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The Tick

Quote-open.png "SPOOOOOOOOOOOOON!"
"They can't destroy the Earth! THAT'S WHERE I KEEP ALL MY STUFF!"


Sometimes, the Big Apple gets wormy. Wormy with Injustice. And when that Wormy Injustice Worm starts to dig deep, deep down into the core of The City, there's only one set of big, shiny teeth that you need to call on. For The Tick is the Jaw of Justice, and he will BITE that apple SO HARD, even though it's wormy and slimy and gross, because he hates evil SO MUCH that he's willing to eat worms. WORMS, PEOPLE! EWWWW! But that's just the kind of hero The Tick is. Nigh invulnerable, super-strong, able to leap large...alleys in a single bound. And willing to eat wormy apples of evil just to keep you safe. Sleep soundly, citizens! The Tick is on the case!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Nigh Invulnerable: 9 Strong: 7

Abilities: Skill

Crime Busting: 5, Flabbergasting, Improvised Weapon: 5, Tussling: 5

Abilities: Stuff

The Apartment

Abilities: Tech


Advantages: Pure of Heart Unpredictable

Flaws: Amnesia, Delusional, Dumb, Gullible, Melodramatic, Vulnerabilities, Weirdo


 Unapproved: English


Power: Nigh Invulnerable (9)

It's virtually impossible to injure the tick. 'Hurt' is a loaded word, because the Tick gets hurt all the time. He feels pain, absolutely, but he rarely suffers actual injury. Whatever gives The Tick his powers renders him cartoonishly resistant to injury. Bullets flatten against his chest, fire skates off the surface of him. Entire buildings can (and have) fallen on him and he's pulled himself out, dazed and shaken and often in need of an entire bottle of aspirin, but alive and mostly unscathed. At worst, he gets knocked out for a while, although he does occasionally wake up in the hospital after a short coma (usually with memory gaps). He's also quite capable of being overwhelmed with pain (that's the Nigh part of the Invulnerable, thing. He always survives, but he feels most of the pain). He is, however, completely prone to poisons and chemicals, whether ingested or inhaled. If anything, his metabolism seems less tolerant of these things than normal people (he gets drunk after only one beer, too).

Power: Strong (7)

The Tick claims he has the proportional strength of a tick. It is important to note that The Tick has no actual scientific knowledge about how strong ticks are, proportionally or in actuality. Nonetheless, The Tick is extremely strong. He can throw a car the length of several city blocks, bust through a concrete streets with a double-fisted blow of his...fists, and leap really, really high. Like, skyscraper high. He might not be able to aim or land that well, mind you, but it would be a really long, high jump.

Skill: Crime Busting (5)

The Tick is actually pretty good at fighting crime. He responds quickly to sirens and can usually trace them back to their source. While easily distracted from most things, he actually does pay attention when he's on patrol, and often catches crimes other people might miss. He might overreact to those crimes, but he's still really good at picking the right spot and really getting in there and giving crime a nice, serious scrubbing. He also knows most basic police techniques, enabling him to find clues that other, brighter people might use to solve things. He's like a really good, well-trained police dog.

Skill: Flabbergasting

Not so much a skill as a side effect, Tick has the simple ability to overwhelm someone with the sheer strangeness that is The Tick. In a world that often seems rational, Tick is a reminder of the surreal, strange and even comical nature of guys in their underwear (and/or suits of armor, loincloths, animal costume of choice) to battle evil people doing the exact same thing. His tendency to spout nonsense or behave oddly can simply leave people staring at him, giving him the ability to get away with things or surprise people by the simple fact that they don't know what the hell he is or what he's doing. People often feel like they're being pranked when the Tick is around. Sadly for them, he's all too real.

Skill: Improvised Weapon (5)

Tick is particularly skilled at fighting with improvised weapons, the larger and bulkier the better. While he wouldn't know what to do with a gun or a ninja sword, he's quite formidable when armed with a couch, a dumpster or a 1983 Plymouth. He's skilled at both swinging these weapons for melee and throwing them relatively accurately at a distance. To Tick, just about anything he can grab and swing qualifies as a weapon.

Skill: Tussling (5)

Alternately known as "scuffling", "wrasslin'", "brawling" or just straight up fighting, Tick is a pretty good tussler. His technique is a bit off-kilter and is anything but technical, but it's a surprisingly effective fighting style based largely on the principal of punching the other guy right in the nose. Throw in his raw physical power and the unpredictability factor that comes from being totally nuts, and he can handle himself pretty well in a fight.

Stuff: The Apartment

The Tick has a modest sized two bedroom apartment, pre-furnished, in a relatively bad neighborhood of Metropolis. In exchange for scaring off some of the local toughs and keeping the place relatively safe-ish, the Tick is provided with room and board (the owner has a diner downstairs and gives him free meals). This particular arrangement works out well for the Tick, since the odds of him holding down a regular job are somewhere around...well, he's not very good at math, but they're not good. Anyway, Justice is a full time job.

Tech: Pockets

The Tick's costume has pockets. Since he doesn't think of it as a costume, he finds this fact...disturbing. Nonetheless, he's always finding things in there: gum, paper clips, small bundles of cash, TV remote controls, car keys (even though he doesn't have a car). One of his doctors had a theory that there was some sort of small reality filter in the pockets, catching other people's lost things and depositing them in the Tick's 'pants'. It's never anything of much value (the cash is never more than maybe a hundred bucks in twenties, and that's pretty rare), but it's often something useful (twine, for example. You can always use twine). The pockets are obviously pocket sized and won't fit anything that wouldn't normally fit in a pocket, nor does he ever get anything destructive or 'super'.


Advantage: Pure of Heart

The Tick is an innocent, a person of essentially pure good. While he can lose his temper or make mistakes, sure (SO MANY MISTAKES), he always means well and is generally as sweet and innocent as a thirty-something man wearing a giant bug outfit could possibly be. In any test of nobility, purity, good intent or things of that nature, he will pass with flying colors. This innocence also makes him particularly good with animals, both wild and domestic, who tend to see the Tick as harmless, befriending him easily.

Advantage: Unpredictable

The Tick's insanity and low level of intelligence combine to make him not always particularly formidable. One of their best side effects, however, is his sheer unpredictability. The Tick behaves according to his own rules and logic, following no one's blueprint of reality. His fighting style is quirky, to say the least, and often uses as many moves from the Marx Brothers as Bruce Lee (mostly Harpo, although he does toss in a little Chico now and then for flavor). His chaotic nature gives him an advantage in fights that he would normally lose (although he still loses a lot anyway).


Flaw: Amnesia

The Tick has no idea of his origins. He doesn't know where he came from, how he got his abilities, or anything of life before waking up in an insane asylum on the outskirts of the city. He might have enemies or handlers looking for him, wanting his head. He could be a refugee from an alien world or a science experiment gone horribly awry. He could be a tick that was bitten a a radioactive human. Whatever the first, vast portion of his life looked like, it's a total blank to The Tick. Sometimes, he thinks he remembers things, imagines adventures with outlandish villains and strange allies, but those memories seem to be just part of his delusion, of this identity he's created for himself. Or maybe they really are of another world. BUt even those memories don't go back very far (and have a tendency to come and go and not make any sense to begin with, belonging more precisely to the world of his delusions). The Tick is a mystery and he's no Sherlock.

Flaw: Delusional

The Tick believes, quite simply, that he is the Greatest Superhero in the World. He assumes everyone has heard of him, that villains cower in terror before him. His psychiatrists believed that Tick created this world and identity as a way to make himself feel safe and protected and untouchable, theorizing it as a response to severe abuse. He has an entire litany of adventures that exist only in his mind (at least seemingly - perhaps he's from another world!). While he's grown quite good at deflecting reality from impinging on his delusions, any actual threat or break in his delusional worldview would be utterly shattering to him, causing him to revert to a catatonic fantasy state, completely divorced from the outside world.

Flaw: Dumb

The Tick just isn't very bright. He tries, really hard. He's enthusiastic, wants to learn and is at least smart enough to operate in basic ways. But his mindset and intellect are most comparable to that of about a slightly below average ten year old child (although one of his doctors once described him as a "precocious Labrador retriever", but he was being mean. Jerk.) He's easily tricked, distracted and generally played upon by people who are smarter than him, which is just about everyone. He has a tendency to believe most things he's told and to take things very, very literally.

Flaw: Gullible

Goes hand in hand with being dumb, but it bears both repetition and specificity: The Tick is a sucker. He believes most things he's told. He himself never lies and he expects other people would do the same. Unless he knows someone to specifically be a villain or bad guy, he will assume that they are good and will trust most anything they tell him.

Flaw: Melodramatic

The Tick operates in a world of constant hyperbole. Every battle is a Battle for the Fate of Humanity. Every opponent, from a street mugger to a time-travelling despot, is part of the Forces of Evil. As a result, The Tick does everything melodramatically. The most common negative effect of this is the Monologue. Before laying into an enemy or engaging in a battle, the Tick has a tendency to go on a long-winded and theatrical speech detailing their crimes, his prowess and the amount of Justice he's going to pounding into their Naughty, Naughty Bottoms before all is said and done. Of course, evildoers don't always just stand around and listen while he talks, sometimes escaping while he's caught up in his fervor, or sometimes attacking. It's just not the most efficient trait to have in a crimefighter.

Flaw: Vulnerabilities

The Tick is vulnerable to chemical or poisonous attack, whether it be by inhalation, ingestion or absorbed by skin. He's extremely vulnerable to psychic attack and his fractured psyche is notoriously weak and easily manipulated/battered around. Also, while he is nigh invulnerable, the 'nigh' part is that Tick still feels most of the pain he would have received from injuries. Thus, being hit with things hurts quite a bit and can be very debilitating for long periods of time. While he can shake off most forms of blows or harm in a matter of seconds, blows of extreme superhuman power, strong explosions and other upper level physical attacks can stun him or knock him unconscious. He's also extraordinarily prone to temporary bouts of amnesia (on top of the permanent one he has).

Flaw: Weirdo

The Tick is a weirdo. He stands out in a crowd, because he's seven feet tall, massively muscles and is constantly wearing a big, blue insect costume (which he doesn't quite realize is a costume). He's also clinically insane by about a dozen definitions. While he sometimes puts on disguises (usually a trenchcoat or a fake mustache), they wouldn't fool a five year old. And, while some people find Tick amusing or charming or funny, others find him terrifying, creepy or just too bizarre to tolerate.



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