Hi!  Call me Aoide or Muse.  I'm one of your local 'General Upkeep' people for this wiki.  By that I mean I go through and do little odds and ends (such as fixing the active and inactive categories on characters, copying +sheet and +finger info onto the wiki, and ocassionally adding pictures to character pages that don't have both of their top images filled in, etc.). 

Please don't take it the wrong way if your characters page gets tagged with the Incomplete Category, it just means basic +sheet, +finger, and image information needs to be filled in, and that if it's not done in a timely manner, I may do it for you (and if I do it, please feel free to change it).

I freely admit that I'm not exactly the best with wiki editing, but I try. If you see something I made a mistake on wiki wise, I won't take offense if you fix it.

Currently, I'm the player behind:Edit

Hawkeye II - Only player so far

X-23 - as of  01-11-2013

Supergirl - as of 02-08-2013

Previous Alts:

Power Girl - From 9-22-2012 to 01-07-2013

Jean Grey - From of 12-07-2012 to 1-12-2013

Zatanna - From 10-07-2012 to 11-19-2012, and from of 01-27-2013 to 02-06-2013

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