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Volstagg in many ways is the sterotypical Asgardian, bold boisterious and always ready for hte next adventure. He also though embodies some of it most typical flaws. His love of feasting and mead has left him with a physique few would envy, and his trusting nature has frequnetly been taking advantage of. Undeterred by this weaknesses he strives to help those in need and to aid his companions in their goals.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Fast Healing: 3, Long Lived, Super Stength: 6, Toughness: 5

Abilities: Skill

Animal Handling: 4 Swordmanship: 5

Abilities: Gear

Magical Sword: 4

Advantages: Asgardians

Flaws: Clumsy, Golden Apples, Gullible, Tecnologically Inept

Languages: Ancient-Norse and English


Gear: Magical Sword (4)

Volstagg carried an sword forged in Asgard and then enchanted to enable him to serve the crown better. It is a formidable weapon but not ins hte same glass as Mjolnir or the other famous weapons from the Golden Realm. Still it can cut through tank armor and similiar substances.

Power: Fast Healing (3)

Volstagg heals noticable faster then a anormal human, it is not an instant healing but injuries tend to heal in much less time then they would for an average person. This is still natural healing though, and severed limbs or totally destroyed parts would be permanently lost as he would not grow them back but the actual would left behind but the loss would still heal at the his accelerated pace.

Power: Long Lived

Asgardians live and extremely long time. Life spans in the thousands of years,so Volstagg would not show any signs of advancing in age during his time on Earth. It should be noted this is not true immortality, those who have to power to accerate aging could effect him just with greater effort then a normal person do to the ammount of aging having to be so much greater. His natural lifespan is finite and we can still be killed with violence.

Power: Super Stength (6)

All Asgardians are stronger then humans and Volstagg is even stronger then most Asgardians, although his non-athletic physique tends to cause others to over look this fact now and again.

Power: Toughness (5)

Volstagg is far more sturdy then the average human. During his many adventures in the Nine Worlds he has endured many hardships and these ahave left him toughened to better withstand things that would seriously injure others. Small arms tend to sting but do little damage but weapons of greater potency do hurt him.

Skill: Animal Handling (4)

Like most Asgardians or an adventurous nature, Volstagg has done a lot of travel by horse back, not only that but during his adventures he has encoutered many strange creatures and shown an aptitude for being able to gain their trust and to ride them. Now this skill is an innate talent he has not really honed it. Also it should be noted that it will not cause a trained animal to turn against it's master, nor cause any animal to attack on Volstagg's command with out extensive training.

Skill: Swordmanship (5)

Volstagg has seen more then his fair share of combat over his long life. At his peak his skills would likely have been even higher but he has enters what it middle aged to an asgardian his skills have erroded some but he is still a match for most comabatants when it comes to skill with a sword.


Advantage: Asgardians

As a member of the Norse Pantheon, Volstagg could reasaonable expect to find food and shelter with most of the other memebers, with some notable exceptions, loki for one would be unlikely to help him. Not only that pshichal comfort but they would also provide him with a support network of people to talk to and to give him advice and assistance.


Flaw: Clumsy

While normally Volstagg has about average reflexes there are times when for whatever reason he cannot seem ot get out of his own way, this is partially due ot his bulk, but if there is a spot where he can stumble over things or manage to find a weak spot to fall through you can count on him to do it.

Flaw: Golden Apples

Like all Asgardians Volstagg's long live stems from the regualr consuption of Idunn's golden Apples. If he were to be deprived of them he would start to age at an accelerated rate.

Flaw: Gullible

Volstagg is a trusting person, having growing up on Asgard has not helped this basic nature. he will tend ot beleive most things people tell hi, espeically sob stories from women and young people.

Flaw: Tecnologically Inept

Volstagg is completely fascinated by and ingornat of the use of modern appliances. Not only does he not understand them he seems completely unable to grasp the usage of them.


Volstagg is completely fascinated by and ingornat of the use of modern appliances. Not only does he not understand them he seems completely unable to grasp the usage of them.

Volstagg was born in Asgard long ago, he grew up to be an adventurer, facing monsters throughout the Nine Realms. He started off on his own but was later joined by Thor , Fandral and Hogun, with the last two he became known as part of the Warriors Three. As Thor has become more and more concerned with the goings on of planet Earth, the Warriors three have visited it with him. Volstagg always had a bit of an affinity for the people of Earth and has decided to join Thor and Sif in being more active on Earth recently.


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