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Doctor Umoja
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Doctor Umoja

Cinque Forten is a distant cousin to Tousaint Walters V that died in a warehouse explosions. Othello was known as a mercenary, hero, or chaotic crusader. Not much is known about Doctor Umoja.


Abilities: Power

Alien Willpower: 7, Atmospheric Adaption, Cloning, Enhanced Dexterity: 6, Enhanced Endurance: 5, Flight: 4, Healing Factor: 6, Perpetual Memory, Super Senses: 4, Super Speed: 6, Super Strength: 9, Supreme Genius: 8, Toughness: 8

Abilities: Skill

Academics: 6, Business Sense: 5, Combat: 8, Kryptonian History: 5, Marksman: 6, Street Etiquette: 5, Tactics: 7

Abilities: Gear

Arsenal: 6, Costume: 5, Shocksword: 4

Advantages: Cadmus, Millionaire, Underworld Contacts, Well-Traveled

Flaws: Cadmus Bedfellow, Cold, Confusion, Kryponite, Magic, Moral Code, New Look, Public Identity, Solar Power

Languages: Afrikaans, English, French, Hebrew, Kryptonian, Latin, Navajo, Spanish, Swahili, and Zulu


Gear: Arsenal (6)

His tech has been upgraded with his now connection with Project: Cadmus. He normally uses several small explosives as grenades, concussive devices, knock out gas bombs, smoke bpmbs, The devices can be triggered remotely or on a delay timer. He can his hands on other advanced tech weapons. He is normally equipped with pistols that fire plasma beams. They look like futuristic looking Navy Colt Revolvers. He has a pair of knives that are as sharp as titanium.

Gear: Costume (5)

He wears a costume designed by Cadmus that is designed not to tear or ripped when he is using his powers.

Gear: Shocksword (4)

Info: The sword is resisted by a person's willpower.

It does mystical damage, and it has been further enchanted, so the weapon cannot be turned against him.

Power: Alien Willpower (7)

Limitations: This powers grants him no defense against mental or spiritual attacks that cause physical damage. Example of this would be telekinetic attacks or fire spells.

Cinque's alien nature has an innate defense against mystical and mental attacks directed at him. He is able to resists blasts, probes, or forced telepathic attack. He is able to resist blast or mystical energy, and to see through hallucinations attacks

Power: Atmospheric Adaption

Othello's alien DNA allows his body to instantaneous breathe in any type of atmosphere. He can still breathe when there is a toxic gas, and when there is no gas at all.

Power: Cloning

Limitation: He links by placing a few strands of his hair or a vial of blood, and mediating for an hour to establish the link. The link lasts for 144 hours before he needs to create a new synch location to make sure he can clone again.

His body automatically starts to clone a new body upon the death of his old body. His old body dissolves, and regenerates in a location that has been previously prepared for his regeneration. This is accomplished by the alien sub atomic particles being linked to the new location, and then regenerating an exact duplicate of Othello's body when he was first enhanced clone by Cadmus

Power: Enhanced Dexterity (6)

His DNA's has fused with an alien's DNA at the sub-amotic level granting him increased dexterity and reflexes that are ten time that of a peak human.

Power: Enhanced Endurance (5)

Othello's DNA has fused with an alien's DNA at the sub-atomic level granting him the ability to stretch his performances levels beyond those of a normal human. He can operate at high levels without the need for rest for 60 hours.

Power: Flight (4)

Limitations: This power is dependant upon him absorbing yellow solar energy.

He has the ability to fly at speeds of 1,000 MPH.

Power: Healing Factor (6)

Limitations: He cannot heal from damage that comes from kryponite.

He already had the ability to heal fast due to his alien dna, but with enhancements from Cadmus his healing is improved. He can also heal himself from the effects of different types of poison and diseases without the need need of vaccines or medicines. His powers have further grown and now he can regenerate missing limbs as well.

Power: Perpetual Memory

All of the clones shared the memory and history of each of the previous clones. There are differences in their personalities, mannerism, likes, and dislikes, but the knowledge and skills gain by each clone is passed down to the next clon

Power: Super Senses (4)

Limitations: He needs yellow solar energy to use this power.

He can see things that about ten miles away as if they are close up. He can see thing that are microscopic too. He can focus on conversations that are great distances away. He is able to shift his vision among the different visual spectrums. He cannot see through lead. He has super taste and smell too.

Power: Super Speed (6)

Limitations: Yellow sun is required for him to use this power.

He can move 75 times the speed of an average human. He can run at speeds of 10,000 miles per hour.

Power: Super Strength (9)

Limitations: His strength is now dependent upon how much yellow sun energy he has taken into his body. If he doesn't take in solar energy, his strength is reduced to 3.

He was already strong, but the augmentation of the Kryptonian genes has increase his strength to amazing levels.

Power: Supreme Genius (8)

Othello's brain operates faster and more efficient manner than the average human. He is able to process information faster than normal. He is able to capable to visualize "the impossible" One of the many uses of his keen intellect is to come up with strategies or tactics on the fly.

Power: Toughness (8)

Limitations: His toughness is limited by the yellow sun he absorbs. If he doesn't absorb any yellow sun energy his toughness falls to 5. He has no resistance to mystical energy that does physical damage.

The augmentation of the Kryptonian DNA with his existence alien DNA have caused him to be very durable against physical damage.

Skill: Academics (6)

Othello has studied a variety of academic disciplines. He has studied history, science, technology, literature, business, and a variety of different languages and cultures.

Skill: Business Sense (5)

Othello is a skill business man in his field of transportation. He owns a trucking business and several warehouse that moves food from his warehouses to different grocery stores in the northeast United States.

Skill: Combat (8)

Othello has been a soldier, mercenary, or has engaged in blood sport since the Civil War. He has combat training in the military, and has learn boxing, kung-fu, judo, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu for over a century. Othello has been trained on how to fight with a knife after the Civil War, and has continued to train with a knife for over a hundred years.

Skill: Kryptonian History (5)

The fusion of Kryptonian DNA has cause him to ancestral knowledge of Kryptonian race. Most of this information does not make any sense, but he can relay the information that he sees in his mind with great accuracy until he is able to speak with someone who can make sense of the information.

Skill: Marksman (6)

Othello has used pistols and rifle weapons since the Civil War. He is able to perform trick shots and gun twirls.

Skill: Street Etiquette (5)

Othello has spent many years traveling around the world, and has learn how to fit in the street cultures in a variety of different countries. He can recognize gang signs, tattoos, and markings.

Skill: Tactics (7)

Othello has been a soldier or mercenary for almost two century. He uses his clone experience combine with his super genius ability to come up with strategies.


Advantage: Cadmus

Othello has limited access to Cadmus resources. He can used their systems for research, and to find contacts. On Cadmus specific mission, he is provided with whatever Cadmus believes he needs to get the job done. He also has Cadmus shadowy legal protection.

Advantage: Millionaire

Othello has access to a small fortune that was left to him by the previous clone. 65 percent of this is non-liquid assets.

Advantage: Underworld Contacts

Othello has extensive underworld contacts that can helped him procure black market items, create fake ids, and help him collect information of issues that might benefit him.

Advantage: Well-Traveled

Othello has travel around the world dozens of times, and has picked up many languages in the perpetual clone's existence. He has also has a keen understanding of different cultures and customs.


Flaw: Cadmus Bedfellow

He realizes that it is his best interest to help Cadmus with their activities, and any organization that they are aligned with their activities too If he does not, he does not believe he is pretty sure that he will either live a life in hiding, or been killed by them sooner or later. . He has lost a bit of his free will, and now has acquired all of Cadmus's enemies.

Flaw: Cold

As an alien/human hybrid clone, he is disconnected from his life, and others. He does not understand the joy that comes from companionship, a good song, or even from the laughter of children. He does smile and laugh, but it always comes off as cold or dark. He is prone to make comments that only a jerk would make, because he does not have the emotional comprehension to sugar coat his delivery. This is something that empaths, animals, and little children can easier pick up, when he is nearby.

Flaw: Confusion

The ancestry memories of Kryptonians and his own history has cause him bouts of confusions in which he forgets for a time which is his true past. In these periods, he is vulnerable to being manipulated, forget that he needs to reclone to survive, or even becoming so frustrated that he starts to lash out at allies

Flaw: Kryponite

He is now vulnerable to Kryponite. He is extremely weaken by contact with it, and after prolonged contact with green Kryponite he will be force to reclone, if no preparations were made, then he will die. Other forms of Kryponite cause him the same effects that it does to other Kryptonians.

Flaw: Magic

His Alien willpower allows him defend himself against mystical attacks aim at his soul or mind due to his Kryptonian DNA being added to his body, he has no defense against mystical attacks that cause physical damage.

Flaw: Moral Code

After having the Kryptonian DNA infused with his and having access to Kryptonian History, he is now filled with a new sense of morality. He now seeks a new way in dealing with the way he deals with protecting the world, and tries to set a better example for others. He will not take a life unless he give a person a change to surrender first, no matter how dire the situation is he will give them a chance to surrender. Someone can take advantage of him in his hesitation.

Flaw: New Look

Othello's cloning process has been enhanced by Cadmus, but it came with a major drawback. He now regenerates into an 18 year body. He is now an inch shorter, and 15 pounds lighter. His facial structure has changed as well. He has lost any benefits and friendships of his old clone, and has to pretend to be 18 year old and under the legal restrictions. He is stuck recloning at 18, and since he still ages like a normal human, he will continue to do this over and over again.

Flaw: Public Identity

After years of making makeshift mask out of whatever was available to hide his identity, he has decided to reveal his identity to public. Since his identity is now public, he has to be on high guard all the time, and make sure that people he associates with are protected too. He has to take extra precaution in concealing his regeneration location as well.

Flaw: Solar Power

Some of his powers are dependant upon him having access to yellow solar energy. If he doesn't have his energy, he will be without these powers.


Tousaint was the son of a second generation free-man, Jerome Walters, and a runaway slave, Margaret Walters. He was the second-oldest boy of nine children in Massachusetts. He had a different childhood from other children on the nearby farms. He was taught to read and write by his grand-father. He stills remembers reading books and letters for his grand-father, when his eyesight got too bad for him to see. He helped keep up his family's land, and had to do the double the duty, when his mother and half of his siblings were kidnapped, and resold back into slavery. Tousaint would have been captured too, but he was on a hunting trip with his father. Tousaint's father began to become more paranoid after, and made sure the rest of children knew how to defend themselves. When the war broke out, Tousaint and the rest of the remaining boys joined the Union Army, when they opened recruitment to black soldiers. He spent the first months digging ditches, and helping to set up fortifications. When his unit finally was called to the front, he was more than ready to fight. The unit move on, and Tousaint fought many battles in the Civil War. When most African-Americans left the military after the war, Tousaint remained with the small group that remains in the South. He thought that by being in the South, he might learn the fate of his mother, and other siblings. He did not found them, but his unit did barely survive several shootouts with some Night Riders. His unit was one of the first units to be transferred out West, and then absorbed into the new created African-American units. He participated in protecting the mail and settlers, and few battles against Native Americans. On a scouting mission, he encountered a strange blue light. Upon closer inspection, he saw something moving in the blue light. He fired at the blue light, and the energy of the light fired back at him, mortally wounded him.

The energy he saw was from a group of other-dimensional aliens scientists that had been observing Earth for many centuries. They accomplished this tasked by having an invisible bunker, and cloning themselves. They were finally finishing their mission, and were departing this reality, when Tousaint fired on them, causing the energy to accidently strike out and kill Tousaint. Since they were only sent here to observe, they felt obligated to save Tousaint. They were face with a problem: Tousaint was too injured to be saving by them, and they still need to leave this place. They modified their cloning process to be able to clone Tousaint new bodies combine with alien DNA. The alien DNA did contain implants of basic emotions, and the knowledge of how to continue the cloning process. Tousaint's memories were placed into the clone before he died. As the clone came to life, he saw and felt the aliens disappearing. His 19th century mind created a belief that the aliens had giving him a new body for a higher purpose.

He continued serving with the military until he was killed in action during the Spanish-American war, and reclone back at the campsite. He was surprised to find himself to be noticeably younger, and realize he would not be able to explain the difference in age. He went AWOL, and after living in Cuba, and other islands in the Caribbean as a mercenary, fighter, translator, or guide, he believe the aliens told him that he must make his way back to the United States. He made it back to America just in time to enlist in the United States Army, and was lucky to be a part of the regiments that were loan out to the French, and didn't have to spend the war digging ditches. This only furthered his belief that the aliens guided him. His next message came from all the hatred he saw perpetrated against black soldiers by their fellow soldiers. He believe the aliens were telling him to do more to help out one he got back home.

When he returned back home, he went down South. He tried to protect a man from being attack by a mob, and was lynched beside him. When he re clone and stole clothes, and he was arrested. He found himself on a Southern chain gang. He believed that aliens sent him to prison to teach him that those that are criminals are sometimes victims of circumstance, innocent, or have skills that can be used in his mission to fight criminals. He escaped from prison, and made his way to Harlem. He worked as a bodyguard for some mobsters, until returning to France. While in France, he believed that aliens were telling him to go to Spain to fight the Fascists. He died a few times while in Spain before "realizing" he was supposed to fight the Nazis. He was completely dumbfounded by the appearance of costume superheroes that were fighting the Nazis, and felt that aliens wanted to take a less dramatic role in fighting against the evils of the world. The Korean War would be the last war that he served in before furthering, his "alien" cause by being a mercenary, guide, bodyguard, and a fighter.

By the early nineties, he was helping out people in South Africa. When he learned the history of Wakanda, the aliens made him understand that he needed to have a secret identity. When the political landscape change in South Africa, and he learned that his actions would not label him a terrorist. He decided to work on fashioning a secret identity. He created a false family history, and used his funds to create a business for himself. He started working under his secret identity as Othello for five years until his last clone was killed in a car bomb by mobsters trying to muscle in on his transportation business. Othello brought down the mobsters, and four years later, the new clone resume control of the business as the younger brother of the previous clone.


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