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  • I was born on November 1
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Info & ImagesEdit

+request all char questions

Wikipedia: surprisingly comprehensive summaries of comics and characters

Marvel Wikia: comprehensive information and images
Earth 616: Marvel's mainstream continuity

DC Wikia: comprehensive information and images
New Earth: DC's mainstream continuity

Comic Vine: information and image galleries
Comicbook Database: story arc summaries, general information

Editing ImagesEdit

Your two default character images should be 300px wide and 450px tall.
Pixlr: free image editor online
Irfanview: free, basic image editor for Windows OS
Seashore: free, open-source basic image editor for Mac OSX
GIMP: free, open-source advanced image editor for multiple OS

Wikia HelpEdit

Need help with Images or Editing? @mail *WIK=Wikihelp on the MUX!
Wikia Basics
Editing Walkthrough: Don't be nervous!
Wiki Text: What all those brackets and markings do.
Advanced Wiki Text: Get a little fancier.
Upload Image to this Wikia: Default character images are 300x450 pixels.
Add a Log: Select Log, Event, or Cutscene to get the template you need.

MUX Contact: admin @

Maleficent @ WorkEdit

  • The Story So Far
    • review and compile events
    • consider a bot to compile a timeline
  • News Files and Applications
    • revised theme, rating, about, and setting
    • create group application


Team Building Events

META: Resistance or Registration

Enter Quiddity: The Outsiders

META: The Wardens Plot

Team Creation: The Outsiders

Karma PlotsEdit

One ShotsEdit

Zen: True Blue Hero!
Rocket Raccoon: Crash Landing

The Shadows of TimaittivuEdit

The Shadows of Timaittivu Ep. 01
The Shadows of Timaittivu Ep. 02: Back to Brooklyn

Work GalleryEdit

My AltsEdit

Maleficent (Mal)Edit

Mal dragon 100
Head of Plots
Development: Groups, Building, Wiki

Cannonball (Sam)Edit

Sam david 100
Firefighter/EMT, Eagle's Nest Station/Section A7.
Spotlight on Cannonball II
616 Samuel Guthrie

Bethany Cabe (Beth)Edit

Beth deborah 100
Director: New York City/Cabe-McPherson Security
Head of Security: Stark Industries
616 Bethany Cabe
Beth @ Wikipedia

The Cuckoos (ESP)Edit

ESP amanda 100
616 Stepford Cuckoos
Stepford Cuckoos @ Wikipedia

Loki (L)Edit

Loki tom 100
Loki Laufeyson @ Marvel Wikia
Loki Laufeyson @ Wikipedia
Loki @ Wikipedia
Aliases: Loren Olsen, Lucas Luc, Lux, Serrure, Tso Zhung, Lord of Lies

Character GalleryEdit

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