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The Invisible Girl
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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5
Acting 3 Force Field - Flight 5 Force Field - Lift 5
Combat 3 Force Field Shapes 4 Invisibility 7
Force Fields 4 Force Field - Smash 5
Costume Finances Fame
Fantastic Four
Emotional Overexertion Empathy
Name: Susan Storm Susan Storm was in that shuttle incident two or three years ago, and there hasn't been a dull moment since.
Position: The Ultimate Wallflower
Team: N/A
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Race: Modified Human
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Taylor Swift
Alts: Huntress, Pepper Potts
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Music: N/A
Quote: "The good thing about being invisible, I can't tell when I'm having a bad hair day."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Susan Storm Revealed

Interview by Dharma Parvati

From her humble beginnings in Glenville on Long Island to the recently remodeled Baxter Building here in Manhattan, Susan Storm -- also known as Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman -- has proven herself to be not just a heroine but a strong, independent woman who has quite literally rebuilt her life from nothing starting on the fateful shuttle flight with her fellow team members Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and brother Johnny Storm.

DP: So Sue... may we call you that? Thanks. So Sue, tell us about your child hood. [Sue cringes very slightly.] SS:Oh. Well, it was pretty average for the most part, I guess." (Sources tell us that her mother was killed by a drunk driver when Sue was 10, and she and her brother John were sent to live with an aunt after her father was institutionalized for mental illness.)

DP: And where did you go to college? What did you study? SS: I took about a year's worth of courses at UCLA -- acting mostly -- but then Johnny and I went on that shuttle flight. I ... kind of really haven't had much time since then to try going back to college.

DP: Next: Who was your first crush? [Sue smiles at this question, glancing away from the interviewer.] SS: Reed. He was a Sophmore at Columbia at the time... I was only twelve and COMPLETELY invisible to him. Not like now, no. In that 'sweet kid whose aunt is my landlady' kind of way.

DP: Why did you go to California? SS: Reed's, um, why I originally chose to go to UCLA -- he was working in their science department on a grant. I tried to get into modelling -- got told I was too short and too fat, can you believe that? -- and then acting, but then, you know, the shuttle flight happened.

DP: Do you regret going on the space flight? [Sue leans back in her chair for a moment, clearly thinking back to that fateful day the shuttle took flight.] SS: Do I regret it? Well, that's kind of a double-edged question. I mean, I could regret the fact that I didn't get to finish college, that Johnny got stuck in it just like I did, heck, I could regret that I don't have a so-called normal life anymore. But really, what good would that do me? It happened, and I'm taking it day by day, making the best I can of the cards I've been dealt. [Sue laughs lightly at this point.] Really, the thing that hardest about it, though? Those first few days -- weeks, even -- when I'd nearly have a panic attack because I couldn't see my own reflection. Imagine having the worst hair day of your life, and not being able to tell. COMPLETE nightmare...but totally liberating at the same time. Well, until I was visible again and could tell how bad my hair had gotten.

DP: anything interesting about you our readers should know? SS:Something interesting. Not really. Pretty much ever since that shuttle flight, my life has been an open book. And of course, with Johnny getting into the tabloids every now and again, there's no way I could have a private life even if I desperately wanted one.


Power: Invisibility (7)

Her control has refined considerably since the accident, and she's now able to make herself, her clothing and the other occasional small object right next to her (in the range of her personal force field) become invisible with ease. Scale: N/A Range:N/A Area:Self to the outer range of her personal force field Limits:Characters with enhanced or other-than-normal senses would detect a dome-like shape instead of her normal human form.

Power: Force Fields (4)
Testing her growing abilities has proven that Sue can maintain a single facet of her force field power for about ten hours before tiring. If she really concentrates, she can push it to twelve hours, but that leaves her exhausted to the point of fainting. She also recently realized she can use more than one field power at the same time, but splitting her concentration drastically shortens how long she can maintain the effects -- basically her concentration time is at best three hours when she's using multiple fields simultaneously. The following subsets of this Force Field power explain some of the 'tricks' she's figured out thus far.

Personal Force Field - The force field lands at an ovoid dome about 12 inches out from Susan's body, and is strong enough to withstand up to eighty tons of force, regardless of whether that force is kinetic or static (effective Toughness 7).

Remote Force Field - Similar to her personal field, though, obviously, created remotely. Sue can't create them farther than about twenty-five feet from herself, and only up to about ten feet in diameter. Exceeding either limit makes them quickly degrade in usability. She can place one of these shield 'bubbles' over a portion of someone's body (such as for under water operations, or to deny air), though it would only have as much oxygen as that volume of air normally contains.

Power: Force Field Lift (5)
In her attempts to reshape her force shields, Sue figured out how to make a flat plane of force instead of a sphere. Her first attempts were perependicular to the floor and she found that she could use them to push objects like furniture around. She was still working up how much force she could exert this way when a brilliant idea struck her. She turned the flat force plane parallel to the floor and stepped onto it. And hovered! Time and practice (and trial and error) will eventually grant her the ability to lift objects weighing as much as seventy tons. She's also started working on using the force disc to catch someone as they're falling. Her aim and timing are still not quite perfect, but she's successfully managed to catch fair-sized objects more often than not in practice sessions. And interestingly, when doing this the disc has no trouble at all supporting several hundred pounds in weight, and after testing the disc's capacity limits, should easily 'catch' objects up to about eighty tons in weight. She's still working on making this disc a soft surface to land on, as currently it's kind of like belly-flopping into a swimming pool from about six feet up.

Power: Force Field Flight (5)
After figuring out that she could lift and catch things with her force fields, Sue started working on other applications of her force fields set into motion. She figured out quickly enough that she can propel her own personal force field at an extreme rate -- the fastest she's been clocked at thus far is about 250 miles per hour, though she'll eventually be able to reach speeds upwards of 750 miles per hour -- just shy of hitting mach 1. She's more cautious of the really high speeds when her force field is carrying others besides just her, so she's not tried to push it much past 85 miles per hour.

Power: Force Field Shapes (4)
The newest thing Sue has figured out about her force fields is the ability to shape them into more than spheres or flat planes. She can make simple, non-mechanical shapes (nothing that requires moving parts) to protect specific items or fulfill a purpose. Ladders, bridges, slides, anvils, bowls, and the like will all be possible eventually, and would all retain the same strength and protective capabilities as her original force fields. Currently, though, she's not gone much past cubes and rectangular boxes.

Power: Force Field Smash (5)
Taking a cue from a movie she saw, Sue started working on a way to narrow a force sphere into something small enough that she could 'throw' it at others with great force. The golfball-sized kinetic bolts she devised present as seemingly solid pieces of the same energy as her force fields, and when 'thrown' can hit objects with up to seventy five tons of force, though she's currently only been able to manage about a tenth of that. She and Ben once had a 'clobbering' contest with some old concrete needing to be broken down for recycling, and they agreed to call it a tie. The farthest she's been able to 'throw' one so far has been the length of a soccer field (about 325 feet), though she immediately loses track of the invisible projectile and it pops like a soap bubble if it goes out of her line of sight.

Skill: Acting (3)
Sue relocated to California following Reed, but she enrolled in acting classes in college. She's by no means the next Oscar nominee, but she can put on enough of an act to temporarily distract an enemy, or maybe sweet talk Reed into not making rash or hasty decisions, or put on a brave face in front of a bunch of innocents under her protection.

Skill: Combat (3)
Just as Sue taught Johnny how to drive, how to be polite to ladies, and how to not let this enormous change in their lives change who he is, he taught her a few important things in return. Basic self defense, more than a smattering of Tae Kwon Do, and how to properly throw a punch. She's not a blackbelt in any sense of the term, but she can hold her own in most melee situations -- mostly because her force field absorbs any punches that should hit her.


Advantage: Costume

The Fantastic Four's trademark blue costumes are made from a unique fabric known as "Unstable Molecule Fabric". The costumes are all but indestructable (though doesn't stop much kinetic energy from getting through to). It takes a large-output explosion to rip or otherwise damage the suit.

Advantage: Fame
Susan Storm, aka, the Invisible Girl, is not just publicly known, she's WELL known. She is regularly stopped on the street by other pedestrians asking for her autograph and the like as if she were a movie star or popular musician. She tries to be kind and gracious about it, but sometimes it's just easier to get from point A to point B invisible.

Advantage: Fantastic Four
Ever since that life-changing shuttle flight, Sue and the others have been inseparable, Ben and Reed having become part of Sue's family -- in her own mind, at least. She'd be willing to help them with just about anything if they ask, exactly as she's always done for Johnny. Likewise, she trusts all three men to be willing to drop whatever they're doing to help her out. Well... she'd expect some grousing from Johnny, but that's what little brothers are for.

Advantage: Finances
Because of her affiliation with the Fantastic Four, Sue has enough financial stability to not have to hold a job in order to keep the bills paid.


Flaw: Emotional

People would say that it's because she's female. But really, it's just Sue. Normally that wouldn't be much of a problem, but nothing about Sue's life has been normal since that shuttle flight. She tries to keep an even keel, but she's as human as the next person. Most of the time this simply results in her locking herself in her room after a fight and letting it all out with a good cry. Particularly bad fights don't give her that chance, though, and she has very occasionally broken down at the worst possible time. When this does happen, she either lets her anger get the best of her and goes berzerker (which kind of looks like a kitten flailing at a rottweiler) or she simply hits a crying jag she can't stop regardless of what's going on around her.

Flaw: Empathy
Susan's empathy, while being one of the reasons she continues to fight with the Four, is also a serious Achilles' heel. A particularly crafty evil-doer could quickly figure out that her main focus is the safety of others and intentionally put innocents at risk to draw her out and put her in a vulnerable position. Even if she KNEW that a situation was a trap designed to lure her in, her need protect those innocents would demand that she at least try to help them. As the Wolf that ate Grandma said in the story Little Red Riding Hood, "All the better to EAT YOU WITH!"

Flaw: Family
Every hero knows that anyone close to them can be a considered a liability. Sue has at least three liabilities: Johnny, Ben, and Reed. Going a bit further afield, her aunt is also someone that could be used against her if an enemy were determined. She has already done everything she can to try and insulate her aunt from anything related to the Four, but one can never be sure if she was one hundred percent successful. And the rest of the Four? Well, they put themselves out there every day to keep 'normal' people safe. She just has to do everything she can to keep them safe herself.

Flaw: Overexertion
Since she started discovering the various new things her powers are capable of, Susan has been pushing herself more and more to hone those powers and master her control over them. Typically, this only happens when she's safely in a controlled environment and the repercussions are rarely more than a nosebleed or the equivalent of an ice cream headache. However, in a dangerous real-life situation, if she maintains a power for too long or tries to concentrate on too many facets at the same time, she could faint from the strain or worse.


The Invisible Girl Logs