Hero NYC
Sunspot1 Bleu1
Agility: 4 Strength: 2/6 Toughness: 3
Perception: 2 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 2
Anthropology 1 Athlete 3 Business 2
Combat 2 Solar Absorption 8 Super Strength 6
Charming Multilingual Penthouse
Fugitive Guilt Soccer
Solar Battery Temper
Name: Roberto da Costa Born into the lap of luxury, Roberto da Costa wanted little more than to play soccer until his beloved girlfriend was murdered by members of an organization that wished to have influence over his father. Brazilian authorities wish to speak to the teenager about the death of his girlfriend and severe injuries to the attackers. Roberto has fled to New York City, where he lives in an apartment owned by his family.
Position: Scion, would-be soccer star
Team: N/A
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Corbin Bleu
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central Standard Time (UTC-6, North America)
Music: 'Fortunate Son' -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


* Roberto da Costa was born in 1993 to Emmanuel and Nina da Costa, respectively a billionnaire businessman and a noted anthropologist. He is their only child.
  • Through his childhood Roberto, called 'Berto by family and friends, is raised in the lap of luxury. He frequently travels with his parents to foreign destinations -- with his father this means being guided around strange cities by hired help, while he actively joins in his mother's anthropological investigations.
  • 'Berto shows an early aptitude for soccer and is actively encouraged by both parents to participate in the sport. In his late teens he is considered for membership in the Brazilian Olympic soccer team.
  • At the age of 14, 'Berto meets Juliana Sandoval, a young woman of European ancestry ('Berto's is mixed African/Latino/European). Sandoval, a fan of soccer (like just about everybody in Brazil), actively seeks 'Berto's interest and the two rapidly fall in love.
  • At 16 'Berto's relationship with Juliana is challenged by a number of racist members of another soccer club. During the resulting fight Roberto's powers manifest for the first time, resulting in serious injury to one of the opposing players. Juliana promises that she is not bothered that Roberto is a mutant. Emmanuel uses his money to keep the incident out of the press and the police from seeking to harass his son, but Roberto's mutant nature causes strain in what is already a difficult relationship.
  • At 19, Roberto and Juliana are attacked by a number of thugs, members of an organization that wishes to gain influence over Emmanuel to get him to use his money in their favor. The attempted kidnapping is botched by Roberto's mutant abilities, and one of the attackers attempts to cut their losses by killing the teenager. Juliana steps in the way and is killed in Roberto's place. His girlfriend's death enrages 'Berto, and he beats all of his attackers unconscious before fleeing the scene of the attack.
  • Seeking to avoid attention from the police and press, Roberto flees Brazil, taking up residence in New York City.


Skill: Anthropology (1)

Roberto's mother has a far more fascinating profession than his father. Nina da Costa travels all over the world as an anthropologist, studying the ruins of lost cultures, and while Roberto was generally left behind in order to keep up his studies, now and again Nina would bring him along and teach him the rudimentary aspects of her profession.

Skill: Athlete (3)

Roberto was a skilled young athlete long before his mutant powers were realized. He is speedy and strong without his powers, and was a shoo-in to be recruited to one of the major football clubs in Rio de Janeiro until his powers made him ineligible.

Skill: Business (2)

As the son and heir of the owner of an international corporation, Roberto is expected to take over the company someday. Untrained, Roberto has still observed his father in action and has been an intern in various offices of the company. He understands many aspects of business culture and, should he be forced into a managerial position, could handle a willing team of workers without too much trouble.

Skill: Combat (2)

Roberto has had some training in capoeira, the traditional Brazilian martial art -- like many young men, he found it an exciting thing to try in his early teens, but stopped practicing after a year or two. He remembers the basics of the art, and it contributes to his fighting style.

Power: Solar Absorption (8)

Sunspot is a living solar battery, taking in all solar energy directed at him and storing it to power his strength. The more energy he absorbs, the longer he can operate at full strength.

Power: Super Strength (6)

Sunspot is capable of increasing his strength to the point where he can carry up to twenty-five tons, and his punches are capable of piercing steel paneling. However, Sunspot's strength requires that he absorb sunlight. It is sustainable indefinitely in the light, but in the dark he can easily use up his store of energy quickly.


Advantage: Charming

Roberto is a handsome young man raised in the upper class society of Rio de Janeiro. He's not only been trained in the proper etiquette of society, but knows when to apply these rules, and when (and how) to act like a normal teenager instead of one of the elite. He's likable and generally leaves a good impression on those around him.

Advantage: Multilingual

Roberto is fluent in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and classical Latin. He also speaks Spanish with somewhat less facility.

Advantage: Penthouse

Among the holdings of the da Costa family are homes in major cities around the world -- New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Cairo and Hong Kong to name a few cities. Certainly, Roberto could use any of these as needed, but most importantly he has set up semi-permanent occupancy in the penthouse of a high-rise apartment building on Park Avenue, complete with a housekeeper and cook as staff.

Advantage: Wealthy

Emmanuel da Costa is a multibillionnaire with controlling interest in one of the largest international companies in Brazil. While his son does not have access to all the resources of his father's corporation, he does have the fact that his father's busy lifestyle leads the man to attempt to buy his son's affection. Roberto can reliably get his hands on a few thousand dollars at any given time, and can get access to more (perhaps on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars) if he can convince his father that it's necessary.


Flaw: Fugitive

There's no warrant out for Roberto's arrest, but the events that led him to flee Brazil left several people injured and his girlfriend dead. They'd like to speak to him, but he's refused so far and his father has allowed him use of the family's penthouse apartment in New York City and backed his desire not to speak to Brazilian authorities. Of course, this just serves to make him look worse in the eyes of Rio's police and others: a rich mutant kid refusing to talk to authorities about the death of his girlfriend and severe injury to several 'respected members of the community.'

Flaw: Guilt

Roberto feels an intense guilt for the death of his girlfriend and the way he acted afterwards -- beating her murderers savagely. He feels even more guilt because -he- was their target, and wonders why she couldn't have let him be the one to die. This does not make him suicidal, but it does lend him a certain morose aspect that kicks in the hardest when he's actually having a good time -- how can he have fun when Juliana is gone? It will take time and effort to overcome these feelings.

Flaw: Soccer

Roberto gets quite annoyed at American use of the word 'football' to refer to a bunch of oversized brutes smacking each other around on a field over a ball that isn't even a sphere. Call it what it is: barbarian rugby. He will not use the word 'soccer' to refer to the sport he loves, and thus there is frequently confusion over to which sport he is referring.

Flaw: Solar Battery

Roberto is a solar battery, using the absorbed power of the sun to power his incredible strength. The problem with batteries, of course, is that they run out of charge eventually. If Roberto uses his strength at peak capacity for very long in non-sunlit areas (i.e., indoors, at night, under ground, the wrong side of the moon...) he will rapidly lose power. If he loses his strength while fighting a villain or holding up a collapsing building, for example, he is going to be in a great deal of danger.

Flaw: Temper

One of Roberto's less positive characteristics is his temper. If he gets angry, he will show it by yelling and acting out, and eventually by lashing out at the object of his anger or some convenient substitute. Worse, Roberto has trouble controlling his strength when he is enraged, and so he is liable to strike out with incredible force that can destroy objects, injure or kill other people.


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