough that she can propel her own personal force field at an extreme rate -- the fastest she's been clocked at thus far is about 250 miles per hour, though she'll eventually be able to reach speeds upwards of 750 miles per hour -- just shy of hitting mach 1. She's more cautious of the really high speeds when her force field is carrying others besides just her, so she's not tried to push it much past 85 miles per hour.

Power: Invisibility (7)

Her control has refined considerably since the accident, and Sue is now able to make herself, her clothing and the other occasional small object right next to her (in the range of her personal force field) become invisible with ease. Scale: N/A Range:N/A Area:Self to the outer range of her personal force field, or about a six-foot radius away from her person. Limits:Characters with enhanced or other-than-normal senses would detect a dome-like shape instead of her normal human form when her invisibility is extended past her own person. When not extended, characters with enhanced or other-than-normal senses might detect her presence as different from that of an average human.



Flaw: Enemies

It's par for the course of being an internationally recognized hero. Evil people want to do evil things. And heroes prevent that. So, Sue has understandably amassed a fair number of evil individuals that would be only too happy to see her go splat. And they've been known to try to achieve that goal frequently.

Flaw: Overexertion

Since she started discovering the various new things her powers are capable of, Susan has been pushing herself more and more to hone those powers and master her control over them. Typically, this only happens when she's safely in a controlled environment and the repercussions are rarely more than a nosebleed or the equivalent of an ice cream headache. However, in a dangerous real-life situation, if she maintains a power for too long or tries to concentrate on too many facets at the same time, she could faint from the strain or worse.

Flaw: Public Identity

Being known as the Invisible Girl might have some perks, but it's got just as many associated problems, if not more. Just like the actress or model she'd spent her formative years striving to become, she has a difficult time simply going into a store to buy something, like a new blouse or groceries. She tries to be as gracious as possible when she IS recognized, but often times she'll avoid the 'adoring' public by going invisible and using her force fields to travel about instead of employing public transportation. It's not like her force fields create pollution like a motorcycle would.


Sue Storm grew up with her aunt and uncle after tragedy struck her parents when she and her brother were still children. While studying acting in college, she went aboard the shuttle flight as an assistant where there was an accident and exposure to cosmic rays or some scientific thing she never truly understood turned her into the Invisible Girl. She now lives and works in the Baxter Building with her family the Fantastic Four.


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