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Supergirl-001.jpg KaraMetropolisPic.jpg
Agility: 8 Strength: 9 Toughness: 9
Perception: 8 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 7
Alien Physiology * Breath 4 Flight 7
Heat Vision 4 Invulnerability * Senses *
Speed 8 Stamina 3/8 Strength *
Fortress of Solitude Kryptonian Education Legacy of Superman
Doesn't Know Her Own Strength Impulsive Kryptonite
Magic and Psionics Minor Solar Energy
Unfamiliar With Earth Culture
Name: Kara Zor-El
Position: The Girl of Steel
Team: Titans
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Kryptonian
Type: DC FC
Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
Alts: Hawkeye II and X-23
Timezone: Pacific
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, and Social
Tone Dislikes: None


Kara Zor-El was born in Argo City on Krypton, a planet orbiting a red giant star far across the universe from Earth. Her father, Zor-El was one of Krypton's leading scientists and her mother, Alura, was one of it's most renowned artists. While she received the best of educations, Kara preferred art to science, and was well on her way to making a name for herself as an artist by the time she turned 16. Unfortunately, Krypton had entered a period of massive geological instability, and was doomed to tear itself apart in the near future.

Kara's father and uncle Jor-El tried to convince the ruling Science Council of Krypton's fate. But the Council refused to believe them and forbid the brothers from releasing their research to the public. In desperation, Jor-El and Zor-El concocted a plan to construct starships to take their families to safety. However, a Civil War had broken out, lead by General Zod, chief of planetary security. Zod had overheard Jor-El's prediction and was outraged by the Council's short-sightedness. In his mind, the only recourse was to overthrow the Council before it was too late. Unfortunately, the weapons Zod began using before his eventual capture hastened the demise of Krypton.

With only prototype rockets ready, Jor-El would attach the birthing matrix of his son Kal-El to a rocket, while a small life supoort pod was attached to a second rocket to take Kara to safety. On the final day, the rockets were launched, programed to take the cousins to Earth, a planet whose lower gravity and yellow sun would give them incredible powers; an advantage to survive in a world where they would be woefully outnembered. While Kal-El's ship entered Hyperaspace safely, Kara's was hit by the shockwave of Krypton's destruction, throwing off it's programmed course.

By the time the computer in Kara's rocket had re-adjusted it's trajectory for Earth, it was woefully off-course. She would arrive from Hyperspace some 26 years after Kal crash-landed. Reunited with her, now adult, cousin, Kara is amazed at the good that Kal has done as Superman. And she plans on following him in his footsteps, whether he likes it or not.


Power: Alien Physiology (*)

Despite appearing human, Supergirl is an alien with a non-human physiology. Her skin absorbs yellow solar radiation and convert it into energy that fuels her superhuman powers. (Note: Must maintain exposure to yellow solar radiation)

Power: Breath (4)
Supergirl can exhale at a great velocity to either create gale force winds or freeze objects in front of her. She can also hold her breath for approximately 17 hours. (Notes: At 20 ft., can chill an object to -50F can create 70 mph winds. Area Consistently widens and dissipates at an equal rate.)

Power: Flight (7)
Supergirl is able to fly, with Earth's gravity having no real effect on her. She is able to reach hypersonic speeds at flight. (Notes: Must be careful in urban areas to not cause injury or property damage))

Power: Heat Vision
Supergirl can emit beams of pure heat energy from her eyes. Her heat vision is powerful enough to melt metal.

Power: Invulnerability (*)
Supergirl cannot be hurt by normal fists and bullets. She is also immune to extreme weather. The density of her body can withstand a force equal to an Atomic Demolition Munitions explosion. (Note: Decreases to 2 with prolonged absence of yellow solar radiation)

Power: Senses (*)
All of Supergirl's senses are heightened, She can see great distances clearly across to the curvature of the Earth. Also, with concentration, she's able to see through all materials except lead. She can hear great distances as well, picking up conversations miles away and hear them with great clarity and range. Taste, touch, and smell are all also heightened. (Notes: Range - 20 miles. Area - 20 mi diameter) Can be obstructed by overstimulation)

Power: Speed (8)
Supergirl is able to run at speeds up to 350 mile per second while in Earth's atmosphere. (Note: Must be careful in urban areas not to cause injury or property damage)

Power: Stamina (3/8)
Supergirl heals much faster than normal people; though it should not be confused with true regeneration. Instead, it happens just like in human, only t a much quicker pace. The greater the access to yellow solar radiation, the greater and faster the healing. (Note: Decreases to 0/2 with prolonged absence from yellow solar radiation)

Power: Strength (*)
Supergirl is almost as strong as her famous cousin. Airplanes, tanks, and many ocean vessels are simple for her to lift and carry. (Note: Decreases to 0/2 with prolonged absence from yellow solar radiation)


Advantage: Fortress Of Solitude

Supergirl has access to the Fortress of Solitude. She has her own room, and has added the lore and data crystals she brought in her rocket to the trove housed there.

Advantage: Kryptonian Education
With the advanced level of Kryptonian science, even Kara's basic science education is ad advanced as many universities' Bachelor's or Master's programs on Earth. In the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Sciences, she has equivalent knowledge as someone with an advanced degree.

Advantage: Legacy Of Superman
Even though she's relatively unknown, wearing the 'S' shield has some advantages for Kara. She's instantly linked to Superman, and gets a bit of a break sometimes because of that relationship. Police and Superman's allies are more inclined to listen to her than other neophyte heroes.

Advantage: Multi-Lingual
Given her newfound speed on Earth, Kara is able to learn languages very quickly. She can become fluent in a language in just a few days. Within a month of arriving on Earth, she's able to speak English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.


Flaw: Doesn't Know Her Own Strength

Sometimes Kara will accidentally use full Strength on an object. She also cannot pull her punches in combat.

Flaw: Impulsive
Kara tends to act first and think later. She'll never delay her initiative order unless commanded to wait by Kal or some other authority figure.

Flaw: Kryptonite
Reduces toughness to 0 within 5 minutes of exposure. Creates instant nausea and incapacitates within 10 minutes.

Flaw: Magic and Psionics
Reduces toughness and willpower to 2 versus magic or Psionic attacks. Supergirl has no defenses versus magic or versus telepathic attacks. When attacked in this manner, she takes on the abilities and defenses of a normal human.

Flaw: Minor
Supergirl is a legal minor, with all the restrictions that entails such as not being able to enter certain establishments or purchase certain things.

Flaw: Solar Energy
Supergirl's powers are dependent on yellow solar energy. If kept out of sunlight for more than one month, physical attribute stats will all reduce to 2

Flaw: Unfamiliar With Earth Culture
Kara knows a great deal about Earth in terms of facts she's read. But she really doesn't have a handle on Earth culture. It's so different from Krypton that it confuses her at times. She doesn't get a lot of the jokes and cultural memes that get tossed around every day.


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