Portrayed by David Mazouz
Tyler Lux
Humanoid Extraplanar Entity
Original Character
Registered Real Name

Tyler Lux

Tyler has been banished from his home to the realm of Earth. Arriving to this world, he isn't sure about normal human behavior and carries with him an air of being inhuman. He is registered with the BSA and is fully licensed.


Abilities: Power

Flight: 4, Intellect: 8, Invulnerability: 7, Physiology, Sealed System, Tactile Telekinesis: 7

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 4, Martial Arts: 4, Weaponry: 4


Flaws: Alien, Astral Attunement, Astral Beacon, Chemical Sensitivity, Weirdness Magnet

Languages: English


Power: Flight (4)

The ability to fly was one of the things his telekinesis allows him to do. He's capable of flying upwards of 1,000 mph within the atmosphere. He can react quickly when flying enabling him to dodge obstacles that might get in his way.

Power: Intellect (8)

While probably lower than many of his race, Tyler's intelligence is beyond the normal for a human mind. His brain functions on a level that allows him to visualize "the impossible", as well as granting him the ability to multitask difficult processes and a vastly enhanced memory. His ability to recall information could almost be perfect, although at times he struggles with recalling the information and has to take time to think more intensely about something.

Thanks to the way his species minds have developed, Tyler is able to understand any language instinctively. This is based on their evolution on the Astral Plain.

His thought process is more intricate and complex than most humans, making it more difficult to affect his mind. Although perhaps not as much as an adult of his species. His brain is still developing and so it lacks some of the layers of thought.

Power: Invulnerability (7)

Thanks to a combination of his naturally dense molecular structure and a telekinetic barrier in his skin, Tyler's body resists vast amounts of damage, and is nearly impervious to most weaponry.

Power: Physiology (*)

Ratings: Regeneration 1, Stable Form 10, Genetic Adaptation

Tyler's physiology is not human. While scans of his genetic structure would identify him as human, his core exists on the astral plane. This means even if his body was utterly destroyed, he would eventually return after however long it took to regenerate. This could take months to occur but it would eventually happen.(This would happen at the speed of the Plot).

Also, his powers draw on the astral plane to a degree to power them. His regeneration in particular is fueled by the astral energies.

Power: Sealed System (*)

Tyler's body is a sealed system granting him limited invulnerability to poisonous gases and things of that nature. It also enabled him to exist in Space without the need of a suit to protect him from the vacuum. This is accomplished via a tight thin telekinetic barrier around his body at all times.

Power: Tactile Telekinesis (7)

Tyler's body allows him to utilize a form a tactile telekinesis that allows him to perform great feats of strength. Thanks to his telekinesis he is capable lifting a fully loaded semi and tossing it the length of a football field. It simulates super strength, and is basically indistinguishable from it.

Skill: Athletics (4)

Tyler's physical body is that of a boy who engages in regular athletic activities. He engages in gymnastics and swimming, and can manage to play a variety of sports if the rules were to be explained to him. His level of activity isn't at a professional level but he's definitely above average.

Skill: Martial Arts (4)

Tyler learned quite a bit about Martial Arts before he came into this world, having observed it through various means, even if he didn't manifest him. He currently posses enough of a skill to be considered somewhat skilled in the art of offensive and defensive hand to hand combat.

Skill: Weaponry (4)

While he can manage the weaponry of his race with relative ease, he's developed skill with blades and with current earth weaponry. He's able to hit the target when he pulls the trigger on the point and shoot. Thanks to his brain, he's also able to input calculations for the more computer based technological weapons as well.



Flaw: Alien

Tyler is not human. When he crossed into this dimension he was not prepared for it. He has no skills at interacting with people and doesn't know when one should be polite and lie, or what manners are or anything of that nature. Because of this, he tends to set people off and there's just an air about him that marks him as not being quite normal although most would have trouble putting their finger on why.

Flaw: Astral Attunement

Tyler's existence has him extremely attuned to the Astral Plane. This means that anything that affects the Astral Plane affects him as well. For example, any case of a massive amount of people dying at the same time it would be like a massive blow to him physically and mentally, causing him to be disoriented and in pain. Walking through an active war zone would be like walking through fire for him. The pain and suffering would be an assault on his essence.

Flaw: Astral Beacon

Because of the fact that Tyler is a transdimensional being, he's a bit of a beacon to anyone that might be looking at the Astral level. Anyone that can sense things such as this would have absolutely no difficulty locating him. It would be like a giant sign over his head 'Transdimensional Being Right here!!!' for anyone to see. Anyone using a map would be able to see his general location with relative ease without needing some personal item.

Flaw: Chemical Sensitivity

Tyler is sensitive to things because his body has no tolerances. Caffeine, alcohol and other things of that nature would be overwhelming for him. Something as simple as a cup of coffee would cause him to be bouncing off the walls and feeling his heart race from it. Since his tolerance levels are nonexistent it would cause him great harm if he were given something stronger than say coffee.

Flaw: Weirdness Magnet

For whatever reason, Tyler seems to be a magnet for weird things. It is really is inconvenient and more than a little annoying for him. Reality distortions, magical mayhem, or just plain strange scientific curiosities seem to happen more frequently around him.


Discerning time on the astral plane as a being native to there becomes very difficult. The concept of time is more of a physical thing. Tyler started out as such a being. Relatively young by their standards, he was not very good at patiently for things to play out. He observed humans and was curious about them. He saw all the good things that happened and some of the bad. It made him ever more curious. Really he'd seen civilizations way beyond humans crumble to dust on other planets and be way more advanced but it was humans that interested him.

Over time his interest attracted negative attention and he was forced to corporealize. His core essence remained behind but he couldn't simply return to being an astral form. Instead he was locked into a single form, in a single place and time. It is an adjustment. He's used to being able to see another place pretty easily, and to observe unseen whereas now he's visible and cannot move from place to place without crossing the space in between.


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File:William Argent.jpg
William Argent (Dyson)

William Argent is an associate of Tyler's, as they are members of the same race.


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