Antihero Westchester
Logan-01 Logan-02
Agility: 5 Strength: 3 Toughness: 5
Perception: 7 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 8
Adamantium Skeleton 10 Espionage 5 Feral Senses 7
Healing Factor 1/5/7 Marksmanship 5 Mechanic 5
Motorcycle 2 Psychic Shielding 9 Scrapping 9
Tactics 5
Adamantium Claws Animal Empathy Contacts
Languages Patch Survival
The Xavier Institute X-Men
Berserker Rage Loner Mental Scar Tissue
Ogun The Hand Weapon X
Name: Logan Robbed of his memories by the same secret government project that infused his bones with unbreakable adamantium, Logan has struggled ever since to understand the hazy remnants of his past--and to control the snarling, mindless savage lurking not-so-deep within. His search for inner peace has taken him across the world, but these days, no matter how far he goes, he always returns to the Xavier Institute in Westchester--eventually.

Wolverine has done bloody, top secret work for any number of employers since the 1960s; for the last several years, he has made frequent appearances among the ranks of the X-Men.

Position: Weapon X
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 132
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel Iconic FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Spoiler
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


In the 1880s, the wealthy Howlett family of Alberta had their second son: James Jr., a frail, sickly boy often consigned to bed. The Howletts made sure that James always had playmates growing up, however: Rose - an Irish girl brought in from town - and the groundskeeper's brutish son 'Dog' were his companions throughout childhood--until Dog tried to force himself on Rose. Outraged, James Howlett Sr. fired Dog's father and arranged to have the pair of them sent away, unaware that the groundskeeper and his wife Elizabeth were carrying on an affair. Unwilling to lose Elizabeth, the groundskeeper tried to convince her to run away with them; when the rest of the family interrupted, the groundskeeper shot and killed James Sr.

The shock triggered the younger James' mutant powers: a set of razor sharp bone claws sprouted from the frail boy's hands, and within moments, the groundskeeper was dead and Dog was injured, the first victims of the animal in James Howlett. Once he came to his senses and saw what he'd done, he was beside himself with guilt; his family gave him no time to recover however, instead insisting that he and Rose leave town immediately to spare them any further embarassment.

Not long after their departure, James' healing factor kicked in to erase the traumatic events from his memory--along with much of the rest of his early life; it also eliminated his physical frailties, sculpting him into a strong, healthy adolescent bearing little resemblance to the bed-ridden James Jr. As the two settled themselves into a quary community in British Columbia, Rose introduced him around as her cousin Logan rather than remind him of the trauma.

Logan and Rose drifted apart over the next several years; Logan spent increasingly more time in the wilderness, while Rose was courted by the quarry's foreman. When he proposed - and she accepted - Logan sought out the quarry's cage underground fighting community to work out his frustrations. His vicious fighting style earned him a nickname: 'the Wolverine'; for a short while, he happily took on - and defeated - all comers, but his career as a fighter took a bad turn when his old 'friend' Dog wound up across the ring from him: during their ensuing fight, Rose was accidentally impaled on Logan's claws. She died instantly, and the shock of killing his first love sent him fleeing into the woods; his healing factor went into overdrive, erasing nearly every trace of his first eighteen years. Reduced to little more than a traumatized ball of animal instinct, Logan spent the next years - decades, really - wandering, struggling to find his place in the world.

His travels took him all across Canada, and eventually, the rest of the world: he fought in wars, he loved, he lost, and all the while, he struggled to keep the animal within shackled. After fighting in World War I, his wanderings brought him to Shanghai, where he first encountered the ageless swordsman Ogun and refused his offer of tutelage; several years later - after beginning to embrace his humanity in Madripoor - he made his way to Japan and began studying bushido and the martial arts at the old master's feet.

World War II and Logan's own wanderlust interrupted his studies, however, and rather than return once the war ended, he spent several years doing intelligence work in Canada. His work in Canada caught the eyes of influential people in the American intelligence community, and eventually, he was offered a position in the CIA's elite ops squad, Team X. There, his knack for surviving in even the bleakest of circumstances brought him to the attention of Team X's mysterious board of directors. Team X performed a number of missions for the US government during the cold war, but extensive memory implants - standard issue for all members of the team - rendered him unable to remember much about them; by the time he walked away from the group in disgust over one of his teammates' actions during a mission, he could barely remember having been a member of Team X in the first place.

He wandered through the next decade in a fog, doing a tour in Vietnam before returning to his intelligence work in Canada for a time, all the while growing increasingly disillusioned with the life of a spy and unsettled by his own savage mutanity. By the 80s, he was ready to move on; before he could go through with his retirement, Weapon X - the research group behind Team X - captured Logan, bringing him to a facility in the Canadian wilderness.

There, he was subjected to a process designed to alloy a human skeleton with adamantium, rendering his bones unbreakable and seriously testing the limits of his healing factor; he was also subjected brainwashing and brutal conditioning in an attempt to break him of whatever remained of his humanity. Weapon X's goal was simple: to produce a living weapon that couldn't be stopped by death or remorse; ultimately, they were successful, and their new tool was named for the project that spawned him.

Unfortunately, their killing machine broke free and cut his way through the facility's staff to make his escape.

Since then, Logan has fought inch by painful inch to piece himself back together again; he has few clear memories of his life before Weapon X, nor of the time he spent prowling the Canadian wilderness like a wild animal after his escape. With much time - and no small amount of help from the Hudsons, a young couple who took him in after subduing his feral instincts - he gradually rediscovered his humanity and found his way back to working in Canadian intelligence.

Sometime after the dawning of the new millennium, he was approached by Charles Xavier to lend his unique experience and talents to the Professor's covert team of mutant heroes, the X-Men; having once more grown tired of espionage work, he accepted.


Resource: Adamantium Skeleton (10)

Logan's skeleton is laced with adamantium, rendering his bones unbreakable. The adamantium weighs well over a hundred pounds by itself, and the extra weight makes his punches and kicks more painful than they otherwise might be.

Skill: Espionage (5)
For several years - years that he can remember, even - Logan worked as a spy for the Canadian government; he learned about recognizing and even breaking coded communications, operating undercover, investigation, and the joys of paperwork while working as a spy.

Power: Feral Senses (7)
Logan's senses are far more effective than the average man's: they not only have a larger range, they're also much sharper, allowing him to distinguish between individual sensory inputs so long as there isn't /too/ much information coming in at once. His senses of smell/hearing/vision are effective over several blocks--more if there isn't too much interference from competing information. His olfactory sense is easily the most refined, allowing him to track individuals by scent alone over long distances and catch would-be ambushers before it's too late. Illusions are of limited usefulness against him, as they would need to be able to fool /all/ of his senses to have much of an effect; similarly, hiding from Wolverine is, at best, difficult. He is also able to get a picture of a person's condition by paying attention to fluctuations in their heart rate and breathing, as well as to the pheremones they release; he can even tell whether or not someone is lying, so long as they're near by and he's able to focus on them. Finally, his various senses allow him to fight while blinded, or in complete darkness; as long as he can hear or smell his environment, he's fine.

Limitation: Wolverine's senses can be used against him, typically by overloading them with excessive information. Fighting - or, indeed, doing much of anything - under such circumstances is problematic, as such floods of input can be disorienting and leave him vulnerable. 'Excessive' could mean a packed Manhattan street full of blaring car horns and alarms; it could also mean trying to locate an ink-soaked opponent in the middle of a printing factory.

Power: Healing Factor (1/5/7)
Logan's primary mutant power is his 'healing factor', which allows him to recover from almost any injury, given enough time. Cuts, bruises, stabbings, gunshots, immolation, all temporary afflictions for Wolverine; the most consistent limit to his regenerative powers' effectiveness is time. Less severe injuries tend to heal in minutes, while more serious ones can take days, weeks, even months. His healing factor also renders him nigh on immune to poisons, diseases, and viruses; exposure to toxins in high concentrations can temporarily overpower this immunity, and this resistance is less effective against mystical diseases, which are likely to linger in his system for a time before being eradicated by his power.

Due to his healing factor, Logan ages at at a very, very slow rate--thus his having lived for over a hundred years. His healing factor is also responsible for keeping him in top physical condition--better than even the best human athletes, even; due to his superhuman conditioning, he is agile enough to dodge bullets, able to exert himself for days on end without stopping, and strong enough to lift roughly half a ton unassisted. There is a rather grave side effect to his mutant power: when exposed to a significant enough tragedy, Logan's healing factor will go so far as to erase the traumatic events from his memory, creating what he sometimes refers to as 'mental scar tissue'; psychic shields implanted by Professor X protect him from losing any more of his memories to this quirk of his powers, though. The chunks that he lost prior to joining the X-Men - along with deliberate memory alterations performed by Weapon X at various points in time - is why his memory is such a jumbled mess Logan is not immortal; extensive enough damage - enough to remove all of the flesh from his body, or destroy all of his organs, for example - would be enough to kill him.

Note: Base level is 5.

Limitation: Highest value(7) requires for Logan to be somehow divested of his adamantium skeleton; his healing factor has been compensating for the toxic presence of the metal for years.

The highly toxic metal Carbonadium will drop Logan's healing factor down to 1 if it enters his body; his healing immediately returns to normal once the Carbonadium is removed.

Skill: Marksmanship (5)
Logan has had extensive training with all kinds of weapons--including ranged ones; give him a gun, a bow, even a shuriken, and there is a decent chance that he'll hit his mark; he's far more comfortable - and capable, at the end of the day - in melee combat, however.

Skill: Mechanic (5)
Somewhere along the way, Logan learned how to work with machinery, and those skills never left him. It's honest work that's good for keeping his hand busy and thoughts centered, so when the Blackbird needs repairs, Logan is often the first one to grab a wrench and take a look--when he's actually present, anyway.

Vehicle: Motorcycle (2)
Logan owns a vintage Harley Davidson that he keeps at the Institute and maintains himself. He is about the only one who he'll allow to work on it.

Power: Psychic Shielding (9)
Decades of mental traumas and abuses, his own healing factor, and psychic shields implanted by Charles Xavier to mitigate the traumatic effects of the former two lead to Logan's mind being difficult - at best - to manipulate. His mind can be read on a surface level without major issue, but probing any deeper - whether maliciously or otherwise - is likely to be at best ineffective and at worst dangerous, even for the most potent psychic minds in the world; his psyche is just too badly fragmented to be usefully manipulated most of the time, and there's a significant chance of the more feral elements of his personality being shoved to the forefront in the process.

Skill: Scrapping (9)
Wolverine has mastered many forms of close ranged combat over his long life: military self defense forms, boxing, martial arts, street fighting, all of it has been blended together into a brutal composite style. He prefers to use his fists or claws, but he's skilled with a variety of close ranged weapons, particularly the katana.

Skill: Tactics (5)
Logan is an able tactition, having served in many different wars and performed countless covert missions and assassinations in his time. His enhanced senses give him a marked advantage in planning ahead; his volatile nature sometimes makes it hard for him to bother.


Advantage: Adamantium Claws

Logan was born with a set of incredibly sharp claws housed beneath the muscles of his forearm. Each claw - six in all - is a foot long and made of bone; they, like the rest of his skeletal system, are coated in unbreakable adamantium, allowing them to cut through any substance known to man. Their effectiveness is limited by the amount of force that he can put behind them, as well as the thickness of what he's trying to cut. Augments damage rolls when used.

Advantage: Animal Empathy
Logan can assess the general state and well-being of animals and even communicate with them on a basic level. This does not impart any actual control over animals; he just 'gets' them better than most, and they him.

Advantage: Contacts
Logan has friends in high and low places all over the world, and some of them are even willing to help him out from time to time. Getting in touch with and convincing a particular contact to help him with a particular task is a complete crapshoot, however; some might want things in return. Others might refuse; others still might just betray him.

Advantage: Languages
Logan speaks English, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Lakota, and Spanish fluently; he also knows some words and phrases in French, German, Thai, Vietnamese, and Portugese.

Advantage: Patch
Patch is Logan's alter-ego on the island of Madripoor. As Patch, he is part owner of the Princess Bar, and has contacts throughout Madripoor's unerworld that he uses to keep peace between its criminal factions.

Advantage: Survival
Having spent lots of time living on his own in the wilderness, Logan is an expert when it comes to keeping himself and others alive with nothing but the land to sustain them.

Advantage: The Xavier Institute
Since finding his way to the X-Men, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is the closest thing that Logan has to a home. He teaches a few classes, but his intermittent days and weeks-long disappearances mean that they're more like special workshops than anything.

Advantage: X-Men
As a member of the X-Men, Wolverine has full access to the team's secure facilities and resources.


Flaw: Berserker Rage

Logan constantly struggles with the base, animalistic aspects of his personality; years of painful experience and practice have taught him how to keep that part of himself leashed, but all it takes is a good push to bring the snarling beast within to the fore. Serious injury, desperate circumstances, psychic attacks, moral outrage--the trigger can vary, but the effect is always the same: unfeeling, unthinking, unrestrained violence.

This mindless state does further increase Logan's already high resistance to telepathy and make him much harder to predict in combat, but he finds the loss of humanity too disturbing to willingly court it.

Flaw: Loner
Logan has a habit of just up and leaving the mansion whenever he feels like it, often going incommunicado for days or weeks at a time when he does.

Flaw: Mental Scar Tissue
Logan's healing factor and many, many bouts of mental conditioning and memory implantation have rendered his past a fragmented mess. Charles Xavier's psychic shields protect him from losing any more memories to his own mutant biology, but the damage has already been done; large chunks of his life before Weapon X are just gone, and he's only managed to piece together bits and pieces of whatever memories remain. His experiences as a member of Team X and Weapon X's test subject are mostly repressed as well, but bits and pieces remain, manifesting themselves as nightmares.

Flaw: Ogun
Once upon a time, Ogun was Logan's sensei, instructing him in martial arts and the code of bushido. In the eighty or so years since their first meeting, Ogun cast his honor aside and embraced the forbidden allure of dark sorcery; now, he sells his services as an assassin to the highest bidder. Ogun's mastery of swordsmanship and the martial arts are almost without peer, and the evil magic he dabbles in allows him to bind weak minds to his will. He is rumoured to have been alive since the 17th century.

Flaw: The Hand
Over the years, Logan has had numerous clashes with the enigmatic ninja-sorcerers known as the Hand in Madripoor in Japan, earning him a place among the clan's enemies. The Hand's assassins are highly skilled combatants, and their mystics know forbidden rituals to raise the dead as their loyal slaves.

Flaw: Weapon X
Weapon X is responsible for Logan's adamantium skeleton and no small amount of psychic trauma. The scientists of Weapon X sought to transform Logan into an ideal assassin through the use of excessive brainwashing to strip his mind to its feral core; this backfired when he eventually went on a rampage through the Weapon X facility, killing dozens of staff members and escaping in the process.


Wolverine Logs


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