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The Outsiders are a ragtag collection of heroes, antiheroes, and outcasts, all with two things in common: their desire to do good, and their difficulties fitting in with the larger heroic scene. They've come together to enable themselves to face some of the larger, more dangerous threats that the world faces today, trusting each other when few others are willing to take a chance on them.

Often irreverent but rarely unlawful, the Outsiders take all comers as long as they can muster up some good will toward others and are willing to take whatever action is necessary to save the day when the chips are down. Some are already affiliated with other more traditional hero groups and some are lone wolves who could use the benefit of a pack from time to time.

When other hero organizations and the law enforcement agencies of the world find their hands tied, turn their attention elsewhere, or simply can't take the time to handle the small stuff that still leaves a big mark on the little people, the Outsiders are there.

IC Head: Cannonball
Headquarters: A top-secret retrofitted old missile silo somewhere between Gotham City and New York City, aka The Den.

OOC Head: Spider-Girl
SIGN-UPS: Drop Spider-Girl a line OOC. Plotting can ensue!

<OOC> Cannonball says, "This is a typical OUT scene, isn't it? *pose* *page of OOC racket* *pose* *page of trash talk* *pose*"
<OOC> Spider-Girl says, "Yes."


Outsiders-Aura75 Polarize Your Aura
Real Name: Lindsay Wah
Position: Member
Race: Metahuman
Role: Sass, Z-Formation Snaps, Hotter Than Magneto
Joined: Oct. 2, 2012
No one knows where she's actually from, or who she really is, or why sometimes she's decent and sometimes she's a control-tower-sized flaming PHB with a Cordelia Chase side salad. No one knows if her hair is actually purple, or dyed. No one knows why she still thinks underboob is a good idea.

No one knows she really doesn't have any other friends.

Quote: «OOC» Aura LAWL. Solemnly hands Spoiler a knife and fork. For the FOOT SALAD with FAT-FREE FOOT DRESSING!

Other Affiliations: The Rave

Outsiders cb 75b The Unstoppable Cannonball
Real Name: Samuel Z. Guthrie
Position: Member
Race: Mutant
Role: Medic, Older Brother, Bomb
Joined: Aug. 16, 2012
In one of his lives, Cannonball is a member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier Institute. In the life he just left, he's got his EMT training and works as a volunteer firefighter. And then there's the life in his dreams where it all merges and he doesn't have to keep any secrets and he can just do what it is he does best all day long. Maybe the Outsiders is where he'll find it.

Quote: Who are we? We'd be the cavalry.

Other Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute

Outsiders dj Mix Master DJ
Real Name: Mark Sheppard
Position: Member
Race: Mutant
Role: Mood Music, Swag
Joined: Oct. 11, 2012
A lover of music and women, Mark Sheppard has fallen in with a group that allows him to be himself on all cylinders. Providing style, music and more connections than may be thought in the first place, the performance guru known as DJ is more than willing to rock whatever house needs to be rocked. He believes that the Outsiders need to fight. For their right. To parrrrrrrrrrtaaaaaaay!


Other Affiliations: Decepticonz

Doomba 75 Future Overlord Doomba
Real Name: Maintenance Bot #1079
Position: Support
Race: Robot
Role: Housekeeping, Genocide
Joined: November 20, 2012
The Doomba was a slightly wonky maintenance bot whose path took another turn when it encountered Spoiler, the one who showed it its true potential... in other words, she turned it into a maniacal sociopath. And everyone is so glad she did.


Other Affiliations: League of Sociopathic Robots, Silo Maintenance Bot Nest

Outsiders-Gambit-75px The Ragin' Cajun Gambit
Real Name: Remy LeBeau
Position: Member
Race: Mutant
Role: Voice of Experience, Thievin' Expert
Joined: Sept. 4, 2012
Pure Cajun Heat. Always on the move, constantly in search of the next big score, and never afraid of anything but boredom. Always has another card up his sleeve. Somehow, Gambit manages to survive the mean streets without being mean-spirited. Strangely generous, highly elusive, and often relentless.

Quote: Remember, mon ami... Winning isn't everyt'ing, it's de only t'ing.

Other Affiliations: Underworld

Outsiders rain 75 Make It Rain
Real Name: Winter Silverwolf Moontree
Position: Member
Race: Homo Magi
Role: Healer, Kitten Wrangler
Joined: November 20, 2012
(100 words or so about your character.)

Quote: (A quote of your choice.)

Other Affiliations: (leave blank or use n/a if you prefer)

Outsiders sg 75 The Spectacular Spider-Girl
Real Name: Anya Corazon
Position: Member
Race: Mutate
Role: Sanity Checks, Instagram
Joined: Aug. 16, 2012
Spider-Girl has been an active hero for several years, both as Spider-Girl and, previously, Araña. The Outsiders mark her first time joining a team, however, and naturally she has wound up with a rather atypical group of people to surround herself with.

Other Affiliations: Her Twitter faithful

Outsiders sb 75 Suburban Vigilante Spoiler
Real Name: Stephanie Brown
Position: Member
Race: Human
Role: Game Changer, Meddling Kid
Joined: August 21, 2012
Though she started life as Spoiler to put a stop to her father's criminal ways as The Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown has found satisfaction, bruises, and occasionally happiness in the process. She's a budding hero and a future star on the justice-delivery and *ss-kicking scenes.

Quote: Dear Diary, I know what my next science project is going to be called: "My love/hate relationship with Gravity."

Other Affiliations: Birds of Prey

Outsiders-X23-75 Obligatory Snikt X-23
Real Name: Laura Kinney
Position: Member
Race: Mutant
Role: Stab'um Powers, Odd Questions
Joined: Aug. 16, 2012
An experiment that succeeded where all others before her failed, Laura Kinney is doing far better at being human than those who run the program that created her. While she is capable of doing what must be done, she is learning to do what is right for herself.

Quote: I want to make my own life. Before someone else makes it for me. Again.

Other Affiliations:

Outsiders-Zen-75 Intergalactic Ninja Zen
Real Name: Zen
Position: Member
Race: Alien
Role: Telepathic Ninja from OUTER SPACE
Joined: Sept. 4, 2012
Failed experiment, brilliant ninja, intergalactic bounty hunter, ersatz hero. Zen is a tourist in the land of being human and a folk hero in the making for the people of New York City. His enthusiasm for life and all things mundane can be as much of a shock to the system as his awesome photon staff.

Quote: Blue is always the right choice.

Other Affiliations:



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