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Quote-open.png *slow, croaking inhalation ... SHRIEEEEEEEEK* "....I'm sorry, what were you saying?" Quote-close.png

Not much is known about Wicked--not even her real name. Though her parents were incinerated during a Sentinel attack on Genosha's capital of Hammer Bay, Wicked survived and was relocated to Westchester to join Professor X's school. She seems to be rather odd, and quite creepy, despite being generally attractive...and ghosts are almost always around her. Also, since she arrived, she is almost always with her boyfriend, Quentin Quire, alias Kid Omega.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

At Death's Door, Clairvoyance, DeadSlip, Death Sense, Invis/tangibility, Necroplasmic Mastery

Abilities: Skill

Occult: 5, Survival

Advantages: Fearless, Frighteners, Natural Medium, Necromantic Aptitude, Spirit Magnet

Flaws: Eating Disorder, Genoshan, Need for Death, Odd/Unusual Behavior, Self-Harm, Spirit Magnet, Voices from Beyond

Languages: English and Spirit-Speech


Power: At Death's Door

This power is actually tied in to Wicked's Frighteners (See: Advantages - Frighteners). If she should become so grievously harmed that she is near death, her Frighteners first attempt to find whatever wounds she has suffered and will try to use their necroplasm to stanch bleeding. After they've done all the first aid they know of, they will sap the life force out of nearby things and feed it to her in a strange sort of empathic life support.

She has asked (not ordered) them not to take life force from people who have not consented, so they make do with whatever is at hand--grass, flowers, trees, small animals, moving on to larger things as they need to keep her alive. If they are absolutely desperate, they will leech from unwilling/unaware bodies, though taking only as little as they need to keep her alive long enough to receive medical attention.

Power: Clairvoyance

By charging her mind with necroplasmic energy, Wicked can cause her consciousness to enter a trance state wherein she receives visions and warnings of the future. Often symbolic and eerie, they're nonetheless often accurate, despite their need for interpretation. When the power is used, her eyes will seem to grow fogged over and swirl.

Additionally, from time to time, she will be overtaken by this power, without choice, and deliver oracle-like prophecy. When this happens, it's more draining on her than if she chooses to use it.

Power: DeadSlip

She can shift herself dimensionally into the Land of the Dead, a full force physical disappearance, where she can commune with spirits and has inherent control over the landscape and localized geography. She has yet to encounter Death herself.

  • DeadPort: 5: As the Land of the Dead works differently from the realm of the living, she can step into it and, as long as she knows where she's going, can practically "teleport" anywhere on Earth, though it isn't as fast as actual teleportation. However, being that she has to travel within the Land of the Dead to do so, her Spirit Magnet nature makes her presence there like a beacon and that becomes incredibly dangerous, as there are things she wouldn't want to attract the attention of in that place. The farthest/longest she's ever traveled in the Land of the Dead was for 5 minutes---which ended up taking her 50 miles away from her starting point (5 rating on Distance chart).

Power: Death Sense

A natural medium, she can see the presence of ghosts and spirits nearby and communicate with them. She can also sense death if it occurs within a ten mile radius of her and see the marks of murder on a killer's aura within the first 24 hours after doing so.

Power: Invis/tangibility

Wicked can charge her own body with necroplasmic energy, causing her to slip slightly into the astral plane and go fully invisible, but not so far that she loses her ability to interact with the world. However, her invisibility and intangibility are linked together. The more invisible she becomes, the more intangible, and vice versa.

Power: Necroplasmic Mastery

Wicked's primary mutation, the one off of which her other abilities branch, is her Necroplasmic Mastery. She is one with necroplasm in a way that she can manipulate it as if it were a part of her own body, or as a master painter wields paint and brush. She can manipulate it in any way she can conceive of, and use it to its full extent.

The strength of all the following powers increases in places with large amounts of death energy (battlefields, cemeteries, prison camps, abandoned asylums, etc.)

  • Constructs: 7: Wicked can create ghosts from existing entities or echoes who've broken apart to be solid or immaterial, visible (in varying forms/appearances) or invisible, and are intelligent and capable of doing her bidding. The constructed ghosts can switch between solid/immaterial and visible/invisible as needed to carry out her commands. (Solid constructs 7 on the Toughness scale and 6 on the Strength scale.)

  • Summoning: Wicked doesn't have to form necroplasmic constructs, if she doesn't wish to. She can also summon ghosts fully formed with their own personalities, opinions, and so on. Additionally, she can also control these spirits as expertly as she does her constructs, going so far as being able to rip apart an entity if she so wishes.

  • Reanimation: By charging a deceased organic with her necro-energy, Wicked can seemingly raise such creatures from the dead, creating functional zombies under her direct control.

  • Frightening: Charging living flesh with necroplasmic energy by passing immaterial ghosts through a target creates feelings of cold, fear and lifelessness, stunning or even rendering unconscious. If using a real ghost, it can also cause subject to feel the sensation of how that person died (strangling, drowning, stabbing, etc.), although no physical harm is actually done.

  • Necro Armor: 7: Wicked can create very effective armor for her frail self by encasing herself in necroplasmic energy. (7 on the Toughness scale.)

  • Necro Blast: 6: Wicked can deliver raw shots of pure necroplasmic energy, combining the psychic trauma of immaterial passage with physical power of 6 Strength concussion blast.

Skill: Occult (5)

While not formally trained or book-learned in the occult, Wicked has practical knowledge of ghosts, spirits and the secrets of the dead, with a smattering of regular occult knowledge gleaned along the way.

Skill: Survival

Wicked lived on her own for a time after death of her parents. She has, as a result, the ability to find food and shelter, and to get by while homeless.


Advantage: Fearless

Death is such a close part of Wicked's life that it's nearly impossible to frighten or intimidate her, as intimate as she is with such horrors.

Advantage: Frighteners

Wicked's Frighteners are her prized ghost friends/bodyguards/spies/etc. They were once people; they have thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas of their own. They are able to stay with her as a result of her having a piece of them--their ashes, one of their bones, a lock of their hair.

In these instances, these ghosts were all given the choice and most of them petitioned to stay by her side, to take care of her, and keep her safe, as well as help her in her efforts in all things.

As one of them said, "It's better than hovering around, doing nothing, having no aim, and eventually finding pieces of yourself breaking off and floating away as you become an echo."

Advantage: Natural Medium

Before her mutation manifested, Wicked had always been drawn to death, spirits, and things of that nature. A few times, before they died horribly, her friends recalled her going into trances when they fooled around with Ouija boards and held seances.

Advantage: Necromantic Aptitude

While not currently schooled in such, Wicked has a natural aptitude for the practice of magic, specifically necromancy, and could be a prodigy with the right teacher.

Advantage: Spirit Magnet

As a natural medium, she is a MAGNET for ghosts of all sorts--even echoes, who barely have consciousness and certainly don't have fully formed selves, and are like the zombies of the spirit world. This makes necroplasmic energy very easy for her to access.


Flaw: Eating Disorder

Like her addiction to self-harm, this is a holdover from her life previous to her mutation manifesting. Her parents, knowing their daughter to be very attractive, got her a modeling contract at an early age. As her success grew, they were very emotionally and psychologically abusive toward her, berating her for eating too much, for weighing too much, putting her on very strict starvation diets to stay well underweight, so she would never be turned away from a photoshoot.

This became her lifestyle, anorexia nervosa. It's stayed with her, even after her parents are dead. Truthfully, she likes and is proud of her bones, but she'd never tell another person they weren't perfect just the way they are.

Flaw: Genoshan

Genoshan citizenship is a complicated matter and can result in diplomatic and immigration issues. As a guest in the US, she is subject to deportation if caught in a criminal act.

Flaw: Need for Death

If in a place with little human habitation or death in the past, she will find far less necroplasmic energy to manipulate and her powers will be diminished. This could be anywhere from in the air (on a plane or flying with a superhuman), at sea or in outer space, as well as certain remote parts of the earth.

Flaw: Odd/Unusual Behavior

She's a weirdo. More than that, she's a little bit crazy. Being around so much death has changed her and she's a little off-kilter as a result. It's usually not much worse than being a little creepy, though she has been known to have little freak-outs.

Flaw: Self-Harm

Wicked's odd relationship with death has left her sometimes feeling numb to life, and she occasionally does herself physical harm to remind herself she's not dead herself. This is also a hold-over from before her mutation manifested, a coping mechanism she used to deal with pain, depression, and psychologically abusive parents.

She is addicted to this behavior and begins to feel "crazy" if she doesn't indulge, from time to time. If unaddressed, this problem has the potential to get worse, even leads towards the suicidal.

Flaw: Spirit Magnet

While this is usually an advantage, it can also be a great big flaw, especially when she's traveling in the Land of the Dead. There, her Spirit Magnet nature causes her to shine like a beacon of bright light in a very dark, dim place. She's vibrant and irresistible to spirits when she's there... And, this includes some rather nasty ones that are much older, darker, and more dangerous than she's comfortable dealing with.

Flaw: Voices from Beyond

Often times, Wicked may not pay attention to real world, as she's too caught up in world of death and spirits, which can be a very bad thing, sometimes.


Not much is known about Wicked's past---unless you're Wicked. Even her birth name is left a mystery. She claims it's unimportant because Wicked is the name her mother most often called her, "You wicked, WICKED girl!" Wicked doesn't speak much about her life before the attack on Hammer Bay, but little bits and pieces slip out that begin to form a rather interesting puzzle.

Her parents put her into modeling at an early age. She developed self-harming habits and an eating disorder soon after. She turned to the goth subculture because she always felt like an outcast in her family, and it was edgy at school. She was a lot more confident and brash before her mutation manifested. Now, she's a lot more scatterbrained and odd.

With her parents dead, she received the invitation from Professor X to come to his school and she decided to take him up on the offer. What could it hurt? The first day there, she met Quintavius Quirinius Quire--Quentin, and she became fascinated with him. He, similarly, became fascinated with her. And, they're forming the beginnings of an epic Thing, with a capital T.


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Quentin Q. Quire

Wicked's boyfriend, security blanket, manhunk, protector, corrupter, and one true love, Quentin Q. Quire, alias Kid Omega. She is rarely seen without him. Rarely.



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