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Agility: 2 (4) Strength: 1 (4) Toughness: 2 (4)
Perception: 3 (7) Intellect: 1 Willpower: 3
Feral Combat 7 Feral Endurance 2 Feral Senses 7
Healing Factor 4 Martial Arts 2 Shapeshifting 1
Lycanthropy Xavier Institute
Call of the World Hapless Romantic Protestant Girl
Sheltered Strained Relations
Name: Rahne Sinclair Rahne Sinclair was the meek-mannered, repressed daughter of a Presbyterian minister before her mutagene blossomed and she was chased from hearth and home by an unruly mob. Condemned as a demon by her own father, it took the kindness of one woman and the warm welcome of the Xavier Institute to begin the long healing process. Four years on, and as the New Mutants go their separate ways, Wolfsbane is ready to take her first steps into the wider world.
Position: The Conflicted Hound of God
Team: N/A
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0, Europe)
Music: Within Temptation - Iron
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic
Tone Dislikes: Classic


The daughter of a strict Presbyterian minister in Scotland, Rahne was born out of wedlock and consequently raised as an orphan. Overcompensating for his transgression, her father forced upon her a brutal religious regime designed to instil a strict moral code - and ensure that the fear of God would steer the poor girl away from temptation of her own. It worked, to a point, transforming Rahne Sinclair into a meek and mild-mannered little thing who wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose... but neither father nor daughter saw another transformation loom upon the horizon.

In her fourteenth year, Rahne's mutant power developed. Growing massively in size, she sprouted thick brown hair, sharp teeth and eviscerating claws, becoming a monster straight from the mythology condemned by her father's teachings. Mistaking her for a demon from Hell, the people of Ullapool chased the girl from her home, Reverend Craig himself at their head. Chased across the treachorous Highlands for miles, Rahne was driven until she could be driven no more, collapsing naked and unconscious at the feet of the local doctor - the woman who'd delivered her.

Finding at last a kindly and sympathetic guardian, the young mutant was nursed back to health and spent some time with Moira before a decision was made to take her to America; and through the welcoming gates of the Xavier Institute in Salem. An acquaintance of her saviour's, Professor Charles Xavier became a mentor to Rahne as he has to so many others, giving her a home and the first promise of a worthwhile future. Though uncertain and ill-adjusted to the world outside of a dusty church hall, Rahne slowly began to learn about herself, and her unlikely 'gift'.

The ensuing years have been often taxing and sometimes almost wonderful for the developing Wolfsbane; she's certainly made her share of friends, however tentative their progression to that status, as part of Xavier's 'New Mutants' initiative. She'd had many adventures as part of that group, and many more mishaps-- ever taking two steps ahead and one back in her quest for inner strength and some semblance of normality.

Her teammates have since begun to go their separate ways into the world, either graduating to full X-Men status or finding other routes along the path they once strolled together. Rahne has learned much - and taken the first steps to breaking through the hard shell imposed by her upbringing - but she remains confused and guilty, even at her most mature and self-composed; aware that she has a lot of growing up still to do. And a lot to learn about life. To this end she has committed herself to a vagabond's life, going forth with the Professor's blessing and well-wishes to explore America and 'find herself'. Few have ever done so with such need. Wolfsbane could become a thousand different things. She's just looking for one.


Power: Feral Combat (7)

In her fully-transformed state, Wolfsbane is ferocious in combat - all but unstoppable by any normal human standard. Aside from the associated increases to her physical capabilities, she fights with a deep-lodged primal instinct that makes her movements not only quicker and stronger; but smarter, as well. In a transitional state this ability scales appropriately, to reflect the relative dominance of her humanity.

Power: Feral Endurance (2)

Wolfsbane, like her wild kindred, possesses excessive quantities of stamina when transformed. Effectively a super-sized wolf, she has an endurance level to match, and is able to function at a heightened physical level for anywhere up to an entire day.

Power: Feral Senses (7)

Sight, smell and hearing are all greatly enhanced when Wolfsbane is transformed. Extending further even than a natural wolf, she is able to perceive infrared and ultraviolet, heat signatures, and pheromones; able through the latter to perceive even strong emotions such as fear and lust, though her reactions to such stimuli are notably less prepossessing than they would be from a human. In a transitional form she can mix the best of both worlds, with senses heightened to a lesser degree but the fuller faculties of her human self.

Power: Healing Factor (4)

Whether in or out of lycanthropic form, Rahne demonstrates a level of physical recovery that is far beyond human. Provided she's allowed enough time to rest, even mortal wounds will reknit themselves both abnormally quickly and absolutely without trace.

Skill: Martial Arts (2)

Though generally unimpressive in her human form, Rahne has taken the same mandatory self-defense classes as all the others students at Xavier's academy. In a pinch, she's capable of defending herself from low-level assailants using basic aikido and kickboxing techniques.

Power: Shapeshifting (1)

With the 'gift' of lycanthropy, Rahne is able to shift into the form of a massive wolf-like creature, enabling her to grow anywhere up to twelve feet in height and gain approximately nine hundred pounds in muscular bulk in addition to the other traits commonly associated with werewolves; long, sharp teeth and claws, a bad hair day, and so forth. She can control this transformation to occupy a greatly-enhanced (but arguably still very ugly) humanoid form with similar traits, up to eight feet tall and four hundred pounds in weight.


Advantage: Lycanthropy

Despite the conflict Rahne feels with her mutagenic powers, they are undoubtedly a boon in most cases; giving her the ability to shapeshift at will, uninhibited by the common legends associated with werewolves. With all the associated sensory and physical boosts comes a corresponding rush of raw, animal emotion - she feels invigorated and, for want of a better word, 'happy' when running free in her transformed state. The actual change causes only mild discomfort, and there is no delay in adjusting to the wolf form; it's possible for her to change in mid-combat without missing a beat.

Advantage: Xavier Institute

For want of anywhere else, this is where Wolfsbane has come to call home in the past few years. There are numerous advantages to living at the Institute, but the foremost - particularly where Rahne is concerned - is the 'family' that comes with it. Even though her teammates have moved on, and she is now doing the same, Rahne has forged links that should last a lifetime. When her erstwhile guardian brought the young mutant to Charles Xavier, she ensured that there will always be somebody looking out for her troubled ward.


Flaw: Call of the Wild

The truth that Rahne still hesitates to admit; she feels most comfortable, and most content, when in her fully wolf-like state. She simultaneously loathes and is irrevocably drawn to her mutant power, feeling a kinship with the beast that she most readily identifies as her true self, while a tiny but vocal part of her still desperately wishes to condemn it as the evil her father made it out to be. Ultimately, the wolf usually wins out - her lessons at the Institute and experiences among her fellow New Mutants have taught her well how useful it can be. But this carries a danger in itself, as the longer she spends in this form the more she feels an urge to give herself over, heart and soul, to the exhilarating grace of savagery.

As if this conflict weren't enough, the same compulsion often brings out the best and worst in Rahne's personality - she can be violently loyal, surprisingly courageous, and very easily roused to a fierce anger where her closest friends and loved ones are concerned.

Flaw: Hapless Romantic

At her weakest and most vulnerable, Rahne is that most deeply cliched creature; a girl who has never known love. Though she's experienced flashes of deep empathy and understanding from a few rare souls, in her heart she pines for something deeper still, and has a sporadic tendency to develop crushes and even fall head over heels where given sufficient encouragement. Her religious background brings an ensuing wave of uncertainty and self-loathing, often masked by a stroppy, snappy demeanour that sees her take these frustrations out on herself and others. More recent events have only confused the issue further, giving her at once reason to strive toward her dreams - and to be wary of them, afflicted by the memory of pain.

Flaw: Protestant Girl

'Commit thy work to God'. So states the motto of Clan Sinclair, a creed drilled into Rahne from the earliest days of her upbringing under the strict Presbyterian minister, Reverend Craig. Raised as an orphan, she spent fourteen years labouring under harsh teachings, forced to rote readings of the Bible and cruel punishments should she veer even minutely from her father's strict moral code. The result is a girl afraid of what she is, who rewards her own emotional responses with cold affirmations of faith and bitter chastisement. Desperate to cling to her religion, seeing it as the only rock she's ever had, she imposes many of the same, unfair standards on others; making her a difficult girl for many to like.

Flaw: Sheltered

Rahne has spent the majority of her life secluded away from anything approaching 'normal' society. She finds the manners and habits of those around her difficult to deal with, often asking odd questions or mounting instinctive disapproval rather than attempt to understand. Four years on, and she's still adjusting to life outside her sparse, utilitarian childhood. Where the world is concerned, she remains an outsider looking in.

Flaw: Strained Relations

Where she has Professor Xavier, the (sometimes rocky) friendship of her former X-fellows, and a stalwart foster parent in Scotland, Rahne has her estranged father on the opposite side of the coin. They parted on the most brutal of terms, and - though she takes it out on herself - she may never forgive him. Whether he deserves her ire or not, until resolved, this only further exacerbates her personal issues.


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