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Abilities: Power

Chaotic Existance, Empower Others: 8, Linguist, Many-Eyes, Shadow Channeler: 10

Advantages: Infernal Rolodex

Flaws: Free-Will, Inhuman Nature, Need of Shadows, Non-Substantial Form

Languages: English


Power: Chaotic Existance

Tenebris isn't actually Human nor is he actually even completely a physical creature. He lives in a sort of a quasi-corporeal existance and can taken on any physical appearance he can dream up. This form however has limited solidness, he can make the form feel solid to a touch, he can lift objects that are appropiate for the equivalent of a normal human but that's it. This also makes him literally undamageable by any form of attack other then magical attacks which can prevent him from acting or taking form (at least temporarily).

Power: Empower Others (8)

Since he is the emissary to his Chaotic masters, he can grant gifts on those who seem to work towards his masters' goals. Generally, limited abilities are granted at first and if people prove to be great pawns to his masters', they will be granted additional abilities. These abilities are generally physical in nature allowing them to have increased physical abilities, energy projection, or shadow based powers similar to his own, however they all have one limitation, they can not impose morality or laws on anyone or their abilities will temporarily be lost for a moon (and they may get a visit from Tenebris).

Power: Linguist

His ability to understand and speak languages is literally superhuman. If a language exists, he knows it or can learn it within moments. It may seem minor but honestily 'his bosses' need a voice for them and without giving him this ability he would be useless.

Power: Many-Eyes

He can see through the eyes of his empowered contractors and his summoned shadow creatures but he can only see from one place at once (along with his own vision). So he can't monitor everyone at the same time.

Power: Shadow Channeler (10)

This ability regards his ability to connect to the Chaos/Shadow realm that exists on the opposite side of reality via Shadows.

He can use shadows to jump between shadows in anywhere in any realm in existance (even ones he might not even know about now, his chaos masters may need to tell him about it).

He can summon chaotic creatures that exist within the chaos/shadow realm which include practically any creature that humans have imagined that would eat them, destroy the world, or generally cause the skin to crawl. Their physical abilities vary depending on the amount of Shadows that exist within an area, and during special events (such as Lunar Eclipses, New Moons, or any other sort of extra 'dark' events, these beings can have generally cosmic-level set of abilities).


Advantage: Infernal Rolodex

He's granted a litany of individuals special abilities throughout time. For those who currently are in the New York Area, 'John Boon': Billionaire, whose made his money from the liquidation of companies for profit. His granted ability is a silver tongue, he has a certain supernatural ability to charm people to do what he wants. 'Matt 'The Mad Dog' Santos': Violent Psychopath whose wanting to run a local mafia group. He has enhanced physique (level of Captain America). He still needs to prove himself but Tenebris enjoys watch him beat people senseless. 'Jack Johnson': Local Hockey Player whose wanting to be come 'the next big thing'. On the side, he acts a spreader of chaos to vent his temper. He does general destruction of bars (grabbing some drinks on the way), he has the ability to toss energy from his hands (X-men (cyclops) level) and also has a sort of 'shadow armor' that literally 'eats' attacks used against him. He's generally Tenebris 'bouncer' when he needs one.


Flaw: Free-Will

Ironically, he can't force his human empowered (contractors) to do his will or his chaos masters will. He can restrict their use of enhanced abilities but he can't prevent them outright. He can strip them of their abilities after the fact (or if present remove them then).

Flaw: Inhuman Nature

He truely has little to no knowledge or understanding of human emotions or general morality. He actually doesn't even know what will make humans happy. He needs to figure that out when he talks to his prospective contractors (people to empower).

Flaw: Need of Shadows

Honestily as a manipulator of shadows without them around, he can't do any abilities he has regarding shadows. He's stuck relying on his empowered/contractors to do his fighting. Shadows smaller then a person generally will prevent him from doing anything with it.

Flaw: Non-Substantial Form

He can touch objects and things can touch him, but he's limited to a normal human level of ability (for an average person). He can't enhance his own abilities, he has to enhance others and trust they do his bidding, or he can summon shadowy creatures from the shadows (if there is shadows). He can shift his shape to something inhumanely large but it does not have the physical attributes of that creature.


The Universe was Nothing (and his Bosses were happy). They enjoyed the endless void and then the universe eventually began to gain some shape but still was pretty much just gases and blobs of gases. They were happy with this as well. He didn't come into existance until living creatures came into existance (though he does have memories from his masters during the whole history of the universe). He was an instrument in figuring out life and what it needed. He also figured out ways to end life too. However, without will of their own creatures didn't do what they were told and in many ways his attempts to cause chaos was simply snuffed out by bored animals.

When Humans came about, his masters found beings that could be manipulated (along with the other alien races). He took on difference forms throughout history and bargained with them for power. He may have also ended a few civilizations and worlds (he might even have forgotten their names).

Humans are remarkable in one aspect, even though he tossed them power and they provided chaos, they always managed to regain order or for his charges to suddenly become so self-interested that they didn't cause the damage he wanted them to.

During the 20nd Century, he tried his best to empower those people he thought would end the world, nuclear weapons gave him way to just that but, he couldn't keep people from overriding their base instincts of survival. He's learned amount human nature but he can never grasp it completely. He has alot of allies and his ability to grant people their 'wishes' perse has been a great pleasure to his masters but not always. He's nearly had his existance ended a few times because of failed experiments he's done with humans.


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