Antihero Mobile
Surge1 Surge3
Agility: 2-5 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Charge 4 Conductive Contact 5 Electric Absorption 7
Electric Discharge 7 Speed Boost 3 System Overload 4
Taser Touch 3
Bilingual Drug Connections Japanese Citizen
Jumpstart Power Sense Street Smarts
Disowned Drug Reliance Grounding
Hunted Power Restraint Runaway
Name: Noriko Ashida Nori is another lost soul living within NYC, struggling to get by while trying to keep her powers under control through any means possible.
Position: Runaway
Team: N/A
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Anna Tsuchiya
Alts: Ursa, Terra
Timezone: CST
Music: ["Don't Be Scared" by A.R.E. Weapons]
Quote: "You know what? You do judge me. You just said that exposing flesh is showing off. I don't need to be lectured by someone who is setting women back 50 years just by walking around like that."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic, Comedic


Noriko was born in Tokyo, Japan, living with her parents and brother until she reached the age of thirteen when her powers manifested. It wasn't a subtle affair, the initial spike killing power to the entire housing complex where they lived. While no one else was able to figure out the cause of the blackout and the blown fuses, Noriko knew she had been behind it. By the next day she had fled her family, largely due to her own father.

Her father made every attempt to bury the rumors of what had transpired, writing her out of the family altogether. However, word of this event still managed to travel. With her out on the street and out of options she became an easy target for an American-based organization which targeted mutants for scientific purposes. With a handful of their personnel already visiting the city they made the effort to track her down, luring her into voluntarily joining them to help better understand this gift of hers. Not two weeks had passed since she ran away and she was on her way to the other side of the globe.

It didn't take long to discover that this new group that had taken her in did not have her best interests in mind. While within their custody she learned through their experimentation that use of a certain controlled substance could help to subdue her powers, which had quickly proven themselves to be highly unstable. By tricking her handlers she was able to keep this drug out of her system long enough to rebuild her energy levels, which became instrumental in her escape mere months later.

The next three years and change were spent living on the streets and in the subway tunnels of New York City. Nori tried to disappear but ran into further complication with the steady influx of power the city was perpetually emanating. Getting hold of this drug to suppress her abilities was initially very difficult, she had to rely upon the subway's power grid to try and ground herself whenever another power spike would occur. Somehow this resulted in her hair taking on a permanent blue pigment.

With talk of mutants and meta-humans on the rise, she holds onto the hope of finding somewhere that she can truly belong. Until such a thing can be found, life for her remains challenging with the ever-present struggle to have both food to eat and her peculiar medication in stock.


Power: Charge (4)

She can charge any conductive device or object, whether it's a battery, capacitor, or piece of metal. The size and density of the object holds some bearing on how big of a charge it can contain unless it's a device specifically designed to store power. A piece of silverware would hold enough for a static shock, while something like a ladder or antenna could hold enough to cause third degree burns to unprotected skin. Any plain object will not hold a charge for long, the stored energy rapidly tapering off until nothing more than a small static shock remains. Heavier charges run the risk of collateral damage due to conductivity and overflow.

Power: Conductive Contact (5)
Since electricity follows conductive materials, Nori can attempt to extend her reach by utilizing her surroundings. Things like standing water, railings, and metal ladders can allow her to push her power surges further out. A more focused object, such as a pipe or wire, will allow for a much more focused reach, while a body of water will dissipate the current over a much wider area, affecting more space but with less severity. With this, a metal pole in her hands could act like a shock baton.

Power: Electric Absorption (7)
Nori's power comes less from within herself and more from the environment surrounding her. Electrical current running through the power grid, the charge from batteries, even the static from the air becomes attracted to her. Wherever she goes and whatever she's doing, her body will naturally absorb this power and build it into a usable charge within herself. The process of stealing this power is not visually detectable, the only sign coming in the form of electronic glitches or flickering lights. There are two ways in which this process can be controlled, one coming from some potent drugs which may become available out on the streets or black market. The other would require crafting an electrical interrupt, shielding her hands and forearms. To do so would require time to understand her powers and the materials and knowledge to assemble such devices.

Power: Electric Discharge (7)
Power stored within Nori can be transformed into electrical bolts which originate from her palms, capable of creating high-energy spikes that could disrupt an entire city's power grid if fully unleashed. This can be controlled by her to some extent, and much further with the inclusion of a chemical or mechanical interrupt, however without any outside assistance she cannot always tame these spikes. If too much energy is stored within herself, or some other trigger such as pain or strong emotion is involved, it can become unleashed without warning. This power can range anywhere between the smallest static shock to a blast which is on par with a bolt of lightning, though a particularly uncontrolled event could result in such bolts leaping off from her in every direction in search of any conductive surfaces or grounding lines nearby. This power could become more focused with the aid of a mechanical device to channel the energy. With practice she could even learn how to charge a battery or power a system instead of draining it.

Power: Speed Boost (3)
Whenever energy is stored, Nori can use it to her advantage by boosting her physical speed to levels above and beyond normal human capability. The extent of this speed or duration is not currently known, its limiting factors directly tied into how much energy she has stored when it is used. She could potentially cross state lines within hours, or supplement her dexterity in order to dodge attacks or projectiles. Use of this ability requires her complete attention, she cannot use any other aspect of her powers at the same time.

Power: System Overload (4)
Most modern electronics are highly sensitive pieces of equipment. Even ones which are shielded do not take much effort to break. Devices such as security systems, electrified fences, vehicles, and computers can be disabled with ease, requiring nothing more than a sufficient jolt. Doing this will completely ruin the object in question. One particularly beneficial use of this skill is to fry an ATM machine in order to get herself some fast cash, though this sort of behavior is only reserved for desperate moments.

Power: Taser Touch (3)
A smaller dose of power can act like a taser, allowing Nori to drop most people where they stand so long as she can concentrate on what she's doing. Using too much or too little power would be an easy mistake to make without some form of power regulator being involved.


Advantage: Bilingual

To people who don't know Nori's history, they might be surprised that she is actually a native Japanese speaker. As is, not only can she speak Japanese, but between her lessons in English back in Japan, and her living in the USA for the last four years, she is fluent in English as well, and has next to no trace of an accent when speaking English.

Advantage: Drug Connections
Out of necessity, Nori has connections within the drug scene in New York City. Through this she can acquire prescription drugs, controlled and illegal substances, and at times things that are a bit more potent or largely unknown to the general population. This is her primary source for the substances which help her control her powers, something which she regularly seeks out until a better option can be discovered.

Advantage: Japanese Citizen
Noriko is not an American, either by birth, or by naturalization. As such, she is a Japanese citizen. Typically it might not effect things on a day to day basis, it is still a fact that could help her in the long run. Or at least it might allow her to more politely duck out of conversations about American politics.

Advantage: Jumpstart
Any device that requires an electric current to get itself going, such as a vehicle, can benefit from a quick jolt of power from her hands. Without anything to regulate her power this can be entirely touch and go, it might work or it might not. It also might fry whatever she's trying to give a boost to.

Advantage: Power Sense
She can often tell if a lot of energy is nearby, such as a gathering storm or a large generator. Currently she can only detect concentrated sources of immense energy, though in time such a skill might be further honed.

Advantage: Street Smarts
As a runaway that has been living on her own in the USA for a few years, Nori has picked up various pieces of knowledge and skills related to surviving on the street. She doesn't advertise what some of these skills are, or what she had learned during this time, because not all of it happened to be entirely legal.

Advantage: Underworld
She's spent a lot of time living in the network of tunnels beneath New York City and has developed an extensive understanding of their layout. She can find shortcuts, knows where she can go to transition from the underground to above ground and back, and even knows her way around the abandoned labyrinth beneath these tunnels where the decaying ruins of the old city lie forgotten.


Flaw: Disowned

Point blank, Nori comes from a 'traditional' Japanese family. As such, when she ran away her father disowned her. Thus if anything happened to her, her father probably wouldn't care, and would more than likely keep that fact hidden from the rest of her family.

Flaw: Drug Reliance
Noriko has learned of only one way in which her powers can be controlled, requiring a regular supply of a drug which the FDA would never approve and only select sources are able to get hold of. Use of this substance over the last four years have resulted in an addiction, one which is likely to continue to pop up during times of heightened stress well after a time when she would stop using it.

Flaw: Grounding
Anything which Nori might try to zap with her power has a much higher chance of surviving, or possibly ignoring the attack altogether, if it is properly grounded.

Flaw: Hunted
Noriko's existence is known to a well-financed group which works beneath the law, having kept her hidden away for several months until she escaped from their facility. While their search for her is not a constant effort, they remain a large, unseen threat in her life.

Flaw: Power Restraint
It can take a lot for Nori to control her powers. Chemical substances help, as does minimizing her stress to a much lesser degree. As her body continues to store energy, she in turn becomes a more destructive bomb waiting to go off. Too much power will also affect her thoughts, causing her mind to race and leading to stress, insomnia, and rapid speech patterns. Without any sort of control her powers will discharge completely at random, anywhere from a small spark to a full-on lightshow of lightning bolts that can cause significant damage to anything surrounding her. Until a better way can be discovered to help her control her own powers, she must rely heavily upon the use of illegally obtained drugs. With the right device interrupting the flow of energy from her hands, controlling her powers should become much easier.

Flaw: Runaway
When Nori was 13 and her powers manifested, she ran away from home. This happened because her father not only didn't 'believe in mutants', but refused to believe that she was one despite what she was showing that she could do. As such, Surge has little reason to want to go back to Japan, let alone to her family.


IC History

  • While in Central Park, Noriko happens by Spider-Girl, Spider-Man and Hawkeye, all dealing with a monster creature. She shows her electric personality, and follows Spider-Girl to a place that may have some warm blankets.
  • Noriko meets Remy LeBeau when the two happen to pickpockets in the same subway car, later on joined by Spider-Girl. Noriko learns about Emma Frost who might be opening a school for special youngsters, gets a candybar cellphone from Reym, and his phone number.
  • Remy introduces Noriko to Emma Frost, whom he suggested could help her, explaining about a new school she intends to open for youngsters with powers. Emma offers Noriko a place to stay that is used for shielded testing, and could likely withstand her occasional accidents.
  • Calling Remy a few days later, Noriko asks about the progress with the school, while finding it's easy to open up to Remy, something that bothers the girl that doesn't usually share anything personal. During the meeting she learns Remy faced some similar things to what she's experiencing. Remy offers Nori to crash with him if the school doesn't pan out.
  • Sitting on a park bench, Noriko accidental shoots a spark at a pigeon, catching the attention of Hawkeye. Soon after Noriko uses her powers to stop a man with a gun, and it gets the two talking. She also met Thomas Shepherd and Eddie Resilver, fellow homeless teens she knew from the city streets, along with some other powered teenagers.
  • In a later meeting, Eddie suggests to Noriko that all the teens who met the other day at Central Park could forma crime fighting team, become Superheroes. While Noriko suggests it's insanely dangerous, she doesn't outright object, deciding to think it over.
  • Noriko eventually went back to the underground tunnels beneath the subway routes, feeling she had worn out her welcome at the temporary lodging provided for her by Emma Frost, and she didn't want to further encumber Remy who was already sharing his place with 3 or 4 young girls he was looking after. She was used to being homeless, it was nothing new, just back to same old.
  • Meeting some of Eddie's friends in Central Park, Noriko encounters Xavin, in the form of a tree. He tells everyone present that he is a sentient tree, rather than admit to his alien origin.
  • In a meeting with Gar Logan, Eddie Resilver and Tommy Shepherd, the teens were discussing how to investigate a mystery of missing young mutants. During the discussion Tommy shared Noriko's drug habits with the others, earning her furious anger. More importantly, a plan is set to form a group of young superheroes, free of adult supervision and rules, governed by themselves. Noriko is fond of the idea.
  • The mission the group of powered teens proves successful, even though Noriko finds that being involved in real action is quite scary. Perhaps it was her feeling that she's nowhere near as good as the others that made her withdraw for a while, but ultimately, the rush of success may lead her to seriously consider further pursuits of heroics.
  • A few days after the mission with the Young Allies, Noriko meets Karolina in the park, and while the two get on well enough, Tommy Shepherd soon arrives and Noriko is still not on good terms with him. She also gets to meet Broo, who she takes for a drug induced hallucination at first.
  • Going to a party she was invited to by the Young Allies, Noriko gets to meet Karolina again, as well as getting introduced to Thor! He shows her that the unbelievable can be done.

Surge Logs

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