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Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne
Robin III (former)
Red Robin

Red Robin

Quote-open "Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation." - Max Euwe, Chess Grandmaster

"I'm not Batman. I have friends." - Tim Drake

"Hesitation... second guessing... self-pity... Leave them behind. They're death now. Use what you know. Remember what you learned. Be smart. Stay alive. Save the girl. Remember what Shiva taught you... what Ducard taught you. Remember how Dick moves so effortlessly. Remember Conner's own special "techniques." Remember what Bruce did. Use it all now. Win the next fight and the one after that before you get there. Remember everything your teachers gave you. Don't be any of them. Be all of them." - Tim Drake

A born detective, Tim Drake deduced Batman's secrets when only a boy, eventually gaining admittance into the secret world where his idol existed. Now, after years at Batman's side, Tim has come to a crossroads, where he is pondering a move away from his mentor and into the world of solo crime fighting. Tim is now Red Robin, not quite on his own, but left to his own devices, keeping to the teachings of Batman and playing the role of warrior, genius, detective, teammate and friend with equal skill.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Child Prodigy: 6, Resolute: 6, Rigorous Training: 3/4

Abilities: Skills

Athletics: 6, Bojutsu: 8, Computers: 7, Detective: 9, Driving: 6, Escapology: 7, Hand-To-Hand: 7, Ninjutsu: 6, Sciences: 6, Tactical Analysis: 8

Abilities: Gear

Redbike: 3, Redbird: 3, Uniform: 4, Utility Belt: 4

Advantages: Bunker, Contacts, Resources

Flaws: Batman, Rogues Gallery, Secret Identity

Languages: ASL, Cantonese, English, Farsi, German, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish


Attribute: Child Prodigy (6)

Tim Drake has always been intelligent above and beyond his years. At a young age, he was able to deduce Batman's true identity, hack advanced computer systems, and demonstrate various accumen with advanced sciences. He's always been the brains of the family, and it was for this trait that Batman first allowed Tim to take the mantle of Robin. His naturally high intellect allows him to excel in computer science and more importantly as a skilled detective. Further more, Tim apparently has a firm grasp of assorted scientific techniques including biology, engineering and genetics, even going so far as to demonstrate a knowledge of cloning. Batman states that Tim could potentially be smarter and better than himself.

Attribute: Resolute (6)

Tim Drake has been through the fires and faced down his greatest fears. During his tenure in the world of crimefighting, he has seen it all and then some. He's faced world wide threats, serial killers, and even the death of his own father at the hands of a supervillain. This has led him to develop stronger convictions and mental fortitude above and beyond what most young men his age are capable of. He will never give up, and he will endure. He knows that there's always an out.

Attribute: Rigorous Training (3/4)

Note: Tim has Strength and Toughness 3, and Agility of 4.

Tim has trained with Batman for most of his life, not to mention his training with other superheroes such as Nightwing, Superboy, and other members of the Young Justice League. He is peak physical condition, even exceeding Olympic level athletes. With a strict diet and training regimen, Tim has developed and maintained extreme toughness and agility, able to withstand and hold his own in fights even with super powered foes.

Gear: Redbike (3)

The Redbird II is a motorcycle custom-built from the ground up by Tim himself. It can outrun most other land vehicles even though it's heavily armored with several offensive and defensive systems hidden on the frame. A stealth mode allows it to operate in almost complete silence, and in camouflage mode it changes appearance to look like a common street bike.

Gear: Redbird (3)

The Redbird is Tim's car, a heavily-modified sports coupe that he has had in one form or another since his earliest days as Robin. It possesses gel-filled tires that are highly resistant to punctures and reinforced lightweight armor that easily deflects most kinds of small arms fire. The windows can also be polarized on command. It is easily capable of reaching high performance speeds with a nitrous booster when it needs an extra kick. The most unique feature, however, is its ability to transform from souped-up crime fighting mobile to a normal-looking (and, more importantly, street legal-looking) sports car with the press of a button.

Gear: Uniform (4)

A hybrid of his old Robin uniform coupled with the aesthetic of Batman's own, when Tim struck out on his own he put this new suit together for himself. The hood is equipped with lenses in the eyes that enable him to see in infrared, thermal and night vision as well as record everything he sees via remote video up-link for later review. The hood also houses an earpiece that allows for multi-band communication and eavesdropping on radio signals. His heads-up display allows him to link up with both the Bat-Computer and his personal systems, utilizing facial recognition to identify individuals and also providing him a means to peruse information on the move.

The suit itself is constructed of a Nomex and Kevlar weave, making it resistant to damage as well as partially fire-proof. The chest piece is actually a breastplate that has been more heavily armoured, allowing it to withstand grazing shots from firearms and to be unharmed by stabbing weapons without a great degree of strength behind them. The cape of his uniform is constructed from a memory fabric, enabling him to make it hold a pre-programmed shape by putting a mild electrical charge through it. This way he can glide for moderate distances.

Gear: Utility Belt (4)

Tim swaps out the gear on his belt depending on his current circumstances, though the basics of his load-out are: the grapple gun; multiple shuriken, smoke pellets, and flash-bang grenades; a PDA linked to his suit computer; a first aid kit; rebreather; tracers; a universal tool including lockpicks; and, of course, his collapsible staff.

Skills: Athletics (6)

Masked vigilantes don't take the subway. Part of getting around requires free-running across the rooftops of Gotham City, scaling buildings and swinging from decel lines. It also helps him when it comes to practicing his martial arts, enabling him to tumble, somersault and dodge out of the way of attacks. He'll never possess the natural talent of Dick Grayson or the diligently honed skill of Bruce Wayne, but he is certainly far beyond the average human being in this regard.

Skills: Bojutsu (8)

Tim has been described as one of the foremost practitioners of the bo-staff in the world, with potential to be the greatest to ever live. After adopting the weapon during his earliest days as Robin, Tim has studied it's usage under Bruce Wayne and Lady Shiva. Tim has even gone so far as to develop his technique on his own, cementing his position as a true expert of this fighting form.

Tim's style typically focuses on defense, taking on multiple armed or unarmed opponents at once. He treats the bo as an extension of his body, not only for defense but also for attack to give himself a greater range of movement. Though he has room to improve, there are few who could hope to match him with his chosen weapon.

Skills: Computers (7)

Tim excels with computers, having spent a great deal of his time behind one directing the flow of information and aiding his allies in the field. While is skill and knowledge does not match that of Barbara Gordon, Tim has a natural aptitude for all things electronic. He has hacked his way into even the most complex systems and nothing but Batman-level computer security is a match for him. His natural intelligence is an obvious boon in this regard, allowing him to pick up all manner of new systems quickly and with a great breadth of understanding.

Skills: Detective (9)

Tim displayed, even at a young age, the kind of mind that took Bruce Wayne many more years to develop. He is the "smart one" of the family, still not quite on par with his mentor but rapidly approaching the point where he may equal or even surpass him. As a child he was able to deduce the secret identities of Batman and Robin by piecing together the evidence, a skill he applied to discovering the identities of a number of other heroes.

In short, Tim is a superb detective with a great deal of skill and talent for solving all manner of mysteries. Under Batman, he has grown to a point where he is nearly his equal is more than capable of coming through with a solution to even the most complex, baffling mysteries. He is among the world's greatest minds in the fields of forensic psychology, chemistry, profiling and identification

Skills: Driving (6)

During his time as Robin, Tim was certified to fly or drive the plethora of vehicles that Batman has at his disposal. He is capable of deftly controlling high-powered jets and has been capable of driving a high performance road vehicle since his early teens. Not only is he capable of simply getting around in all sorts of weather conditions, he's also capable of the kind of stunt driving and flying necessary to navigate through the narrow streets of Gotham City. He's also had practice with all manner of boats, allowing him to pilot anything from a jetski to a catamaran.

Skills: Escapology (7)

No matter how talented Tim is when it comes to fighting and moving stealthily, sometimes people get the drop on him. When they do, most villains seek to tie him up and put him in some sort of elaborate death trap or at least gloat before they finish him off. Under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne, Tim has developed the skills in escapology to escape from all but the most durable and extravagant bindings. He knows how to pick most forms of handcuffs, how to untie complex knots and even how to dislocate joints safely when he must. This also extends to picking locks that aren't necessarily binding him, from simple lock and key locks to bypassing the electronics that control biometric and keycard security measures.

Skills: Hand-To-Hand (7)

Tim studied hand-to-hand combat at the feet of Bruce Wayne and later Lady Shiva, arguably the greatest martial artists in the world. After growing out of the mantle of Robin, Tim spent several months abroad studying under a number of different masters - including some of those who instructed Bruce. Through all this he has developed a keen understanding of the underlying principles and complexities of several martial styles, including Judo, Wing Chun, Taekwondo and Krav Maga.

Like other members of the Bat-Family, Tim has taken elements of all the styles he has learned and combined them into something uniquely his. His talent for identifying weaknesses has led to his form being dominated by quick, efficient takedowns designed to eliminate a threat swiftly. It is important to note, however, that Tim is still learning and his hand-to-hand skills pale in comparison to those of his mentor.

Skills: Ninjutsu (6)

Tim was required to become a master of 'unconventional warfare' early on, learning to move stealthily as well as overwhelm his opponents with theatricality and deception. He knows how to move silently and steal away into heavily guarded places without being seen and learned from Bruce Wayne the skill of leaving while people are speaking without them noticing. In short, if Tim doesn't want to be seen it takes a very observant or well-informed person to spot him.

Skills: Sciences (6)

Not all of Tim's training as Robin involved honing his body. Much of it also involved honing his mind. Tim is a student of all sciences, having been instructed in many of them by Bruce and pursued deeper understanding on his own. He has developed a respectable knowledge of chemistry, physics, engineering and even biology and genetics. He utilizes these skills in a number of ways, particularly in concocting new chemical compounds to serve various purposes in his war on crime.

Skills: Tactical Analysis (8)

This is the area that Tim truly excels in. His powerful intellect enables him to look at most situations and immediately judge weaknesses and how he can exploit them effectively. This skill not only applies to his own methods, but also allows him to direct others in an organized group action - provided they listen to him, of course.


Advantage: Bunker

Red Robin has a secure bunker that he uses as his base of operations. It houses all of his equipment, his own crime lab, personal gym, and living quarters. In it, he has his own supercomputer set up and linked to the "BatNet" upon which he is able to draw data and organize his operations. In short, it's his own miniaturized Batcave, though not quite as damp and dark, being nestled squarely in a sub-basement of a Wayne Enterprises owned building.

Advantage: Contacts

Tim has made a point of building bridges in the heroic community since becoming a vigilante and has made several allies on the street, which means there are a great many people he can turn to if he ever needs help or information. As Bruce Wayne's adopted son, his social network has been vastly expanded.

Advantage: Resources

Tim has access to a lot of gear and supplies, mostly stored in a series of hidden "nests" across Gotham (and several more globally) that are known only to him, and function both as temporary hideouts and equipment caches. He has a personal net worth in the scope of millions and keeps several thousands of dollars in cash on hand in case of emergencies, and he enjoys the perks of living in a mansion with a butler and every luxury imaginable.


Flaw: Batman

For all of the things Tim has accomplished on his own, he knows that there is nothing more important than his responsibility to the Bat. While he may be a hero in his own right now, he will always consider Bruce his mentor, one that expects the best out of him, for him to abide by his strict moral code, and to put the mission first, always. Just being associated with the man puts him danger because there are plenty of people willing to go through him to get to Batman.

Flaw: Rogues Gallery

Robin made a lot of enemies in the past few years, and while some of them may not follow to his new identity, it's not that difficult to figure out. Most of them are extremely dangerous, and even more are absolutely stark raving mad. It means he has a constant target on his back.

Flaw: Secret Identity

It wouldn't take much for someone to make the leap from Tim Drake once being Robin to the identity of the Bat himself, and that would just be the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of people who would be at risk if Tim's secret identity was compromised.


Tim Drake was an intelligent young boy who witnessed the death of the Flying Graysons. After watching Batman and Robin in action, Tim witnessed Robin performing aerial acrobatics the likes of which he had only ever seen Dick Grayson perform at the circus. After hearing that Dick Grayson became Bruce Wayne's ward, he rightly deduced their secret identities as the dynamic duo.

Years would pass, and Dick Grayson would become Nightwing of the Teen Titans. Again, Tim figured out that he had been Robin, striking out on his own. Still, Tim held silent, until after the death of Jason Todd. He noticed that, without Robin at his side, Batman was becoming more brutal and unfocused. He knew that something was wrong, and that Batman needed a Robin to keep him on point. This is when he approached Grayson, and presented his idea.

Grayson brought Tim to the Batcave, where Alfred helped Tim get suited up as Robin for the first time. Together, Tim and Alfred rescued both Batman and Nightwing, and Batman took Tim on as his new Robin.

Tim had a sense of caution and a more cerebral way of going about things than previous Robins had. He proved to become more and more invaluable and cunning as time went on, and his training continued. Eventually, a supervillain murdered Tim's father, leaving him an orphan. Bruce Wayne adopted Tim Drake and Robin, for the first time, was truly the son of the Bat. He assisted Batman on many adventures, and even made his own mark, joining with Superboy, and Impulse to be a part of the Young Justice League.

During this time, Tim began to develop an identity of his own. He began taking on solo missions, without the aid of his friends and family, and soon, Tim decided that it was time for him to follow in his older brother Dick's footsteps and strike out on his own. He took on a new costume with a tarnished reputation, independent of the Batfamily, and dubbed himself Red Robin.

As Red Robin, Tim is now finding his own place in the world. He still loves his family deeply, and works closely with them. But he now enjoys the freedom of being able to find his own way in the world as a costumed hero.


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File:Bruce Wayne.jpg
Bruce Wayne

The Batman. Tim's mentor, adopted father and partner.

File:Dick Grayson.jpg
Dick Grayson

Nightwing. Previously one of Tim's idols, now more of a big brother.

File:Barbara Gordon.jpg
Barbara Gordon

Oracle. If Batman is Tim's boss, then Oracle is a manager from another department that Tim sometimes collaborates with.

File:Cassandra Cain.jpg
Cassandra Cain

Batgirl. Tim still hasn't figured her out.

File:Damian Wayne.jpg
Damian Wayne

Darkwing. PITA.

File:Jason Todd.jpg
Jason Todd

Raphael. Cool but rude.

File:Conner Kent.jpg
Conner Kent

Superboy. Tim's frequent sparring partner. Punches like a mule.

File:Bart Allen.jpg
Bart Allen

Impulse. An old friend that's hard to keep up with.


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