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War Machine
WMIcon1 WMIcon2
Agility: 3 Strength: 3 Toughness: 5
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 7
Arc Reactor 8 Armor Statistics * Art of War 8
Beam Projector * Businessman 5 Computer Interface *
Cybernetic Link * EMP Generator * Enhanced Speed 2
Flight 6 Force Shield 6 Ghost-Tech *
Magnetic Integration * Mechanical Aptitude 7 Micro-Missiles 4
Mini-Flamethrower 4 Mod. Assault Weapon 6 Optic Laser 4
PATTON 8 Pilot Aircraft 6 Repulsors 6
Self Sustaining * Sensors 8 Sonic Inducer 6
Survivalist 5 Targeting Computer 8 Unarmored Combat 4
Utility Backpack * Utility Belt * Warblades *
Advanced Technology Cybernetic Systems Force Works
Honorable Discharge Machine Shop Tony Stark
Doesn't Sleep Enemies Good Lil' Soldier
Inhuman Appearance Life Support Lightweight
Runs On Batteries Stiff Tony Stark
Name: James "Rhodey" Rhodes Tough as nails and better armed than most terrorist factions, War Machine is not to be taken lightly. Neither is Jim Rhodes. In either guise, he maintains a reputation for being an ace pilot, a crack shot, and a stand-up guy. Especially compared to his best friend.
Position: Walking Arsenal
Team: Team Stark, The Avengers
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Don Cheadle
Alts: Gambit
Timezone: EST
Music: AC/DC - Big Gun
Quote: "You want war? I'll give you war! South Philly style!"
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


James "Rhodey" Rhodes spent the vast majority of his life as a completely regular guy from Philly. He joined the Air Force, trained as a service mechanic and pilot, and eventually worked his way to the rank of Lt. Colonel. No small accomplishment in a time when wars (and thus promotions) were difficult to come by.

He and Tony stark met when both were still young, idealistic men. The two became fast friends after a short time, forming an inseparable bond over the course of several dangerous and life-altering events. When Rhodey discovered Tony's second identity as Iron Man, he quickly resigned from the service and accepted an offer to serve as Tony's personal pilot, aviation engineer, and occasional bodyguard.

As they grew closer and Rhodey showed himself to be a quick thinker, an able fighter, and a very determined person, he was granted unlimited access to Tony's properties and secrets, including the Iron Man armory. Not long after, he used his access to commandeer the suit while Tony was incapacitated. Though he didn't originally have permission, in the end he had Tony's approval and continued to wear it.

Unfortunately, the cybernetic linkages were not properly calibrated for Rhodey's brain, leading to a period of instability and hostile activity. Tony was eventually forced to create a second suit of armor to combat and defeat him. Afterward, Rhodey retired for a short while to collect himself. It was during this time that the War Machine armor was constructed, though the project was kept very secret. This proved to be a fortunate move. Rhodey was much better prepared the next time Stark was incapacitated.

He fell in love when he donned the War Machine armor for the first time. The strength. The durability. The raw firepower. He reveled in it. Even after Iron Man returned, War Machine continued to fight.

Tony eventually handed over Force Works so that Rhodey would have a place to build progressively more dangerous weapons for his suit. Weapons that Tony could never approve of.

All four of Rhodey's limbs, his spine, his skull, and one eye were badly damaged during a recent terrorist attack in Dubai. It took intervention from Tony Stark to save him. In the end, all of the damaged portions of his anatomy had to be replaced. He became the War Machine both inside and out.

Though he no longer works for Stark Enterprises full-time , Rhodey still occasionally patches up Tony's aircraft or flies his old boss somewhere. More often they can be found working together as Iron Man and War Machine.


Cybernetics: Arc Reactor (8)

The reactor that powers the War Machine armor is remarkably similar to the one that Tony Stark designed for himself, even to the point of being mounted in Rhodey's chest to power his life support systems. It's capable of generating three gigajoules per second, more than enough to suit his needs in all but the most drastic of circumstances.

Armor: Armor Statistics (-)
Many of Rhodey's basic statistics are greatly boosted when he's wearing his armor. Numbers are as follows:

Agility: 7, Strength: 8, Toughness: 9, Perception: 8, Intellect: 6 (PATTON's processing capabilities), Willpower: 7 (Rhodey)

The War Machine armor is composed of uniquely designed and layered materials, is driven by potent servo-motors, and carries technological innovations that the public has yet to dream of. Bullets don't even scratch it. Heavy weapons are usually little more than an annoyance, though damage is cumulative. It can (and has) taken hits from ICBMs. It's sealed against most environmental attacks, including heat, cold, electricity, chemical warfare, radiation, and electromagnetic interference from outside sources. It also has a refractive coating that is particularly resistant to laser attacks, radar detection, and targeting locks.

Armor: Art of War (8)
War Machine's particular style of fighting heavily incorporates the use of weapons and explosives, even in close combat. When it doesn't, his retractable chainsaws factor heavily into the equation. On top of that, the suit's raw power, durability, and agility make him a formidable opponent when unarmed.

Armor: Beam Projector (-)
When he's wearing the War Machine armor, Rhodey is able to channel power through his chest-mounted arc reactor and fire intense energy bursts. Using a combination of emitters and focusing lenses, the type and intensity of this energy can be modified to include microwaves, disintegration beams, intensely focused light, blasts of heat, hard radiation emissions, and more. Unrated because the scale used to measure damage varies according to the type of beam fired. All variations consume massive power, limiting War Machine to one shot every three rounds if he doesn't want to drastically deplete his emergency reserves.

The beam projector also contains a beta particle trap, a radiation scoop, a solar converter, and various other methods of replenishing power to both the projector itself and the suit as a whole.

  • Area of Effect: Varies
  • Range: Maximum of 10 miles.

Skill: Businessman (5)
When they can take each other seriously for more than a few minutes at a time, Tony Stark has been giving Rhodey tips on how best to run Force Works. He still asks his friends and advisers many questions, he's learned very quickly. Though he's not an expert yet, he's become a seasoned and sensible CEO.

Cybernetics: Computer Interface (-)
On the rare occasions that he doesn't have access to PATTON or the AI is unable to access a particular device remotely, Rhodey is able to create a direct interface. It allows him to access stored data and command functions with relative ease. This is accomplished via a twelve inch tentacle that's deployed from his wrist. The tentacle retracts into his cybernetic arm when it's not in use.

Armor: Cybernetic Link (-)
As with the Iron Man armor, War Machine's suit boasts a cybernetic link that protects him from mental assaults and invasions as long as the armor is sealed and intact.

Armor: Emp Generator (-)
The War Machine armor carries an EMP generator that Rhodey affectionately refers to as the 'Plan B Launcher.' When activated, it converts all available power reserves into a single electromagnetic pulse. With power at maximum capacity, the EMP blast is capable of shutting down any unshielded device in a fifty mile radius. Unfortunately, it also shuts down the armor, turning it into a few hundred pounds of dead weight until it can be rebooted. A full reboot takes approximately three minutes, a lifetime when you're stuck in a combat scenario.

  • Range: Proportionate to current power reserves with a maximum 5 mile radius.

Armor: Enhanced Speed (2)
Even on the ground, War Machine is capable of moving quite a bit faster than the average person. He can sprint as fast as a sports car and make leaps that Olympic athletes can only dream about. His reaction time is similarly impressive, owing in part to assistance from his sensors and targeting computer.

Armor: Flight (6)
Equipped with jet boosters and a repulsor stabilization system for tricky maneuvers, the War Machine armor is extremely fast and nimble in the air.

  • Maximum Speed: Mach 2.

Armor: Force Shield (6)
War Machine bears a wrist-activated force screen that can deflect attacks to himself and can also be extended to targets in the immediate vicinity. At the lowest power setting, it is capable of defending against anti-tank weapons without a significant drain on energy reserves. It can be boosted high enough to survive direct hits from heavy artillery, though each hit draws on reactor power.

  • Range: Self/Touch
  • Duration: Maximum of three rounds at its highest defense setting. (Toughness 8)

Armor: Gatling Repulsor (8)
A recent collaborative development between Rhodes and Stark, the Gatling Repulsor has replaced War Machine's more traditional kinetic vulcan cannon. Though the repulsor blasts it fires are relatively low powered, it fires them at the rate of several hundred per second. The extreme power requirements limit the payload to several short, sustained bursts, after which a recharging period is necessary (around ten seconds.) As part of the Utility Backpack, the Gatling Repulsor slides over the shoulder when deployed and reforms as part of the pack when disengaged.

A single shot or graze hits with an Arsenal rating of 3 One burst hits with an Arsenal rating of 6 Five bursts (the full payload) hit with an Arsenal rating of 8.

If directly plugged into a suitable power source, the weapon is capable of firing a steady stream of repulsor blasts, turning War Machine into an immobile but potent artillery cannon.

  • Range: Three miles.
  • Area of Effect: Single target, though a full barrage may hit several.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited with proper cooldown periods.

Armor: Ghost-Tech (-)
One of several additions to the newest War Machine suit, the Ghost-tech system has been reverse-engineered and recreated by Tony Stark. It has three mutually exclusive functions:

The thermoptic camo uses a combination of holograms and signature-masking alloys to render the armor and its wearer invisible. It works on most sensor arrays as well as the naked eye, though bleeding edge technology and supernatural detection methods may still be effective. The camo is completely impenetrable by conventional means as long as War Machine is motionless. It creates an effect similar to a very small heat wave when he's in motion.

By focusing his holographic projector at an external target, War Machine can create a variety of convincing distractions. The more complex the distraction, the more difficult it is for him to maintain. Synching the movement of lips with speech generated by his sonic inducer is particularly troublesome.

The matter phasing system sets up sympathetic vibrations between War Machine and any objects he might be carrying, allowing him to pass through solid objects.

Only one of these systems can be engaged at a time. They consume vast amounts of energy, allowing for only sixty seconds of consecutive use before a similar recharging period is necessary. If pushed past this point, the Ghost-tech system can consume his emergency power in as little as thirty seconds. As all available resources are drawn upon when it's engaged, simultaneous use of any weapon systems is not possible.

Armor: Grenade Launcher (4)
This clip-fed automatic grenade launcher fires 20mm projectiles that can be set to airburst, impact, or timed configurations. War Machine carries reloads for several different types of grenades, including high explosive, fragmentation, incendiaries, smoke, and flash. As part of the Utility Backpack, the AGL slides over the shoulder when deployed and reforms as part of the pack when disengaged.

Though they have varying purposes, each grenade does approximately the same damage when used against the appropriate target. (Baseline of Arsenal 4)

  • Range: 0.5 miles.
  • Area of Effect: Varies.
  • Payload: 40 grenades, though additional reloads may be carried.

Cybernetics: Magnetic Integration (-)
Using the magno-locks contained in his body, Rhodey can interface directly with nearly any metallic construct and temporarily incorporate it into his suit or cybernetic limbs. This is accomplished by magnetically disassembling the target and reassembling it at the desired location. Anything larger than a tank or fighter jet is subject to a maximum of three pose rounds of integration with the War Machine suit. Rhodey's cybernetic limbs are limited to what he able to lift and maneuver.

  • Range: Line of sight.
  • Payload: Limited to current carrying capacity.

Skill: Mechanical Aptitude (7)
Rhodey was an aircraft mechanic even before he became a pilot. If it flies, he can fix it. He's also gotten very good at repairing the War Machine armor. Sometimes Tony is busy, after all.

More than that, Rhodey has begun to show a knack for figuring out how weapons work. He contributed to the development of the gatling repulsor and assisted in downsizing existing technology for his grenade launcher and missile pod. Though he's never tackled any large projects by himself, he's ready to take his first leap.

Armor: Micro Missiles (4)
At a moment's notice, panels on the War Machine armor's upper chest and shoulders can slide back to reveal an extensive array of micro missiles and small projectiles. These are War Machine's primary non-lethal/less lethal armament. He packs taser rounds, knockout gas, thermite anti-material rounds, concussion missiles, flashbang rockets, and wooden baton rounds.

Though these have varying non-lethal purposes, they do the same approximate "damage" (baseline of Arsenal 4) to the proper targets when used in the proper format.

  • Range: Approximately one mile.
  • Area of Effect: Varies.
  • Payload: 36 missiles, though additional reloads may be carried.

Armor: Mini-Flamethrower (4)
Attached to the underside of War Machine's left arm, his mini-flamethrower is fed by interchangeable fuel tanks. As it is generated by liquid plasma forced through a tight aperture and ignited by repulsor technology, this fire burns a great deal hotter than your average napalm. It's even able to melt through steel with enough contact. It's capable of spraying either a cone-shaped blast or a much narrower stream at longer ranges. Like the rest of his exterior weapon systems, the mini-flamethrower is retractable. (Baseline damage is Arsenal 4)

  • Range: 30' (Stream)
  • Area of Effect: 15' (Cone)
  • Payload: Approximately 60 seconds of flame per fuel tank.

Armor: Missile Pod (6)
The War Machine armor boasts a sixteen-port missile pod that can load a variety of different rounds. Standard high explosives are a favorite, as are armor-piercing explosive rounds and surface-to-air missiles. This is a long-range, high-damage assault weapon, equal to military grade weapons several times as large. As part of the Utility Backpack, the missile pod slides over the shoulder when deployed and reforms as part of the pack when disengaged.

Again, each of these missiles have a very different purpose and are designed to strike a very specific type of target. So long as the right missile is used in the right place at the right time, damage should remain consistent. (Baseline of Arsenal 6)

  • Range: Approximately 10 miles.
  • Area of Effect: Varies.
  • Payload: 16 missiles, though additional reloads may be carried.

Armor: Mod. Assault Weapon (6)
Another collaborative effort between Rhodey and Stark, the Modular Assault Weapon is a dangerous and impressive technological innovation. It's designed to be customized in mid-combat to fill any mission requirements that aren't already covered by one of War Machine's other weapon systems.

In the standard configuration, all three retractable barrels fire energy bolts that are suitable for mid-range applications. The War Machine armor also packs a double-barreled shotgun attachment for close combat and a large, single-barreled "sniper rifle" attachment. Both of these are stored in internal hip holsters until a swap-out is required. All iterations of the weapon draw on the arc reactor for power and fire pulsed plasma blasts.

  • Payload: Draws on arc reactor for effectively unlimited power.
  • Ranges: Shotgun: 100 ft. Tri Blaster: 0.5 miles. Sniper Rifle: 3 miles.

Cybernetics: Optic Laser (4)
Rhodey's cybernetic eye is capable of firing a laser beam that's suited to both combat and utility applications. It's his last line of defense when he's not wearing his armor. Though it consumes a great deal of power and has a fairly short range, it's still a potent backup weapon.

  • Range: Approximately one hundred feet.
  • Area of Effect: Single target.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, but recharging time limits the Optic Laser to one blast every other pose round.

Pacification and Termination Tactical Onboard Nanoprocessor (Voiced by R. Lee Ermey.)

Originally programmed and uploaded into the War Machine armor as a joke by Tony Stark, PATTON has grown to be an integral part of the suit's AI and targeting systems. It replies to vocal and mental commands, provides constant input from the suit's sensor suite, and also warns Rhodey of incoming weapons locks while simultaneously attempting to defeat them.

PATTON can be transported from the War Machine armor to Rhodey's phone, any of his personal vehicles, and to a much more limited version of the home interface that Tony Stark uses. Rather than holographic projections, Rhodey's system uses primarily voice commands coupled with standard visual displays and touchscreen controls.

The rating is a combination of the AI's raw processing power, its ability to upload or download itself over long distances, and the distance at which it is able to gather information using War Machine's sensors and any other available equipment.

Skill: Pilot Aircraft (6)
James Rhodes was an Air Force pilot long before he became the War Machine. Helicopters. Fighter jets. Pontoon planes. Commercial airliners. If Rhodey doesn't already know how to fly it, he's a very fast learner.

Armor: Repulsors (6)
The War Machine armor carries a palm-mounted repulsor array in each gauntlet that's used to stabilize the armor during complicated flight maneuvers. They also happen to be potent weapons. Each can blast through wood, concrete, and even steel like wet tissue. They can fire streamed repulsor bolts or a wider, more dispersed blast.

War Machine's arrays differ from Iron Man's in one way. Rather than a 360 degree attack, his overcharged blast is a 90 degree cone of intense repulsor energy. (Arsenal 8)

  • Range: Maximum of three miles.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited with proper power management.

Armor: Self-Sustaining (-)
Vacuum-sealed, waterproof, and airtight, the War Machine armor is impervious to toxins of all kinds so long as its structural integrity hasn't been compromised. It's also capable of drawing in ambient water and vapor, condensing it, and creating at least a two liters of water per day. All wastes created by the user are recycled, and if necessary they can be purified and added to the water ration. The suit also carries a carbon dioxide scrubber that allows it to recycle oxygen for up to 48 hours with no ill effects. In addition, there's a compartment in the torso that stores enough protein pellets and calorie bars to last for seven days.

Armor: Sensors (8)
The War Machine armor boasts a dizzying array of sensor equipment, all of which is linked to PATTON and the Advanced Targeting Computer, which are in turn linked to each of War Machine's individual weapons. Included are a radar, lidar and sonar suite, a seismograph, a directional microphone for amplifying sound, oxygen sensors, a visually operated speedometer, a magnetic anomaly detector, voltage meter, infrared imager, bedwetting alarm, Geiger counter, gyroscopic depth and orientation tools, pressure sensors, and more.

  • Range: Maximum range for external sensors is 500 miles.

Armor: Sonic Inducer (6)
The sonic inducer is an instrument with a variety of non-lethal applications. It can produce sound as loud as 120 db, enough to be painful and potentially debilitating to the unprotected ear. It's capable of generating low frequency noise that is barely audible, but very disorienting. It can also fire a pulse of high frequency sound that's capable of shattering glass and other substances with similar crystalline structures. Any of these applications can take the form of either a focused stream or a widely dispersed field with War Machine at the epicenter.

The sonic inducer can also be used in tandem with the Ghost-Tech holographic projector to create diversions.

  • Range: 300 feet as a narrowly streamed attack.
  • Area of Effect: 30 foot radius as a dispersed field.

Skill: Survivalist (5)
Rhodey is very familiar with survival techniques in a variety of scenarios. Through military training and firsthand experience, he has learned a great deal about procuring food, collecting water, and finding shelter, as well as rationing these necessities when the occasion calls for it. His areas of expertise are jungle, desert, arctic, and post-nuclear scenarios.

Armor: Targeting Computer (8)
Able to track and identify dozens of targets simultaneously, War Machine's advanced targeting computer combines the finest sensor technology on the planet with PATTON's AI and feeds the information to all of the armor's on-board weapon systems. This makes for a unique link between man and machine, giving Rhodey a decided edge when it comes to fixing his targets and firing on them accurately.

  • Range: 50 miles.

Skill: Unarmored Combat (4)
Even without his armor, Rhodey knows a thing or two about defending himself. As a former military man, he has been trained in hand-to-hand combat and the use of all standard firearms employed by the U.S. Armed Forces. His combat skills may have grown a bit rusty during his time as a liaison officer, but he had more chances to sharpen them while serving as Tony Stark's pilot.

Armor: Utility Belt (-)
This is where War Machine packs his extra ammunition. Grenades, rockets, and fuel tanks go here.

  • Payload: Varies according to mission profile.

Armor: Warblades (5)
For melee combat, the War Machine armor packs retractable chainsaws in the sides of both forearms. When deployed, each extends two feet out past his fists. When activated, the four chainsaws are capable of cutting through steel and concrete like butter. (Baseline damage is Arsenal 5)


Advantage: Advanced Technology

Rhodey has access to a wide array of technologies not available to the average person. Through Stark Industries, the military, and his own private corporation, he can acquire or develop cutting edge devices, weaponry, and defense systems.

This advantage is most prominently displayed through the War Machine armor, PATTON, and the control interfaces wired into Rhodey's personal vehicles and his residence.

Advantage: Cybernetic Systems
All four of Rhodey's limbs, his spine, parts of his skull, and one of his eyes were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics following a near-death experience in Dubai. Their primary function is to sustain him, but they also provide unique benefits and drawbacks.

Having most of his body replaced with a combination of titanium and vibranium, Rhodey is inherently more durable than the average man. Though his belly is just as vulnerable as anyone's, his head, back, and limbs are very difficult to damage. (Toughness 6 for applicable areas due to vibratanium composition. Overall Toughness score of 5 accounts for vulnerable areas.)

Though it's not their main purpose, Rhodey's cybernetic limbs are more physically powerful than the human equivalent. He can lift more, run faster, and react more quickly than the everyman. This is shown through his boosted Agility and Strength scores. There are also two secret compartments in each limb, all of a size to conceal a wallet, paperback book, sandwich, or similarly-sized object.

Rhodey also required a new eye. Though it's just as inhuman in appearance as his arms and legs, it does carry certain advantages. He's able to zoom in telescopically, providing clear vision and proper magnification at up to 1000 feet. He can also record images and video, though there's no audio pickup. Finally, he can fire a tightly focused laser blast from his pupil.

There are disadvantages to Rhodey's rebuilt body. He now requires a constant power source to survive, not unlike Tony Stark. To feed this need, he has been fitted with a personal arc reactor and a battery backup. In the event of a reactor failure, Rhodey must find a new power supply within six hours or his life support systems will fail.

Advantage: Force Works
After one too many arguments about what did and didn't qualify as a weapon, Tony Stark quietly signed over a small salvage and metalworking corporation to Rhodey. This gave him a place to work on the War Machine armor away from the public eye, as Tony can't always be around to perform every minor repair or modification that's necessary even when he agrees with it. While it isn't publicly known that Rhodes serves as CEO, the appropriate paperwork has been prepared and locked away in case it should be needed. As far as most people are concerned, Force Works is nothing more than a modestly successful steel processing facility with a mysterious executive.

While he has access to the company's staff, equipment, and resources, Rhodey must be careful how he deploys them if he means to maintain his anonymity. This is doubly true when the identity of War Machine is brought into the mix. Each Force Works facility has at least one or two ways for Rhodey to get in quietly and unseen. All other entrances are covered by near-impregnable security systems. All Force Works facilities have been equipped with PATTON interfaces and some have built-in Launch Tubes identical to those found in Tony Stark's armories, allowing Rhodey to have a suit sent to his location. However, he has access to far fewer suits and launchers.

Advantage: Honorable Discharge
As a one-time ranking officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, Rhodey enjoys certain perks that most people never will. Though he has little need for conventional weapons, he keeps his Air Force sidearm, rifle, and pilot's SMG in his personal armory. Just in case. He can also access any declassified information that any military branch has on file, as well as a great deal that has been classified, though the latter requires calling in favors from old colleagues.

Advantage: Machine Shop
A nickname supplied by Tony that later stuck, the Machine Shop is actually Rhodey's home. It's mostly unremarkable, except for a workshop and armory concealed beneath the garage. It's modest compared to most Force Works facilities, but it's equipped for basic repairs, tweaks, and re-arming. Just as importantly, it gives Rhodey somewhere to conceal his armor if he needs to bring it home with him. Both the workshop and living area are connected to PATTON interfaces.

Advantage: Tony Stark
Being friends with Tony can be a double-edged sword, but it does have perks. Not only can Rhodey usually count on his bestie when he's in a jam, Tony has also supplied him with kingly gifts. Without Tony, the War Machine armor never would've existed. PATTON would never have been created. Rhodey wouldn't have access to nearly as many technological advancements, or be able to tap into a private corporation's resources for research and development purposes.

Tony has been good to Rhodey, so he tries to return the favor whenever he can. He mostly does this by tolerating Tony's shenanigans.

Advantage: Vehicles
Rhodey loves vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and configurations. He has access to a high-end motorcycle, a pickup truck, and a surplus MH-6 Little Bird helicopter. The motorcycle and truck are very fast, very expensive civilian vehicles. The helicopter is a refurbished military unit. It still carries dual vulcan cannons and anti-SAM countermeasures.

All three of Rhodey's rides are equipped with a PATTON interface and windshield HUD.


Flaw: Doesn't Sleep

This is more than simple insomnia. Due to his cybernetic construction and the link that connects him to his armor, Rhodey is completely incapable of unconsciousness. He can't sleep. When he's "knocked out" he's stunned, but still aware of his surroundings. Though he's grown acclimated to this effect over time, it still isn't good for his state of mind. On rare occasions, Rhodey is prone to irrational behavior and emotional outbursts.

Flaw: Enemies
In his short time as the War Machine, Rhodey has already managed to accumulate a small handful of potent enemies. Every time he thwarts a villainous plot or puts another heavy-hitter down for the count, he has one more person gunning for him.

On top of that, most of Iron Man's enemies are War Machine's by proxy. Some don't care to make the distinction between the two heroes. Some simply associate them as allies and prey on both accordingly. The same goes for Tony Stark and James Rhodes.

Flaw: Good Lil' Soldier
Though he no longer serves actively, Rhodey is still a military-minded man. If the Air Force should call, he is bound to answer. This presents a particularly large issue when Rhodey and War Machine are needed in the same place at the same time. To get around this, Rhodes has begun requesting assignments as a forward observer, putting himself in the field more often and giving himself more opportunities to use the War Machine armor as it was intended. To hurt bad guys.

Flaw: Inhuman Appearance
More than seventy percent of Rhodey's body has been replaced or cybernetically augmented. At this point, he is literally more machine than man. His prosthetic limbs are designed for substance over style. They mimic and even exceed the abilities of their human counterparts, but look nothing like them.

Flaw: Life Support
Like his friend Tony, Rhodey's survival is directly linked to a chest-mounted arc reactor. It powers his cybernetic enhancements, his armor, and it keeps his vital organs functioning. If it should be destroyed or stolen and a replacement isn't available, Rhodey has only six hours of stored energy for his support systems. After that, his limbs and his prosthetic eye will shut down, followed by catastrophic failure of all vital organs within 48 hours.

Flaw: Lightweight
Rhodey has a fairly low tolerance level for drugs and alcohol, especially for such a big, strong man. He can't hold his booze, he's never been a recreational drug user, and even gentle prescription drugs send him into a goofy, head-spinning state.

Flaw: Runs on Batteries
The War Machine armor depends on an internal power supply to function. When fully depleted, it becomes inert. At nearly three hundred pounds, that makes it difficult to even remove the suit without assistance.

The primary power source is a bank of batteries that are constantly recharged by a chest-mounted arc reactor. The reactor is capable of generating three gigajoules per second when operating at peak efficiency, enough to power the armor and its attached weapon systems under all but the most extreme circumstances.

If energy reserves grow depleted, secondary recharging can be attempted through energy collection devices mounted in War Machine's beam projector.

Attempting to power both the armor and his life support systems using only emergency reserves can become life threatening after only a few minutes!

Examples of activities that exceed the arc reactor's output: attempting to lift more than 100 tons, firing more than five consecutive bursts from the gatling repulsor, pushing flight speed past maximum rated capacities, firing multiple blasts from the beam projector without pausing to recharge, and firing a full-power repulsor blast from both gauntlets.

Flaw: Stiff
It's not that Rhodey doesn't have a sense of humor. Anyone looks like the straight man compared to Tony Stark. This means that Rhodey is far more likely to be the butt of jokes. Especially when Tony's the one doing the joking.

Flaw: Tony Stark
Tony is... Tony. Rhodey's best friend and someone he loves to hate. They're a complicated duo, but Rhodey wouldn't hesitate to risk his resources, his secrets, even his life if Tony were in danger. As much as they quibble, there's no questioning of loyalty.


War Machine Logs

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