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Wiccan-01 Billyk01
Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 6
Electric Generation 6 Flight 3 Reality Manipulation 5
Family Mystic Potential Secret ID
Electric Family Mutant
Strange Birth Teenager Weirdness Magnet
Name: William "Billy" Kaplan William "Billy" Kaplan is the son of two prominent New York doctors. Sarcastic, smart, and other things starting with S, he is the only out gay student in his school. Wiccan is entirely new to using his powers, let alone being a hero.
Position: Teen Hero
Team: Shadowpact
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


In another reality, another world where world events like the appearance of many super heroes happened decades earlier than they did here there was a woman that had the power to alter reality to suit her whims. She found love with a man that was not exactly alive, had twin sons she loved with all her heart, and found a balance between life as a hero and her family. When forces beyond anyones control caused the woman to lose all she had her grasp on reality broke, and lead to reshaping the world in many ways destroying and rebuilding other peoples lives without control. When eventually she saw what she was doing, and put things right she unconsciously recreated her lost sons in her world but there were ripples from that act that reached across may worlds.

Where there were weak places, places where the fabric of reality was thin the ripples of all her magic affected the new worlds they touched. One such ripple was that in Transval at the foot of Mount Wundergore where the Elder God Cthon once walked and where 26 years before he had weakened reality to put in place a long term plan to escape his prison. There twin boys were found. The villagers there were already susperstitious of the location because of threats given not ten years before hand involving the birth of another set of twins and feared repricussions should anything happen to the boys, and feared what may come if they were kept in the area as well. The villagers begged the state to take them, and place them in an orphanage far away.

Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan were a loving couple. Both were young doctors a surgeon and psychiatrist respectively when they first met. Deeply in love with each other they wanted more than anything to have a family but again and again found themselves unable to conceive. In desperation they started to look into adoption when by chance they were introduced to an agency that worked to find good homes for abandoned children in impoverished countries. The Kaplans were introduced to a dark haired child that had been abandoned shortly after birth on a mountain side in Eastern Europe.

The Kaplans fell instantly in love with the child and added by supreme luck and a good lawyer was able to adopt and bring him home within a year. Named William they raised the child as theirs, never hiding that he was adopted but leaving out the odd level of...repulsion that the people of the orphanage he came from seemed to have for him.

William 'Billy' Kaplan grew up loved and even when his mother managed to get pregnant with other children was never treated any different than his brothers. He never wanted for anything but was never spoiled. He was always a quiet and thoughtful child, he never made friends easily but when he did formed a bond with them as strong as if they were family. The only real odd thing about his childhood was his imaginary friend. Rebecca Kaplan knew that having an imaginary friend was a natural part of child development but his came much earlier than most and stayed even some years after Billy started making friends with other children. What worried Rebecca the most thou was that Billy's imaginary friend was not actually a friend but a brother, a twin he would tell her about that was white haired compared to his own raven locks and seemed as much Billy's id as anything else.

In time though, Billy's imaginary twin seemed to vanish, replaced by real life friends, school, and his obsession with the growing numbers of real life Super Heroes. Billy in time grew into a fairly normal teenager. He was a self admitted geek, and showed no shame in it even though he expended more effort that he ever showed hiding his intelligence from his class mates. Because of an incident his freshman year Billy was outed as gay to a number of people in his class, which lead to a bully that already disliked him for some unknown reason to decide to make Billy's life a living hell. For all of his freshman and sophomore years in high school Billy did his best to avoid his personal tormentor right up until the last day of school.

One of the two events that set his life on its current track happened during his sophpmore year after the worst of the beatings he would recieve from his school's bullies. Bruised and with both eyes blackened he found himself wandering inside of Central Park instead of going directly home after school like he normaly would. Doing his best to hold back tears he atracted the attention of a strange woman in red with vibrant eyes. He did not know the woman but when she asked him what had happened to him he found the whole story spilling out of his mouth. The woman did not judge, she listened to it all with sympathy but no pity. In the end she gave him advice, told him that she knew he would likely have already been told to stand up for himself so she would not tell him that instead that he should stand up to the bullies for the sake of others that they were likely bulling. When he said he did not have the strength or power to do such things she said that everyone had power inside them, and that things would get better. To his surprise she ran her hand along his cheek in an almost motherly way, he hand glowing fainly, and a warm wave of wellness flushed over him. While still slightly stunned she told him to think about what she said and left him. To his surprise Billy found himself healed with no sign that he had ever been beaten.

The other event that set him on the path he follows now happened at the end of the year. The last day of school he by pure accident happened on several bullies including the one that had made his life in high school hell beating up a freshman and preparing to give him a swirly. Caught in the bathroom with two very large seniors baring down on him all he could do is wish he had powers like a super hero who could stop them, or like the Norse Gods he had been studying recently Thor! He wished with all his might he could be like Thor and then /It/ happened. Billy's powers bloomed into existence and his first use of his ability to warp reality was to give himself the power to fly and throw lightning. Of course without knowing how to control his powers he ended up crashing through the ceiling, blowing out several lights, and setting a fire. The first thing anyone knew he was found pulling not only the freshman but the bullies out of the bathroom he accidently set on fire. The people in charge decided that there was a fault in the electrical system that blew out the lights in the bathroom and because the whole event brought to light the actions of the bullies the lot of them found that they were in rather deep trouble when they came too in the hospital after being saved by one of their punching bags. With the start of summer Billy has started to practice with his powers and hanks to a random self help book has been learning to control his reality warping to the point he is nearly ready to make his first appearance as a Super hero.


Power: Electric Generation (6)

Wiccan can, thanks to his first use of his Reality Manipulation, generate and in limited ways control electricity. He can call lightning down from the sky or shoot it form his hands or even anything that he might one day use to focus his powers. While he can aim electric effects he creates, and even direct them some after they are created, he cannot control electricity created by other people in the same way. He is also able to create smaller electric effects, from minor shocks to blowing out fuses and up to full lightning bolts but often has less control of the smaller effects, sometimes creating them completely on accident when surprised or under moments of extreme emotion.

Power: Flight (3)
Thanks to the first use of his reality manipulation power Wiccan managed to give himself a few extra powers, one of which was flight. He can fly at a top speed of around 250-300 MPH although he does not really like going quite that fast too much usually not doing more than 60-100 MPH. His real skill in his agility in air as he can twist, turn, and dodge as fast as he can think.

Power: Reality Manipulation (5)
Wiccan has the power to channel mystic energy in much the same way that Scarlet Witch can channel chaotic magic energy to alter probabilities. The effects of him using his powers are much like a sorcerer or mage casting a spell, enough so that to use his power he has to chant what he wants to happen and if unable to hear his own voice as he chants cannot make an effect happen. While he can replicate just about anything that normal magic spells can he knows he is capable of (but is no limited too) creating illusions, tracking spells, creating solid energy constructs, teleporting himself and others and healing. Wiccan is in theory an extremely powerful reality warper but his power has been fairly limited by his own inexperience, a lack in his own confidence, and an outright fear of what he could do with his powers. There are certain rules that Wiccan has to follow for his Reality Manipulation to work.

- Want. If Wiccan does not really want something to happen, it won't happen. He has to truly desire an effect in order to will it into existence. - He has to hear himself chant. With the exception of his other listed powers, which are powered by his reality manipulation, he has to chant to himself what he wants to happen and he has to actually hear himself speak for it to work no matter how much he wants it too. - While he can throw lighting or bolts of force at people, send ropes to try and tie them up, or even place illusions around them he has difficulty directly altering them. Under normal conditions he cannot use his power to directly alter a living thinking person physically against their will power, and if it is with their will the alteration does not last for more than a few minutes at the longest. Any changes in someone's mind are fleeting, coming undone not long after he is out of their presence and can be resisted by a strong willed person much like telepathy.


Advantage: Family

Billy Kaplan has one thing over many people that start out to be heroes as teenagers, he has his family. He has his loving parents Doctors Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, as well as his two younger brothers, who keep him grounded and are always there for him even if he has yet to let them in on his being a mutant yet.

Advantage: Mystic Potential
Wiccans birth was to put it simply unique. Being born of magic he has the potential to be a great sorcerer, even be in the running for the position of Sorcerer Supreme, if he is trained properly. He has the raw potential but without training would have all the fines of trying to swat a fly with a sledge hammer.

Advantage: Secret ID
Wiccan has a secret identity as mild mannered teenager William 'Billy' Kaplan. While hiding who he is may sound like a flaw to some people, for him it is an advantage. He can protect his family, friends, and anyone he loves by hiding who he really is.


Flaw: Electric

Because of how he first used his powers Wiccan has become slightly electrified. He normally can control it, but in times of heightened emotions he tends to spark. When angered electricity will likely travel along his fingers, and when he has his first kiss there is a better than even chance he will blow fuses for a good block. If surprised, be friend or foe, there is a chance he will hit whomever it is with a blast similar to that of a taser.

Flaw: Family
Wiccan has family who he loves, and friends who he is loyal too as if they are family. Having family is a great advantage for him, having someone he can lean on, but a great weakness as well. He can be hurt through his family more effectively than hurting him directly. The one thing that could be certain to make him loose his cool is to threaten, or harm, the people he loves.

Flaw: Mutant
Billy is a mutant, a human with the rare x-gene that is often hated and feared by many normal people. He is detectable by specialized scanners that are made to find mutants, and his powers can be affected by any item or power that can manipulate, control or eliminate mutant powers.

Flaw: Strange Birth
Wiccan does not know it but he was born under strange circumstances. One of which is the fact that he was never actually born. Thanks to the manipulations of his biological mother in an alternate universe, and perhaps future desires or actions she may have one day in this universe, he and his twin brother popped into existence at the foot of Mount Wundergore where their mother was born. The people near where he came into existence feared whatever brought the twin boys to them, and did all they could to get rid of them eventually splitting them up and letting different families in America adopt them. He does not know the truth of his birth, but for those adapt at seeing such things he does not quite 'fit' into reality. He was created by magic, and the mark of not quite belonging hangs over him like a beacon.

Flaw: Teenager
Billy Kaplan is, despite his powers, just a teenager. As such his brain is not fully developed meaning that he tends towards certain lapses in judgment combined with a intrinsic belief that he is right and old people just do not understand. It also means he has certain legal drawbacks like an inability to drink or smoke (Like he would do either of those) and he has to go to school (His parents would kill him if they found out he ever skipped, or worse his Mom would treat him like a patient and be reasonable at him).

Flaw: Weirdness Magnet
Billy Kaplan is a magnet for odd things. Sometimes its just little coincidences like running into the civilian Id of someone he has just the other day fought against or beside as a hero. Sometimes its that when the truly bizarre super powered nut jobs go on a rampage they pick the exact bank he is walking by, or their giant mutant bugs tunnel up to the surface directly under him. Or sometimes the weirdness just manifests as things like the traditional indicators that a witch is nearby like curdling ream and odd colored flames. Billy does not fully understand how or why it happens, but he has started to notice that the more he uses his power in one day the worse the effect tends to be.


Wiccan Logs


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