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Superman-01 Superman-06
Agility: 8 Strength: 10 Toughness: 10
Perception: 8 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 7
Alien Physiology - Breath 4 Flight 7
Heat Vision 4 Invulnerability - Senses -
Speed 8 Stamina 3/9 Strength -
Daily Planet Fortress of Solitude General Goodwill
Careful Kryptonite Magic & Psionics
Solar Energy
Name: Clark Kent/Kal El The Man of Steel, hero of Metropolis, the United States and the World, stands as an emblem of truth, justice and the American Way of civility, kindness, and goodwill.
Position: Man of Steel
Team: Justice League of America
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Kryptonian (Unknown)
Type: DC Iconic FC
Actor: Jon Hamm
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: "The Touch" - Stan Bush
Quote: "It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then...he shoots fire from the skies, and it's difficult not to think of him as a god, and how fortunate for we all are that it does not occur to /him/."- Batman
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Though they loved their son very much, Jor-El and Lara-El were forced to jettison him to the distant planet Earth to save him from their doomed homeworld of Krypton.

When his birthing matrix crashlanded outside a town called Smallville the baby was discovered by a loving married couple who had not been able to have children. Jonathan and Martha Kent raised Kal-El as their own, naming him Clark after Martha's maiden name. They kept his secret from him at first, hoping that he would be able to fit in with the other children. To cover the Kent's explained that they had adopted the boy. And for a long time nothing seemed odd at all. Clark grew to value hard work, truth, honesty, and putting others before himself.

As Clark began to attend Smallville High School he slowly began to manifest strange powers and abilities. Eventually, his parents gave in and explained how he came to them. Jonathan showed Kent the spaceship he arrived in, which he kept hidden in the barn. It was then that Clark found a green crystal that he used to meet his birth parents; an interactive video recording of them at least.

As Clark metriculated, he began to ponder what his future would, and more importantly should, hold. During high school he dabbled in using his powers for good, but always was careful to obscure his identity. He was lucky that he was never caught.

After graduation, Clark decided to put off college for a year while traveling the world. Transportation was not an issue due to his superspeed, so he had more than enough money saved from his meager allowance from farm chores over the years. The traveling shocked him. He was overcome by the poverty, the sickness, and the injustice that he saw, especially in third world countries. Clark decided he would go back to the United States and study to become a journalist to help expose injustices throughout the world and build empathy among the public.

His grades were good enough to get into Metropolis University. Because of his family's economic situation, he was able to finance his education through financial aid, loans, and a part-time paid internship he was recommended for by an impressed professor who liked his work ethic.

Clark enjoyed great success at his internship, so much so that upon graduation he was offered an entry level job in the office as a staff reporter. Sure, he had to work some of the worst jobs: city council meetings, puff pieces, and the hometown section. But it was work and there was pay and he had enough to pay his loans and afford his own small apartment. And" he was in Metropolis, a city so different than his upbringing that he couldn't help but be amazed at it's grandeur. He loved it there.

But he still struggled with just how to use his powers. After consulation from Jonathan and Jor El, Clark decided to just make it happen. To just go out and help people. Donning his family's formal wear from Krypton, he took to the sky and for the first time tried to help people out in the open.

Not a second too soon! Air Force One, carrying President Wash Abbott, was flying overhead but experiencing engine trouble. Clark helped the President's plane land without trouble and Lois Lane, an associate of his at the Daily Planet (if by associate you mean someone who never really noticed him) happened to be aboard the plane and dubbed the mystery hero as Superman, most likely because of his abilities and the crest on his chest that resembled an S.

Superman gained instant credibility and adoration from the public. He continued to do great feats of heroism for the people of Metropolis, the United States, and the world. Whereas some of the heroes clung to the shadows, Superman was out front and entirely accessible. He even collaborated with the government and would help out with national disasters, building projects, or other occasions when his help was needed. Finally, Clark Kent, Kal-El of Krypton, and Superman was happy. Whether with his words or his actions, his mind is always on helping others. Though he has consistently felt alone in his life due to being the 'lone' survivor of the planet Krypton, Earth has unknowingly adopted him as their own.


Power: Alien Physiology (-)

Though he has the appearance of a human, Superman is actually an alien from the planet Krypton. Like all skin, his absorbs from its surroundings, but when under prolonged exposure to radiation from yellow suns. Whereas this has no discernable effect on a human, it is the basis of Superman's powers.

Power: Breath (4)
Superman has several capabilities from the manipulation of air. First, he is able to freeze the air internally with the ability to stop things frozen in their tracks. The air warms as it expands out from his lungs, so it dissipates the further out it goes. At 20 feet, a normal efforted blast of frozen breath can freeze an object the size of a tank to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. The intensity varies depending on proximity and effort. Also, he is able to dispel the breath to create winds of 70 miles per hour. Finally, Superman is able to hold his breath for long periods of time. At full exertion he can hold his breath for approximately 17 hours before needing to take another. This helps when traveling under the sea or through space.

  • Range: At 20 feet, can chill up to -100F; can create 70mph winds.
  • Area of Effect: Consistently widening and dissipating at an equal rate.
  • Limitations: Limits to Superman's breath include using cover from the blast and the amount of breath that Superman has in his lungs.

Power: Flight (7)
Superman is able to fly, with the Earth's gravitational pull having no real effect on him. He is able to reach hypersonic speeds at flight.

  • Range: Interstellar

Power: Heat Vision (4)
The energy Superman absorbs can be turned into projectile energy which he can emit from his eyes. The rays differ in strength depending on the intensity and his power levels. They can be as light as a match or hot enough to melt metals.

  • Range: 8 inches wide, 70 yards in length.
  • Area of Effect: 8 inches wide, 70 yards in length.

Power: Invulnerability (-)
Superman cannot be hurt by mere fists or bullets. Likewise, he is immune to extreme weather. The density of his body can withstand force similar to a MOAB Blast no effect.

  • Limitations: Decreases to 2 with prolonged absence of yellow sun.

Power: Senses (-)
Each of Superman's senses are heightened. He can see great distances clearly across to the curvature of the Earth. Also, with concentration, he's able to see through all materials with the exception of lead. He can hear great distances as well, picking up on conversations miles away and hear them with clarity and with great range. Taste, touch, and smell are also heightened, giving him odd quirks now and again such as a preference for bland Midwestern food.

  • Range: 20 miles
  • Area of Effect: 20 miles in diameter.
  • Limitations: Can be obstructed by overstimulation.

Power: Speed (8)
While not as quick as the Flash, Superman is able to move his body at extreme speeds of up to 440 miles per second within the Earth's atmosphere.

Power: Stamina (3/9)
Superman heals much faster than normal people; though it should not be confused with the healing factor gene found in some mutants. Instead it happens precisely like it does for humans, only about a dozen times as quick. He has extreme amounts of energy, almost infinite, when he has access to yellow sunlight.

  • Limitations: Decreases to 0/2 with prolonged absence from yellow sun.

Power: Strength (-)
Superman is, perhaps, best known for his amazing strength. He can hold tanks and airplanes above his head with ease. As of yet, no hard limit to his strength is known.

  • Limitations: Decreases with prolonged absence from the yellow sun.


Advantage: Daily Planet

Clark's position gets him access to information and places he might not normally be allowed. He has also gained popularity and has many contacts through his association with the paper.

Advantage: Fortress of Solitude
Superman's base is his place of operation and also serves as a vacation place to get away from the general craziness of the planet. It houses all sorts of technology and information from and regarding his home planet.

Advantage: General Goodwill
For the most part, Superman has a positive association from the people on the planet. He is recognized across the world as a symbol of hope and justice.


Flaw: Careful

Often will not get initiative despite speed while trying to talk problems out.

Flaw: Kryptonite
Reduces toughness to 0 within 5 minutes of exposure. Creates instant nausea and incapacitates within 10 minutes.

Flaw: Magic & Psionics
Reduces toughness and willpower to 2 versus magic or Psionic attacks. Superman's kryptonian physiology has no defenses versus magic or versus telepathic attacks. When attacked in this manner, he takes on the abilities and defenses akin to what a human might have.

Flaw: Solar Energy
If kept out of sunlight for more than one month, attribute stats will all reduce to 2.


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