Commander of Elite Black Zero



Quote-open "The luscious thing about fear is that it steals control.
Create enough of it, and you can even steal reason!
Pain is wonderful too.
Not only does it augment fear, it impairs judgement.
It creates desperation. That's how I win."

Commander of Elite Black Zero and General Zod's Lieutenant, Ursa was once held in high esteem on Krypton.

Until she discovered a shocking truth.

Overnight, Zod, Ursa and Non became traitors against the Krypton Council and gained quick infamy for their exploits in an attempt to overthrow the Council.

Ultimately, they all ended in the Phantom Zone.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Breath: 4, Endurance: 9, Flight: 7, Heat Vision: 4, Invulnerability: 9, Senses, Solar Battery, Speed: 7, Strength: 9

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 7, High Pain Thershold: 7, Horu-Kanu: 8, Intimidation: 8, Languages, Weaponry: 6

Abilities: Tech

Kryptonian Suit: 6

Advantages: General Zod

Flaws: Culture Clash, Kryptonie, Larcenous, Magic and Psionics, Misandric, Red Sun, Solar Energy

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Kree, Kryptonian, Mandarin, Martian, Russian, Shi'ar, and Skrull


Power: Breath (4)

Range: At 20' can chill down to -50F and create 70mph winds.

Area of Effect: Consistently widening and dissipating at equal rate.

Limitation: Can be used as long as Ursa can exhale.

Ursa is able to exhale a gust of powerful wind, blasting as much as 70 mph. She can also exhale very cold air, capable of freezing an object the size of a tank to -50F from as far away as 20 feet. This effect dissipates the further it gets away from the source. She can also hold her breath for extreme periods of time, as much as 17 hours between breaths.

Power: Endurance (9)

Limitation: Decreases to 4 with prolonged absence from yellow sun.

Ursa is a veteran soldier from Krypton, the commander of Elite Black Zero, a special forces group within the Kryptonian Military. Ursa also happens to be the premiere Horu-Kanu authority on Krypton, the leading martial arts style on Krypton. She is naturally conditioned to peak physical state, having the stamina for daunting tasks, the endurance to take punishment, and the will to keep going until she accomplishes her task. Couple that with the fact that on Earth she enjoys high reserves of solar energy of a yellow sun, and facing or outlasting her becomes a daunting task. As a result she also recovers extremely fast, the more solar energy exposure she has, the faster she recovers. Without exposure to yellow sun, she recovers at a regular rate.

Power: Flight (7)

Range: Interstellar.

Ursa is able to fly at hypersonic speeds, seemingly unaffected by the Earth's gravitational pull.

Power: Heat Vision (4)

Range: 8" wide, 70 yards in length.

Area of Effect: 8" wide, 70 yards in length.

As her body constantly absorbs solar energy, storing it like a battery, Ursa has various means of releasing it. One of which is through emissions of heat rays from her eyes. She can adjust intensity so it goes anywhere from makking her eyes glow red for visual effect to melting metals.

Power: Invulnerability (9)

Limitation: Decreases to 2 with prolonged absence of yellow sun.

Under exposure to solar energy of a yellow sun, or with a full charge of solar energy, Ursa is pretty much invulnerable. It takes something close to a nuclear attack to get an affect. Depleted of solar energy, however, she is much like a human, aside from her Kryptonian martial arts expertise and high endurance. She is also immune to extreme weather conditions.

Power: Senses

Range: 20 miles.

Area of Effect: 20 miles in diameter.

Limitation: Can be obstructed by over stimulation, x-ray vision is blocked by lead.

As a Kryptonian, Ursa's senses are heightened. Her vision is telescopic, allowing her to see across the curvature of the Earth. She can also see in X-Ray spectrum, allowing her to see through materials other than lead. She can hear very well sounds from great distances, as well as hearing higher and lower than the frequencies humans can hear. Taste, touch and smell are also heightened.

Power: Solar Battery

Limitation: Must maintain exposure to a yellow sun.

While Kryptonians are very similar to humans on the exterior, their physiology is starkly different. When exposed to radiation from a yellow sun, the body of a Kryptonian absorbs that energy and charges up like a solar battery of sorts. With a full charge Kryptonians gain an impressive set of powers and abilities that dwindle as their solar energy dwindles. If depleted of solar energy they become like normal humans. To maintain their powers, Kryptonians must be in constant exposure to a yellow sun.

Power: Speed (7)

While not up to par with pure speeders such as the Flash, Ursa can move extremely fast, and just as Superman has an edge on her in strength when both have full solar energy exposure, she happens to have an edge on him in speed under the same conditions. She can move at roughly 20,000 miles per second within the Earth's atmosphere. Being a skilled special forces soldier at peak condition, she is faster then Superman, who for all of his powers doesn't have the rigorous training and experience that Ursa does.

Power: Strength (9)

Limitation: Decreases with prolonged absence from yellow sunlight.

Ursa is pretty strong for a Kryptonian woman, but coupled with solar energy from a yellow sun, she's super strong. She can hold up tanks and airplanes over her head, but coming face to face with Superman, he'd probably have a distinct edge over her so long as solar energy is involved. This is a direct result of Superman having more experience pushing his strength with a full charge of energy from the Earth's yellow sun. With both depleted of solar energy, however, she may well overpower Superman, due to her military career on Krypton. Her fighting prowess, high pain tolerance and peak condition could provide quite an edge on even non-powered terms.

Skill: Athletics (7)

Ursa has always been in top shape, as the commander of Elite Black Zero on Krypton, she set example for the rest of her elite squad and ensured she was always best conditioned. This helped her hold the authority and respect of Elite Black Zero, as despite being a woman, she could best and outlast any of them in all physical exercises. This quality is ingrained in Ursa, and even without exposure to a yellow sun, she remains at peak conditioning for a Kryptonian.

Skill: High Pain Thershold (7)

Note: The scale is based on Willpower

Unlike other students at the Defense Force Academy, Ursa's self perfected training routine included extra amount of time accustoming herself to pain. Being in pursuit of an intimidation factor, Ursa did her very best to build a legend of sorts for herself, which later proved most effective. Through rigorous training and countless injuries, she desensitized herself to pain. That is why even under absence of solar energy, or when encountering Kryptonite exposure, Ursa might manage better than other Kryptonians might. Pain is her friend.

Skill: Horu-Kanu (8)

The predominant style of martial arts on Krypton, Horu-Kanu, is something that Ursa has mastered to the point of being one of the foremost authorities in Krypton. She enjoyed, given the opportunity, to forego weapons and take down an opponent in hand to hand combat. She saw in it a sense of honor, and a true measure of one's worth as a warrior. While the style itself may seem alien to Earth practitioners of Martial Arts, highly perceptive masters would be able to pick up the skill if she choose to teach it. Similarly, she may show some interest in learning Earthern styles for curiosity's sake.

Skill: Intimidation (8)

Having reached a level of infamy on Krypton, where her mere name was reason enough for people to reconsider avoiding a field of battle, Ursa is well versed in the art of intimidation. There's a good chance that even depleted of solar energy, she could still invoke enough fear in a potential opponent to avoid a fight, if she so desired. As the commander of Elite Black Zero, Ursa had also had a group of elite Kryptonian special forces warriors under her direct command, and she managed to handle them very well. So she can manage to strike fear and respect even in the hearts of those who are bigger and stronger then her, powers aside.

Skill: Languages

Kryptonians, with their analytical mind, seem to have an easier time picking up a new language, probably seeing it as a different method to parse similar data. So new languages are never a barrier for long, as Ursa can rapidly teach herself to communicate with people who speak different languages. Which is how she picked up English very fast, and will likely keep adding to the list the more people from different countries she happens across.

Skill: Weaponry (6)

Limitation: Goes to 3 when handling Earthern ranged weapons.

As a special ops commander and a renowned martial artist, Ursa is very proficent in the handling of weapons, specifically hand to hand weapons. While ranged weapons of Earthern make may take some getting used to, hand to hand weapons tend to handle quite similarly. Her expertise takes a hit when handling Earthern ranged weapons.

Tech: Kryptonian Suit (6)

Ursa' costume is her uniform from her days of commanding Elite Black Zero on Krypton, a special forces unit that undertook the most dangerous operations, at times undocumented. The suit is made from materials that while common on Krypton, are unavailable on Earth. So while it looks and feels like cloth, it is actually very durable and is much like wearing a super-strong suit of armor on Earth. There's naturally no need for it for a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, but these uniforms were used on Krypton, under the red sun Rao, as such Kryptonian had no super powers to render them invulnerable. Should Ursa ever be exposed to red sun radiation, or suffer the presence of Kryptonite, this suit could well help her survive what might otherwise kill her.


Advantage: General Zod

After all they've been through together, paying a heavy price for doing what they thought is right to save their planet, Zod and Ursa became quite close. In the Phantom Zone they married, and even produced a child in Lor-Zod. While Ursa can hold her own, her husband is likely to be there for her should the need arise.


Flaw: Culture Clash

As a Kryptonian, Ursa is used to technology far superior to the one found on Earth. She is used to a different culture, with different customs. So while from a more advanced culture, she could look silly when mishandling the more primitive technology found on Earth. Or may appear not as smart when she's not familiar with the simplest Earthern common accepted customs and what may well be considered common knowledge. Unlike Superman, she did not grow up on Earth and the planet is entirely alien to her.

Flaw: Kryptonie

Reduces toughness to 0 within 10 minutes of exposure. Creates instant nausea and incapacitates within 15 minutes. Within 25 minutes, she will die.

       When the planet of Krypton was destroyed by its red sun, fragments from the planet were scattered all across the galaxy, emanating radiation from the red sun. This unique combination has produced what is known simply as Kryptonite.
       Being in the presence of Kryptonite swiftly robs Kryptonian of their powers, gradually eliminating one after the other. Once left without any powers, they become extremely feeble, and prolonged exposure may well be lethal.
       It is possible to remove the powers of a Kryptonian and leave them weak enough to easily handle without potential death, if the kryptonite used is small enough. Recovering from Kryptonite exposure is just as quickly as the effects when exposed to it.

Note: Kryptonite of color other than green may produce different effects should such be found (not sure if non-green Kryptonite is canon on the game, and as such only leaving mention of the possibility it may exist in different forms.)

Flaw: Larcenous

Ursa has been known to have this impulse to gather memntos for herself from people she meets or enemies she faces, it is almost like an addiction of sorts. On occasions she will grab a badge, an emblem, a hat, a belt buckle, anything she might find interesting, shiny or different. It's not done for gain, but rather to keep a collection of sorts. Not everyone is appreciative of this habit of hers, but very few are equipped to stop her when she does take soemthing from them.

Flaw: Magic and Psionics

Reduces defensive capabilities to 2 versus Magic or Psionics.

       Kryptonian are science and logic driven people, they do not recognize magic or psionics, and have had no exposure to those elements. Even with reserves of solar energy, they are not equipped to deal with magic or psionics, and are as durable to such attacks as normal humans are.
       One of the most effective and likely jarring attacks a Magic User or a Psionic could unleash on Ursa is pain. That is something she has trained for years to endure and withstand, it is nearly impossible to make Ursa feel pain even when beating her severely. A Magic User or a Psionic, however, can bypass this resistance in unnatural means, which could have serious effect on her psyche for that specific encounter.

Flaw: Misandric

Due to several moments in her past, Ursa has grown to dislike men. That is not to say she cannot be in the presence of a man without killing him, after all, she did wind up marrying General Zod due to very unique circumstance that provided for quite a bond between the two, but befriending her is very difficult for a man to do. As a result for her views, she is prone to underestimate a male opponent. This can also make a physical encounter with Superman a difficult one to cope with for Ursa, as while without solar energy involved, she is by far Superman's superior; a trained soldier with years of fighting experience. However, once solar energy is introduced, Superman's male body taken to its peak superpower state is superior to Ursa's female body under similar condition. And so there is an instance, where Ursa's conditioning will not help her overcome an opponent, at least not with brute force.

Flaw: Red Sun

Exposed to the radiation of a red sun, as would be the norm on Krypton, instead of fostering super powers the absorption of that red sun energy will cause the removal of all such powers. A direct opposite of exposure to yellow sun. So if one could devise a room or weapon that would generate red sun radiation, they'd have the means to face Ursa without the addition of superpowers. Unlike other Kryptonians, however, Ursa would still retain her physical abilities related to being in peak conditioning.

Flaw: Solar Energy

If kept out of sunlight for more than a month, physical attribute stats will all reduce to 3. Only reason it won't go down to 2 is Ursa's exceptional conditioning as a soldier. Other Kryptonians are for the most part normal Kryptonians, whereas Ursa is a Kryptonian at peak conditioning.


Ursa was born on Krypton, she never got to meet her father who never returned from a space exploration mission. When she got older Ursa decided her father abandoned her and her mother, and refused to wear her father name as traditionally done by Kryptonian females, such as Kara Zor-El, daughter of Zor-El. Ursa demanded to be referred to as Ursa and nothing more, a first act of defiance against accepted norms.

Ursa was pampered by her mother who wanted to compensate for the loss of Ursa's father, and soon Ursa was bullied in school. Her tormentors were all males, instilling in her a great dislike for the gender. Eventually Ursa determined she had to protect herself and took an entire change of image, to reflect her new take on life outwardly. She cut her hair short, and began to dress in a distinctly masculine manner. To further eliminate the bullying, she started taking Horu-Kanu classes, Krypton's prominent martial arts style.

While still young, Ursa heeded her Horu-Kanu Master, and only used her developing skills to neutralize the bullies that accosted her. But she refrained from lethal means. Grabbing one bully in a locking hold, she made him profess to everyone that she was stronger then him. Having such power over a boy filled her with satisfaction and she was determined that never will another man bully her.

Graduating from school, Ursa enlisted in the Kryptonian Military with the recommendation of her Master who expected she would excel with her natural gift for fighting. In the Military Academy, Ursa once again experienced bullying, this time from an instructor who kept making example of her and assigning her the most humiliating tasks. This only added to her misandry, as Ursa determined to continue and suffer that instructor to reach her goal. Eventually Ursa excelled, and became one of the most promising young soldiers and promoted to Officer status early in her military career. She wound up becoming a Horu-Kanu Master herself, one of the foremost practitioners on Krypton, and eventually became the Commander of Elite Black Zero, Krypton's military's special forces unit.

When famous scientist Non was approaches by his protege Jor-El with findings that the planet was about to face an impending doom, he brought the findings to the Council, which ultimately rejected the findings. Jor-El obeyed the Council's order to keep quiet, but Non was defiant and began holding public talks about Jor-El's findings.

General Zod and Ursa met when the Council sent Elite Black Zero under supervision of General Zod to arrest Non and warn Jor-El, instead of arresting Non they learned the truth when Non and Jor-El explained why Non was defying the Council.

General Zod and Ursa decided that instead of arresting Non, they must take action, they determined they must overthrow the Council and take action to save Krypton. Non joined them, Jor-El did not, claiming that violence is never a solution.

Eventually Non was kidnapped, only to be found in the wilderness with an incision mark on his forehead. The Council took extreme action to silence him for good. General Zod and Ursa took this as a sign the Council will stop at nothing to see Krypton destroyed, and they upped the ante on their part.

Starting a full fledged rebellion, General Zod and Ursa left countless dead and injured in their wake, as well as murdering brutally 5 members of the Council. Eventually the rebellion failed, and it was Jor-El who condemned Zod, Ursa and Non to imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, something the three considered a venomous betrayal.

The only thing to keep prisoners of the Phantom Zone from insanity is their respective company. Eventually General Zod and Ursa conceived a child, and to their surprise he actually grew up and developed despite being born in the Phantom Zone. Naming him Lor-Zod, General Zod and Ursa wanted to ensure he will be the finest Kryptonian that ever lived, and as a result Lor-Zod had to endure harsh education and training.

Ursa personally saw to Lor-Zod's combat training, but he was not nearly as gifted or passionate as his mother, which made the lessons harsher and less forgiving.

Eventually Zod came up with the theory that being an anomaly, Lor-Zod may well breach the Phantom Zone to allow escape. Lor-Zod was told he was going on a mission to continue the legacy of the House of Zod, but wasn't told the real purpose of his mission is to release others from the Phantom Zone.

When Lor-Zod escaped in the vessel Zod constructed for him, Ursa was not far behind, looking to keep an eye on her child, and make sure he doesn't grow up to be an embarrassment.


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Dru-Zod is Ursa's husband.


Lor-Zod is Ursa's son.


Ursa's Wanted List
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