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Quote-open "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posess the power of... Thor." Quote-close

Thor Odinson is the Norse God of Thunder. He is Odin's first born son, sworn to protect the inhabitants of Midgard from danger, and has been known to spend a great deal of time with The Avengers. He carries the hammer Mjolnir whose inscription reads:

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posess the power of... Thor."


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Earth Control: 6, Flight: 7, Lightning: 7, Madness: 2, Regeneration: 2, Resurrection, Storm Control: 8, Super Strength: 8, Toughness: 9, Warrior's Grace: 5

Abilities: Skill

Melee Combat: 5/9

Advantages: All-Tongue, God Sense, Long Lived, Mjölnir, Norse Runes, Transcendance

Flaws: Functional Illiteracy, Long-Lived, Madness, Mjölnir

Languages: An ability allows Thor to comprehend all languages.


Power: Earth Control (6)

MJOLNIR: See ADVANTAGE and FLAW: MJOLNIR for more information.

As the son of Jord, the Goddess of the Earth, Thor has control over his mother's domain by way of birthright. Lacking his mother's finesse, the God of Thunder is a blunt force with his power, able only to cause the ground to rumble and shake, creating localized earthquakes and fissures.

Power: Flight (7)

MJOLNIR: See ADVANTAGE and FLAW: Mjolnir for more information on when Thor is able to use this power.

Naturally, Thor is able to levitate himself at will. If he wishes to move, however, the Storm Lord must take control of the winds about him to move. Doing so requires an atmosphere thick enough for winds to blow, and with his weapon, Mjölnir, that Thor can truely achieve godlike powers of flight. With the hammer, Thor is able to propel himself to speeds near that of the lightning he controls.

Power: Lightning (7)

MJOLNIR: See ADVANTAGE and FLAW: MJOLNIR for more information.

        With his hammer in hand, Thor is able to control the weather and coll lightning down from the sky. Able to channel small bolts through the hammer during combat, Thor may oomf the damage, significant as it may already be, of his physical attack swing with electrical damage. Alternatively, he is able to charge his hammer, then redirect the brunt of the force toward a cone shaped area in front of him.

Power: Madness (2)

DRAWBACK: See FLAWS for lasting negative affects of using this power.

Though incredibly strong naturally, Thor is Odin's son with Odin's pretense for a temper. Called the Warrior's Madness, Thor can increase his strength and stamina by the amount of this power level for a limited time. At the end of the Madness, a level of fatigue sets in, which his regeneration can affect at half effeciency.

Power: Regeneration (2)

By birthright of Odin and Jord's magic, Thor heals from wounds much faster than even the stout Asgardians do.

Power: Resurrection

No Stat: This power is a story arc power only and can not be used in combat or at any other time except as dictated and allowed by an approved Story Teller, and thus requires a +request to staff for the purposes of a plot in order to be used.

        It is said that Thor can will a dead creature back to life. If it is because of his ties to the Valkyrie, his father Odin, or something within himself, Thor is able to bring one person back from death. It is a strain, and when emotions run high he may not be able to focus enough to successfully return someone, but the power lies within him.

Power: Storm Control (8)

MJOLNIR: See ADVANTAGE and FLAW MJOLNIR for more information.

        With his hammer in hand, Thor is able to control the weather. Lord of Storms, he is called, and so can summon a host of weather and wind effects. From gale force and hurricane force winds, to spinning cyclones and tornadoes, and even the coldest and bitterest of blizzards. Any storms thusly summoned, Thor maintains complete control of them, able to move, stall, increase, or dispell them at will. Remove the hammer from his grasp, and the storm unrivals itself within seconds.

Power: Super Strength (8)

Born of Odin, King of Asgard, and Jord known as Gaea, an aspect of the Earth, Thor is possessed of naturally greater than human strength. He's possessed of slightly above what is typical of aesir strength, owing to his bloodties to Midgard itself.

Power: Toughness (9)

As an aesir, Thor is naturally more durable than a human, and is unaffected by disease or illness as a human is. As Jord's son, Thor's slightly more durable than the average Asgardian, and with the enchant of the hammer flowing through him, he is truly a difficult creature to physically hurt.

Power: Warrior's Grace (5)

Thor has trained as a warrior and a fighter his whole life, which is considerably longer than the average human. As such, he's more fluid and graceful in his movement over all than one would expect from his large muscle-bound frame.

Skill: Melee Combat (5/9)

Double Stat: This power has two stats listed. The first stat is the level of the power without Mjölnir, and the second is with.

        A trained combatant, Thor is good with his bare hands, but put his favored weapon, a battle hammer, in them, and Thor becomes (pun intended) God-like.


Advantage: All-Tongue

By birthright as Jord's Child, son of the very Earth itself, Thor can speak with any human. He doesn't know any of Earth's languages himself (except for Ancient Norse which is less an Earth language and more a variant on his native tongue from Asgard), though he is aware of them, he doesn't speak them of his own volition. When he speaks, he is heard by humans (this includes mutants since they are technically humans) as speaking in the formal version of what ever is considered their native language in the moment. (The deaf will see his meaning, the nuisance of his words, in his body posture even if he doesn't actually sign anything.) For those truely bilingual, able to think fully in more than one language, it is up to the player to decide what language they hear. Likewise, regardless of the language spoken to him, Thor will always be able to understand the words that are being said. He may not understand the meaning fully, if there's slang or certain modern age colloquialisms, but he'll have no trouble communicating with any Earth human. Because this is a gift of Jord -- the Earth -- it does not extend to alien lifeforms not of Earth origins.

Advantage: God Sense

        As the divinely appointed Protector of Midgard, Thor is able to see all that rests within the realm of Earth. With focus and concentration, he can become aware of anyone on Earth needing help or off-Earth objects that are imposing an near-and-real danger to the planet that is his charge. The further from him the source of the danger is, however, the more time and focus it takes and often the less acqurate the information about the danger he will sense. Tricksters of a significant level could mislead the diety into detecting, and therefore acting upon, a false danger.

Advantage: Long Lived

        Thor is not immortal in the sense that he can not be killed. He is immortal in the sense that Thor ages as slowly as a galaxy now that he is in his prime, Thor feels nothing of the human fraility of temperature, hunger, thrist, pressure changes, sleep, or disease. He also has no need to breathe, but often does so to help prevent the humans with whom he often interacts from feelings off kilter about him. Thor is very long-lived without the weight of much of the human condition to add fraility to his form.

Advantage: Mjölnir

Mjölnir is a relic of Asgard which was enchanted by Odin. The enchantment placed upon it was Odin's attempt to teach his his the importance of humility and self-sacrifice before Thor is allowed to sit up on the Thorne of Asgard. Only the worthy may heft the hammer. With the hammer, Thor is able to focus and channel his powers, summon his armor to him regardless of where it is or what he is wearing (though once summon the armor can not be unsummoned and must be removed in a mundane fashion). The hammer can also be summoned by the weilder, moving at twice the speed a normal human can run.

Advantage: Norse Runes

        Being a God of Norse Myth and Legend, Thor is fluent in the written runic language of the Old Norse. It is entirely plausible, though not stated any where, that this is actually the written language of Asgard itself.

Advantage: Transcendance

        Thor is an extraplanar creature from Asgard. As such, with the aid of Odin's powers, and/or the Bifrost Bridge, Thor can move between the dimensions without harm. The potential is there for him to be able to Transcend dimensions without assistance, but thus far it either hasn't occurred to him or he hasn't felt the need.


Flaw: Functional Illiteracy

Being from Asgard, Thor is wholey unfamiliar with the writing systems of modern humans. Any of the current language's writing systems are completely foreign to him and thus he is unable to read or write in them.

Flaw: Long-Lived

In order to maintain his longevity, Thor must eat one full Golden Apple, created by the goddess Iddun. Being denied this boon for longer than a year on Midgard begins to affect Thor, and he quickly begins weakens to that of a normal human mortal. If left as a mortal for longer than a year and a day, the next sunrise could see him made mortal for good. None have yet seen this theory tested.

Flaw: Madness

Warrior's Madness is the most forbidden malady in Asgard by law of Odin. Any who fall under it must pay the penalty, only the most bitter sacrifice can atone for it. The Madness is just that and threatens Thor's sanity when used. Symptons include massive headaches, savagely erratic and animalistic behavior, savage, and an inability to think reasonably and rationally. This Madness is permanent until atoned for (Storyteller Discretion), and accummulates with each use.

Flaw: Mjölnir

Thor's hammer, the Asgardian relic Mjölnir, was enchanted by Thor's father, Odin-King, so that only the worthy may lift and weild the hammer. By the enchantment, all of Thor's powered abilities except for Madness, and Warrior's Grace, are tied to Mjölnir. Thor must remain vigiliant of himself, his deeds, his thoughts, and his actions. Should he ever fall out of grace with the enchantment that protects the hammer from use by the unworthy and the arrogantly prideful, Thor will also find himself unable to use the hammer, or his abilities.


Born of myth and legend, Thor is the son of the All Father, Odin, and the Goddess of Earth, Jord, known as Gaea by the Greeks. He lived much of his youth in Asgard, fighting giants and trolls and all manner of foul beasts. His life was the Fight. He and the Warriors Three fought every foe. He's visited Earth, the realm that has been decreed under his Protection, several times. The most notable of these is during the time of the Vikings, who worshiped him as their Thunder God, among other things. But now, as Earth again feels threatened, Thor has returned. What the threat is, he can't tell, but he'll be here when it surfaced. And when it does, he will fight it.


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