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Agility: 7 Strength: 8 Toughness: 8
Perception: 7 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 7
Agility 7 Animals 3 Cold 5
Combat 7 Darkness 8 Strength 8
Energy Generation 6 Flight 4 Healing 6
Stamina 2 Invulnerability 8 Magic
Photography 5 Reflexes 4 Senses 7
Speed 4 Imitation Strategist
Empath Truth
Amazonian Armor Amazonian Sword Gauntlets
Horses Lasso of Persuasion Star Costume
Universe Orb
Memories Night Terrors Vulnerability
Name: Donna Troy Former Titan Seed. Former Goddess. Amazon. Guardian of the Universe Orb. Donna has led many lives.

Recently, she has unlocked the knowledge and memories of all these lives and with them, the powers that accompany them.

She has recently returned to Earth at the age of 18 by it's way of counting years, to rekindle the friendships she has knowledge of and to defend it with all the strength and power at her disposal.

Position: Guardian of the Universe Orb
Team: N/A
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Immortal
Type: DC FC
Actor: Olivia Wilde
Alts: Sif & Starfire
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Donna Troy was not born but created. Her purpose? To be the sister and playmate of another. Donna Troy is a young woman who has lived many lives since then, each form having the same core powers with an occasional different and unique one added to the mix for that life. This is the story of the life where they all came together.

Roughly eighteen years ago, roughly because time moves differently on different worlds, the Titan Rhea rescued a baby from a raging fire and took the child to her home world of New Chronus where she and the rest of the Titans of Myth bestowed upon the babe inhuman and amazing powers. For thirteen of their years, the child who they had named Donna Troy, resided on New Chronus with the Titans and the other children who, like her, would one day becomes Gods and Goddesses but were called the Titan Seeds for now. At 'thirteen', however, when they realized that Donna would be the girl that could save them, she was sent to Earth to live with the Amazons in order to learn to fight and to teach her humility. In order to do this, however, it was necessary to erase her memories of New Cronus and the Titans of Myth

Once there, she was adopted by Queen Hippolyta. By Earth years, Donna was naught but about seven years old. Still she was trained. And she excelled in that training. With the powers the Titans of Myth had given her, she proved herself worthy of being a true Amazon over the years. She showed amazing skill in hand-to-hand, with a staff, a sword and, like her adopted sister Diana, with a lasso. It got to the point where none other than Diana and Queen Hippolyta were able to best her.

Finally, the time came when Donna was to return to New Cronus. The Titans of Myth arranged for her death and then resurrected her as the Goddess of the Moon. False memories were give to her during this time, making her now believe she was the wife of Coeus. In order to obtain worshippers and power, the Titans waged war on many worlds and Donna, clad in her Amazonian armor was a great warrior and brought them many victories along side the Titan Seeds.

Passageway after passage way was opened until the battle on Minosyss, where Donna watched friend and foe alike fall, one in particular stirring memories within her. The fall of Sparta. Seeing their army in trouble, Hyperion revealed to Donna the truth of who she was and where she came from then ordered her to open a passageway into the Multiverse within the Sun-Eater factory at the core of Minosyss. The Goddess did as she was told but now knowing who she was and what the Titans of Myth were truly capable of, she came up with a plan and opened the passageway to Tartarus instead. However, the deception was discovered by the Sun Titan, Hyperion and his wife Thia and warned the other Titans. This enraged them and they turned on Donna, only Coeus activating the Sun-Eater saved the woman he had grown to care about as well as a comrade of hers.

Hyperion and Thia tried to escape but between the power of the nexus and the Sun-Eater, they were torn apart. Having learned compassion and humility from Donna, Coeus offered to guard the gateway, vowing to make sure the other Titans stayed imprisoned. With the battle won, Donna was the honor of becoming the Guardian of the Universe Orb by Harbinger. She then returned to New Cronus where she studied and analyzed the histories of all her past and alternate lives. As she did this, her memories of those lives came rushing back. With the armor and weapons from her time with the Amazons, she has decided to return to Earth under the name of Donna Troy and work to defend it using the moniker Troia.


Power: Agility (7)

The Titans of Myth also bestowed upon Donna agility that allows her to do amazing feats, putting her level far above and beyond that of even the most exceptional Olympic athlete.

Power: Animals (3)
When all her memories returned to her, the ability to communicate with animals is one of the powers that was unlocked to Donna. Her reach is a five mile radius with her as ground zero. Not only can she communicate with them, she is able to feel their emotions and tame even the most wild of them.

Power: Cold (5)
Like her control of Darkness, the power to control Atmospheric Cold is one she hasn't used since her time as a Goddess when she got it. The extent of this power is at a level that were it heat based instead, it would be equal to that of the Earth's core.

Skill: Combat (7)
Trained by the Amazons of Themyscira for many many years and in almost all her lives, Donna is knows several fighting forms which include but are not limited to fighting without any form of weapon, an expert with a lasso, exceptional with a sword and almost untouchable with a battle staff. Those that are able to beat her prowess are Queen Hippolyta and Diana. Thus far, no one else has managed.

Power: Darkness (8)
An ability obtained and carried over from her time as the Goddess of the Moon, Donna has the power to command darkness. The maximum limit of this ability is being able turn a sunny day very hazy and dark without ever obtaining true 'night' effect. While it's an ability she still has, she hasn't used it since her time as a Goddess.

Power: Empath (-)
An ability that returned to her with her memories, Donna can read the emotions of others. This power also makes most forms of mind control impossible to use on her.

Power: Energy Generation (6)
One of the powers unlocked to her when she regained the memories of all her lives, Donna can manipulate photonic energy to fire off offensive blasts from her hands and-or form a force field around her and several others in defense. She can even create realistic looking 3-D images out of it.

Power: Flight (4)
Through mystical means or telekinesis, Donna can fly at supersonic speeds within the atmosphere and, while is space, can easily reach escape velocities. Like most of her abilities, this too is one granted to her by the Titans of Myth.

Power: Healing (6)
The speed with which Donna heals from wounds is incredible really. Superhuman. It takes only seconds or minutes for her to heal normal injuries. She's also immune to disease, poisons and toxins.

Skill: Imitation (-)
An ability she regained with her memories, Donna is able to perfectly match pitch and tone of anyone's voice after hearing it. So perfectly do they match that it's impossible to tell the difference between her and who the voice truly belongs to.

Power: Invulnerability (8)
Needing her to be almost unkillable, the Titans of Myth gave Donna invulnerability. She can survive almost anything, including the vacuum of space. However, her body does have it's weakness in that her skin can be pierced and she must rely upon her gauntlets to deflect such projectiles.

Power: Magic (-)
One of the many abilities gifted to her by the Titans of Myth, Donna has an extremely high resistance to magic attacks which makes her an exceptional choice to face the foes that use such as their main attack in battle.

Skill: Photography (5)
A skill unlocked to her with her memories and how she plans on earning her living on Earth, Donna is a professional photographer who is known for her amazing work.

Power: Reflexes (4)
Between the power boost of her memories unlocked as well as this being a gift from the Titans of Myth, Donna has reflexes that surpass that of some of Earth's greatest heroes and puts her on an even level with it's fastest.

Power: Senses (7)
As one of their Titan Seeds, Donna was given the gift of heightened senses. All five of them can be used, at any given moment, at a superhuman level equal to that of some of Earth's best heroes.

Power: Speed (4)
Her ability to move faster than the speed of light, faster than the human eye can track at supersonic speeds on land is just one more of the abilities she was granted from the Titans of Myth. This speed also applies to how quickly she is able to process things mentally.

Power: Stamina (2)
Another gift of the Titans from New Cronus, Donna can last for many many hours even under extreme exertion.

Power: Strategist (-)
Knowing she would one day be their soldier, the Titans of Myth gifted Donna with an innate, keen and accurate sense of strategy in battle, making her an amazingly capable leader in the field.

Power: Strength (8)
Originally a gift from the Titans of Myth, Donna strength since the return of her memories has increased exponentially, making her able to now lift over 100 tons easily.

Power: Truth (-)
The ability to tell when someone is lying or telling the truth as well as empathically coax them into speaking the truth is a power given to Donna by the Titans of Myth.


Advantage: Amazonian Armor

Donna kept her Amazonian armor from her time with them and when faced with a foe that warrants it, she will don this armor for the added protection it offers. Only in this armor does she regularly wield a sword as well as her lasso.

Advantage: Amazonian Sword
A sword forged by the Amazons, it is part of her armor set and is only used when the armor is worn normally.

Advantage: Gauntlets
Forged of steel and crafted from Amazonian magic, the Braclets of Submission are indestructible. With her reflexes and these cuffs, Donna can repel projectiles, blades and straight on unarmed attacks. She can also defelct an object back at her enemies with them.

Advantage: Horses
There is little that Donna can do on the ground that she can't do from the back of a horse and it's almost impossible to unseat her.

Advantage: Lasso of Persuasion
Made of silvery threads, this lasso forces anyone caught in it to do as Donna commands so long as her willpower is stronger than theirs. When it's power is active, the lasso has a blue glow to it.

Advantage: Star Costume
While the star pattern on Donna's costume may seem just a decoration and completely random, the field can actually be used to pinpoint her home planet of New Cronus if one took the time to study it.

Advantage: Universe Orb
The reason she has all the memories of all her lives, this object is known as The Universe Orb and contains all the knowledge and history of Universe.


Flaw: Memories

With so many lifetimes worth of memories so suddenly returned to her, Donna sometimes has trouble of keeping track of which memories go to which lifetime. While she has friendship and bonds with people, there's always a very high chance they won't know who she is and this is something she struggles with daily.

Flaw: Night Terrors
It's not uncommon for Donna to scream and thrash about in the night when she sleeps. Sometimes she can be woken and others not. All those memories flood her mind while she sleeps and she remembers the darker parts of those lives. It's also then that the battle with the Titans of Myth haunts her the most.

Flaw: Vulnerability
The vacuum of spaces, extreme temperatures, blunt force, extreme pressures…Donna is extremely resistant to all of these. In fact, they seem not to faze her at all. She also has an amazingly high pain tolerance. However! When not blocked by her gauntlets, her body is vulnerable to any piercing kind of weapon. Bullets, arrows, blades, et cetera.


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