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The Darkness
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Agility: 3 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 8
Armor 6 Awareness 7 Combat 5
Constructs 7 Darklings 6 Flight 2
Marksmanship 6 Shadow Walking * Strength 7
Arsenal Be a Better Man Contacts
Made Man Money Ruthless
Criminal Cursed Light
The Angelus The Brotherhood The Darkness
Name: Jackie Estacado Jackie is a Made Man, in the city that made organized crime famous, his family is one of the longest lived and most powerful Mafia families in New York. Jackie is their chief enforcer. Jackie has a secret. A year ago he became the host for an all-powerful, all-terrifying force of chaos and destruction. The Darkness now lives in him, a deeply flawed murderer with a past of violence and crime. Now aware of what true evil is, Jackie is in a fight more vicious than any he's ever known, and the prize is his soul
Position: Mafia Enforcer
Team: None
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Race: Other
Type: Adapted FC
Actor: Jason Behr
Alts: Stonewall
Timezone: Eastern
Music: Short Change Hero - The Heavy
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic, Romantic


Jackie was born an orphan. His mother died in delivery and his father was dead before Jackie's mother even knew she was pregnant. His first six years of life were spend at St. Gerard's Catholic Orphanage, and it's here he met Jenny Romano, the girl who would be the guiding light in his dark life. For six years Jackie was a hellion in the orphanage, always getting into trouble, starting fights, running games, as the smallest boy there he lost more fights then he ever won, but he never backed down from any of them.

He was adopted illegally by his 'uncle' Frankie Franchetti who was told bringing the child into his organization would increase the Family's power. The person doing the telling knew of Jackie's eventual fate. At 10 Jackie was witness to his first execution, at 14 he was interrogated by the police in the matter of a few assaults and while there charmed his way into the pants of the interrogating detective, an attractive police woman who stole his virginity on the interrogation room table. At 16 he killed his first man for the Family and he's been doing it ever since.

He grew up fast, hard, and ugly, but once she was of age, Jenny Romano found him again and brought her light back into his life, the single shining spot of purity that kept him anchored. At the ripe ol' age of 21 his power came to it's host and when it did, it did so in spectacular fashion. Jackie used this power, without telling anyone about it, to complete his hits in creative and terrifying ways, striking fear into the hearts of the Family's enemies.

Now Jackie has become the number two guy in the Franchetti Family, he makes lots of money, he deals in lots of death, but he has rules, rules that he's told his uncle he will not cross. Due to the influence of Jenny, he will not kill children, he avoids killing any woman who does not show him cause, he will not slay innocents, and he actively tries to reduce the violence in the Family business. These stands, while useful, are unpopular, and Jackie knows that sooner or later things will come to a head.


Power: Armor (6)

In times of great need Jackie's body becomes encased in a protective shell made of the Darkness itself, a feat he's never been able to pull off without being in eminent mortal danger. This armor lends him super human durability, deflecting conventional weapons, energy, and heavy impacts from all but the mightiest of meta humans. This armor also grants him an increased amount of magical resistance and is coated in supernaturally hard spines and razored edges, making it a powerful offensive weapon as well.

Flaw: Light

The Armor is more resistant to the lights corrosive power then any of Jackie's other constructs, but it is by no means immune. Flash lights and torches have no visible effect on it, while a source of light equal to a spotlight, intense indoor lighting, or of course the sun, melts it away in chunks like sugar dissolving in hot water. This process is extremely painful for Jackie.

Power: Awareness (7)
When in shadow Jackie is aware of his surroundings on a level that exceeds human perception and is as complete as can be. Stealth not magically enhanced is rendered obsolete when employed in shadow or darkness against Jackie.

Flaw: Light

Like most of his powers, this power is completely disrupted in light. Should Jackie's body be encased in light (standing in the pool of light from a street lamp, a lit room, etc) he is as aware as any usually suspicious criminal without supernatural powers.

Skill: Combat (5)
Jackie has been an 'enforcer for the mob his entire adult life, and before that the orphanage wasn't exactly the happiest place in the world. He's a tough kid raised in a tough way. He's a skilled brawler, mostly focused on in-fighting making him a wicked boxer and grappler. He fights dirty very well.

Power: Constructs (7)
Still new and not entirely controlled Jackie's command of the Darkness is only complete when used to summon smaller more comfortable constructs such as swords, tentacles, and shields. All of these are made of the Darkness, as such are stronger then titanium, sometimes have a mind of their own, and act unpredictably if he lets his attention slip.

Flaw: Light

Just like the Darklings, powerful lights will destroy Jackie's constructs instantly, dusting them away. Flashlights might be used to keep them at bay, but it would take a more powerful source to destroy them.

Power: Darklings (6)
Jackie can summon the Darkness' sentient nature in the form of Darklings, small demon like creatures with minds all their own. While forced to do as they are told, they are wickedly clever at not doing things exactly as Jackie wished and are a constant nuisance. Some of them have come over often enough to start forming distinct personalities all their own.

Flaw: Light

Given any powerful source of light, the Darklings will disintegrate into dust. A torch or flashlight is enough to keep them away, but not destroy them, where as indoor lighting, halogen lamps, or a spotlight would render them toast.

Power: Flight (2)
When in his armored form Jackie is capable of sprouting bat or dinosaur like wings from his back. These allow him a top speed of 200 mph over long open distances, and much slower top speed of 80 in a dense urban area. His braking and cornering is akin to that of a bird of his size, requiring appropriate time to turn and brake, and he cannot fly higher then there is air dense enough to allow him lift. No space flights.

Skill: Marksmanship (6)
Jackie has had a gun in his hand since he was a teenager and he's really very good with them. Very good. There are those will skills that exceed his, but he would be at home on any firing range with any military level personnel in the world. He's a crack shot.

Power: Shadow Walking (*)
Jackie can walk the shadows, allowing him to traverse the distance between shadows quickly. This works much like teleporting but can only be accomplished where the shadows are dark enough to support the power, and only in a place he's been to or seen before (photos and videos will suffice).

Power: Strength (7)
When encased in his protective armor, Jackie is granted super human strength, allowing him to flip cars, punch through walls, and dig his armored claws through stone as though it were wet clay.


Advantage: Arsenal

Being a professional killer means he has to have tools of the trade, and Jackie has access to quiet a few. If it shoots a bullet he can get his hands on it without question. Specialty rounds? No problem. Even explosives to make bombs with? Not an issue. The only time Jackie might have to step to outside help for procuring arms would be if he needed any sort of rocket launcher. Shy of that he's more then capable of getting his hands on a plethora of things that go boom or bang.

Advantage: Be a Better Man
The only promise Jackie's First Love ever made him make was to 'be a better man'. And now Jackie has the power to do just that. He's laid down rules with his bosses now, he doesn't kill kids, he doesn't off innocent people, things of that nature. It doesn't make him a good man, he is still a murderer and he's still a mobster. But he's a better man then before. That promise eats at him, it drives him, and one day there's a chance it will be the reason he becomes a good man.

Advantage: Contacts
He's part of the Family, and he's been around in the game a long time. Jackie has 'friends. Some of these are legit friends, people he's saved or helped out, that owe him big time, and then there are the other kind that he pays for their friendship. They include cops, judges, hookers, dealers, shop keepers, lawyers, the list is long.

Advantage: Made Man
Jackie is a made man, a full member of a powerful and old Mafia family, this comes with a few perks. There are always safe houses to wait out any heat that comes down on you, there is back up a call away, there is money, power, lawyers, and even a certain amount of protection from the law in the form of non-to-honest cops. It's not a bad gig all in all.

Advantage: Money
Jackie is a made man, a full member of a powerful and old Mafia family, this comes with a few perks. There are always safe houses to wait out any heat that comes down on you, there is back up a call away, there is money, power, lawyers, and even a certain amount of protection from the law in the form of non-to-honest cops. It's not a bad gig all in all.

Advantage: Ruthless
Jackie is loyal and protective of the people that are important to him? everyone else is on their own. Jackie possesses that quiet calm that killers have, the sort that negates things like hesitation or pause. He's taken life, he's over come that momentary doubt when most people pull a trigger. And should someone come after his friends, his Family, he is a relentless and horrible enemy to have.

Advantage: Willful
Jackie is stubborn. Not just stubborn, but Stubborn. He's bullheaded and strong willed, and it's because of this that the Darkness hasn't been able to use him to get completely lose, to wring him dry and use him as a mindless host. He possesses a will great enough to control and contain the essence of absence.


Flaw: Criminal

Jackie is a mob hit man, and a very good one. He's been a criminal his entire adult life and he even has a small record, having spent a few years in Juvie. He's known to most cops as one of those guys they can't catch or touch, but that doesn't stop the rare honest and courageous officer from trying time to time. It's a constant concern.

Flaw: Cursed
The curse Jackie carries is passed on from father to son and has been since time immemorial. Should Jackie ever father a son, he will die at conception and his power will lay dormant in the child until it's 21st birthday. So? he's nervous about getting laid, to say the least.

Flaw: Light
The Darkness has one giant predictable flaw. The light. While a chemical light, a flash light, or a torch don't produce enough light to really destroy the Darkness, halogen lamps, well powered street lights, indoor lighting, and of course the sun produce enough light to disrupt any constructs or Darklings Jackie could create. Any Darkness power entering a powerful light source instantly turns to dust and vanishes.

Flaw: The Angelus
The Angelus is the female host of the force of creation, she is the avatar of that force which first came along and filled the void that is the Darkness. There are no two things more fundamentally at odds with one another then the Angelus and the Darkness. She hunts Jackie like prey, and should she fall, her offspring will hunt him. There is no escape.

Flaw: The Brotherhood
There is a cult of fanatical militants, The Brotherhood of the Darkness, who believe the Darkness can be harnessed and controlled, this fellowship will stop at no lengths to capture and contain Jackie in an attempt to remove the Darkness from him so that they can take it upon themselves. They are power hungry, mad, fervent in their desire... and well funded and equipped with excellent assassins and trained killers, their reach extends into many facets of society granting them great political and legal power as well.

Flaw: The Darkness
The Darkness is powerful, useful, but ultimately it's a curse. It is the nothingness from whence all creation sprang and filled. It desires nothing so much as to return to that nothing, to be the empty void it once was. It is trapped inside Jackie, taking every opportunity to claw it's way out. It tempts and whispers in his mind, constantly trying to gain an edge, and only his iron will keeps it in check. It allows him no peace, no solace, and never will.


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