Villain Gotham
The Riddler
Riddler Edward Nigma
Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 1
Perception: 6 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 3
Apophenia 7 Arsenal 4 Cane 2
Enigmatologist 8 Escapologist 4 Logical Mind 6
Eidetic Memory Henchmen Hideout
Polymath Wealth
Insane Insecure Obsessive-Compulsive
Name: Edward Nigma As the Riddler, Edward Nigma has dedicated himself to a life of crime. His obsession with puzzles and riddles has led him to try his monumental intellect against every comer.

He considers Batman the only worthy opponent to his schemes, and has - despite many conflicting rumors - established a reputation as a villainous mastermind capable of outwitting nearly all who come against him.

Position: Criminal Mastermind
Team: N/A
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Brent Spiner
Alts: N/A
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: "Riddle me this..."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born Eddie Nashton, Nigma was, by all accounts, a model child until one fateful day, when his teacher holds a contest over who can solve a given puzzle the quickest. Young Eddie, craving the recognition afforded by winning, snuck into his teacher's room the night before the contest and practiced solving the puzzle until his eyes crossed. The next day, he won, and obtained a book of riddles for his trouble. This would prove fateful, as it led to Eddie's infatuation with and mastery of all things puzzling. As he grew, he learned more, and was for a time employed at a carnival, where he made a practice of easily cheating fairgoers from their money.

However, for a man of his intellect, this was not enough of a challenge. When Batman came to rise in Gotham, Nashton recognised the potential arrival of a worthy adversary, and adopted both a new name and identity as the Riddler. His assumptions about Batman proved true, as time and time again he would clash with the Caped Crusader and frequently lose, much to his irritation.

This only caused him to redouble his efforts, however, and he established himself as one of the foremost criminal masterminds within Gotham City; while not the most combat-savvy of villains, he found himself able to outplot nearly every one of his erstwhile colleagues, and his skill as an escapologist enabled him to remain at large regardless of attempts to hold him within Arkham. Ever seeking the thrill of a good challenge, he has continued to arrange dastardly crimes and sundry death-traps, heralded by his signature riddles and awaiting the day that his cleverness will finally bring low the Batman.


Skill: Apophenia (7)

The Riddler possesses a remarkable ability to notice connections between seemingly unrelated or discrete points of data, utilizing his eidetic memory and keen perception to recognize the most well-hidden trails.

Gear: Arsenal (4)
The Riddler's arsenal is as varied as his puzzles, dazzling in variety but rarely phenomenally powerful. Though their functions may vary, they always cleave to his favored 'puzzle' motif. Such weapons include: question mark-shaped pistols, exploding jigsaw pieces, crossword puzzle nets.

Gear: Cane (2)
Though he isn't much of a combatant by any stretch, Nigma makes a point to always carry with him his signature brass cane, handle styled into an elaborate question mark. While effective as a rudimentary bludgeon, the cane usually contains a technological oddity or two to suit the Riddler's needs at the time, including (but not limited to): electric shock generator, hologram projector, security bypass tool.

Skill: Enigmatologist (8)
Frankly, it's what he does. Edward Nigma's obsession with riddles and puzzles of all sorts has led him to become an unparalleled expert at constructing and deconstructing baffling conundrums of all varieties, from the more common verbal riddle to physical items and, on frequent occasions, elaborate death-traps.

Skill: Escapologist (4)
An avid fan of the late Harry Houdini since childhood, Nigma is quite adept at getting himself out of nearly any situation, as evidenced by his ability to elude permanent incarceration time and time again. This skill also finds use when he constructs his elaborate traps; by knowing how to escape, he is also aware of how to prevent escape.

Skill: Logical Mind (6)
Stemming from his expertise in all things baffling, the Riddler is astoundingly astute in matters which require logical reasoning; he has been known to exhibit feats of deductive, inductive, and abductive logic that rival even the Batman's prowess as a detective.


Advantage: Eidetic Memory

If one thing can be said for the Riddler, it's that he prizes his attention to detail, strictly due to this. Should he see something, he can recount it with almost unerring accuracy.

Advantage: Henchmen
A good villain is nothing without his henchmen, and the Riddler is no exception. He has a variety of gentlemen (and, often, ladies) at his disposal, often present to provide in the way of artillery or heavy lifting.

Advantage: Hideout
Though not always in the same place, the Riddler's penchant for creature comforts leads him to always have a secret abode tucked away somewhere in Gotham City, which serves as both residence and war-room for his capers.

Advantage: Polymath
Nigma, though self-taught, has achieved mastery in multiple fields, electing to use his knowledge and expertise to further his own plans. The most notable of these fields are engineering, chemistry, and technology.

Advantage: Wealth
Owing to his rather extensive history of crime and burglary, Nigma has amassed a considerable personal fortune, which he draws upon as needed to further his nefarious aims.


Flaw: Insane

Between his compulsion to leave riddles and his insatiable need to prove his superiority, the Riddler's mind has become slightly unbalanced. He views the world at a slant; everything is a riddle, testing him, taunting him.

Flaw: Insecure
Faced with ridicule for much of his young life, Nigma now makes a living through which he consistently desires to prove his superior intelligence against all foes, time and time again. This, naturally, only makes it all the more painful when he faces defeat, as he views it as a personal affront to his considerable intellect.

Flaw: Obsessive-Compulsive
The Riddler's fascination with riddles and puzzles is more than a passing fancy - he is compelled to leave cryptic hints about his plots, whether he consciously desires to or not.


The Riddler Logs

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