Virgil Ovid Hawkins


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Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Electric Absorption: 8, Electric Generation: 7, Magnetic Control: 4, Psionic Resistance: 5

Abilities: Skill

Fisticuffs: 3, Nerd: 4, Science: 3, Street Smarts: 3


Flaws: Hero Worship, Rough Childhood, Seizures, Water

Languages: English and Spanish


Power: Electric Control

Static can control any electromagnetic energy he has absorbed or generated, allowing him to direct it anywhere within his line of sight with incredible precision. However, he cannot *completely* overcome the laws of physics; electricity will only go where it can physically go (Faraday Cages are his bane). In essence, he can use his power reserves to create lightning bolts, EMPs (at great cost!), ball lightning, blinding flashes, and other phenomenon.

Power: Electric Reader

Static's brain can 'read' electromagnetic signals, including radios -- this power has yet to be fully developed, and often leads to headaches and confusion (he's yet to figure out how to 'filter out' unwanted signals). He can also 'see' electromagnetic emissions, allowing him to detect energy sources (and granting him a limited ability to 'see' in the dark).

Power: Electric Absorption (8)

Static can 'suck in' and store approximately 15 gigawatts of electromagnetic energy; he can't hold it forever, however -- it will progressively 'bleed away' over the course of a day. Attempts to store more power create a progressively higher risk of physical harm (or seizure).

Power: Electric Generation (7)

Static can generate approximately a strong lightning bolt (5 gigawatts) every day. Attempting to create more will carry progressively higher and higher risks of incurring physical damage and/or a seizure.

Power: Magnetic Control (4)

Static can use his electromagneticism to exert telekinetic control over metal (ferrous only) objects. His range is limited; the closer an object is to him, the less costly this ability is to use -- when he uses it, he burns through his power reserves. Throwing a car is very costly (particularly if he's not touching it); levitating himself on a manhole is something he could probably do all day.

Power: Psionic Resistance (5)

Static's brain is constantly awash with energy (literally); this makes it hard to pierce his mind with standard psionic tactics. Essentially, take five points off the attacker's psionic abilities and treat the remaining value as the effect it will have on Static. This ability is reduced (or negated) whenever Static's power reserves are drained.

Skill: Fisticuffs (3)

He's no master combatant, but Static's been in a fist-fight before -- he knows how to throw a punch or two. And even dodge them!

Skill: Nerd (4)

Out of costume, Static is an unrepetant nerd -- with a deep love for video games, comics, trading card games (pikachu is his spirit animal!), table top games, and computer games. As a result, he has a number of respectable skills that intersect with high-end nerditry: He knows how to operate computers and can probably whup your ass at Magic: The Gathering.

Skill: Science (3)

While largely a straight-C student in school, Static has taken a recent interest in science -- particularly where it intersects with his power-set. He's gifted, mentally, and a fast study -- though there are certain unusual gaps in his knowledge, he's quickly learning more and more regarding how he can apply his powers in the real world.

Skill: Street Smarts (3)

Though by no means a hardened criminal (or even much of a criminal), Static has spent considerable time in some rough neighborhoods. He knows the ins-and-outs of how to live (and survive) on the street; who to avoid, who to trust -- and how to recognize when he's getting con'd. He doesn't know how to hot wire a car, but he knows plenty of people who do.



Flaw: Hero Worship

Ever since he was a little kid, Static wanted to be a hero; this leaves him easily impressionable when it comes to other heroes (or would-be-heroes). Despite being very intelligent (and despite having a great deal of cunning!), he is easily lead astray by anyone who convinces him of 'the Greater Good'.

Flaw: Rough Childhood

Like so many kids from his neighborhood, Static has had it rough; he lives in the sort of place where the people you know and love run a considerable risk of getting killed while going out for eggs and milk. He's got a lot of anger in him; though he's never actually been arrested, he's given a couple of police officers enough lip that they know him by name.

Flaw: Seizures

So, it turns out firing a constant stream of electricity through your brain isn't good for your underlying neurology. Static suffers from a limited, unusual form of epilepsy; every time he uses his powers, there's a (relatively low, but present) risk of causing himself a seizure. The more he pushes his power, the higher this risk becomes. His father (who does not know about his superhero aspirations) thinks he has epilepsy; he's been taking seizure medication for it.

Flaw: Water

When soaked (or submerged), Static can't discharge his powers accurately. While he can just re-absorb any electricity he hits himself with, others near him might find themselves at considerable risk. This flaw will likely vanish once Static figures out he can use his control over electricity to convert any water touching him into hydrogen and oxygen (he hasn't had that bit in science class, yet!).


Virgil's mother was killed by gang-violence when he was 9; his father stepped up and became a prominent member of the community, attempting to curtail gang violence by forming a civic center for young teenagers. In school, Virgil became sharp-tongued and belligerent, leading him to having multiple clashes with bullies -- it wasn't long before he found himself pressed into a gang for his own protection (and the protection of his friends). It was during one of these outings that he realized matters were about to escalate into deadly violence; attempting to prevent anyone from getting killed, he was interrupted by an accidental chemical spill -- which lead to the emergence of his powers. Fleeing the scene, he discovered he had gained electrokineticism, and began using his powers (in secret) to save lives in his neighborhood (largely by rescuing people from fires). Recently, he's been branching out, interested in riding this cape thing all the way -- though his father is convinced his constant absences are a result of his involvement with gangs (which he's recently broken free from).


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