Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name... and Harry's is that place. It's a small-town bar and grill with locally famous chili and cold beer on tap where you can get in a game of pool or darts, and you'll find no place friendlier. True, they get their share of weirdos, but here everyone's family. Even the weirdos.

City: Westchester County
Neighborhood: Salem Center
Address: N/A
Built/Founded: N/A

Description of Harry's HideawayEdit

This is the kind of place where, after a few visits, everyone could very well know your name. The kind of place where regulars walk in and their drink is poured by the time they get to the bar. The air is supremely old-fashioned, as the bar seems to have hardly changed in the last thirty years. The floors are polished hardwood, while slightly darker wainscoting lines the walls. Above it, pleasant off-white wallpaper serves as a backdrop for framed photographs of Westchester County from throughout the previous century.

Locally famous for its chili and, of course, a variety of imported beers, Harry's is the local place to be on a Saturday night. Most of those looking for an exciting time head for bigger venues or at least a bar with a proper dance floor, but the place still do a respectable business. The booths are comfortable; the food is good, and the conversation plentiful.

History of Harry's HideawayEdit

A small bar on the fringes of Salem Center, Harry's Hideaway was only just down the road from the Xavier Institute, and is now only roughly a 20 minute walk for the students and faculty of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. It is owned and operated by Harry, an old friend of Wolverine's.



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