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Agility: 6 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 7 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 7
Combat 7 Covert Ops 6 Healing Factor 1/6/7
Heightened Senses 7
Adamantium Claws Multilingual
Emotionally Unstable Loner By Nature On the Run
Second Best Trigger Scent
Name: Laura Kinney Female clone of Wolverine, Weapon X lab rat, escaped weapon. Looking for herself and her place in the world-- provided it's not a lab.
Position: Escaped Lab Rat
Team: None
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Lyndsy Fonesca
Alts: Hawkeye II and Supergirl
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


After repeated attempts to recapture the escaped Wolverine, the Weapon X project decided to take a new approach-- cloning a replacement from gene samples. However, the sample was damaged. After 22 failed attempts to produce a viable clone failed, the program achieved success by substituting a second X chromosome for the damaged Y. Weapon X - Clone 23 proved viable, and when she was old enough, they began molding her into the living weapon they were after.

X-23 was trained to conduct covert operations-- especially assassinations. The methods were largely brutal and inhumane, and highly effective. However, one member of the project in particular tried to mitigate the effects and instill some humanity in the young clone: Dr. Sarah Kinney, who had proposed producing the female clone. X-23 carried out a large number of missions on contract to clients outside the program before Kinney discovered a dozen additional clones present in the lab. She went to X-23, using her influence with the girl to give her a mission-- destroy the cloning tubes and kill the project lead. Kinney, as it turned out, had been exposed to a 'trigger scent' which induced a berserker rage in the girl. Dying, Kinney named the girl Laura, and told her to escape the facility.


Skill: Combat (7)

Ultimately, combat is what Laura does best. Between the physical advantages of her mutation, and her training and missions as X-23, Laura is an extremely competant and dangerous opponent in combat. In hand-to-hand, her peak physical condition and above-human agility give her an edge on top of her training, and her heightened senses and reaction time make her an exceptional marksman at range.

Skill: Covert Ops (6)
Raised in captivity and trained to be a covert operative and assassin, Laura is a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons, assassination techniques, conventional and electronic infiltration, multiple martial arts forms and other skills necessary to carry out her missions.

Limitation: Laura's skills are focused on the purpose for which she was created. She does not possess computer skills beyond those necessary to break into a system and retrieve data, for instance-- maintenance, repair or programming are outside of her experience. She is capable of hot-wiring and driving a car, but limited in her ability to troubleshoot engine trouble.

Power: Healing Factor (1/6/7)
As a clone of Wolverine, Laura possesses the same primary mutation: a powerful self-healing ability that allows her to recover from nearly any injury given enough time to do so. Smaller injuries heal in seconds or minutes, severe injuries take longer. Even some injuries that would be permanently debilitating for most people eventually heal, given weeks or months of time. Laura's healing factor seems somewhat stronger than that of her progenitor-- this is due to far less adamantium present in her body. Laura's healing factor makes her highly resistant to nearly all toxins and diseases, though can be suppresed with unusually high levels of toxicity(as happens with the adamantium bonded to her claws) and operates less effectively on diseases or toxins of a mystical nature. It is also likely that Laura's healing factor keeps her aging at an extremely low rate-- this is somewhat unclear, however, as she is still naturally young.

Limitation: Laura's Healing factor, like Wolverine's, is reduced slightly by the toxicity adamantium bonded to her claws. The reduction is not as severe, however, as she does not have the metal bonded to the rest of her skeleton. Other highly toxic materials, such as Carbonadium, will reduce her healing factor to a rating of 1 if present in her body, until the material is removed. Likewise, if the adamantium were removed from her body, the factor's ability would increase to 7.

Power: Heightened Senses (7)
Laura possesses superhuman senses, both in sensory range and acuity. She can see farther and with more clarity than human norm, and low-light conditions only impair her vision slightly. Similarly, her aural capacity is higher than the norm, allowing her to both hear pitch ranges beyond human limits, and normal pitches at further distances. Finally, her olfactory senses are highly acute-- she is capable of tracking via scent, in some cases even if the scent has been eroded by time or environmental factors such as weather, and is capable of effective action as long as one or two of her senses are operating properly.

Limitation: Laura's senses can experience overload, just like a human's. In fact, it can be somewhat easier for her senses to overload due to the higher range of stimuli. Bright flashes, large amounts of noise and strong layered scents can confuse Laura where they would not necessarily affect a human.


Advantage: Adamantium Claws

Laura has six retractable claws made of a sturdy bone material-- two in each forearm/hand, and one in each foot. These claws have been bonded with adamantium, and are capable of cutting through nearly anything, thickness and strength permitting. Laura is capable of extending or retracting them all or individually as needed, though her wrists and arms must be aligned to do so properly.

Advantage: Multilingual
Laura's training for worldwide missions as part of Weapon X included languages. She is capable of speaking German, French, Russian, Standard Chinese and Japanese (and of course English). NOTE: Laura is fluent, but due to her upbringing in captivity, she speaks them formally, not colloquially. This makes her stand out a little when among native speakers.


Flaw: Emotionally Unstable

Laura does not have a good grip on her emotions, and is frequently incapable of managing them given certain stimuli. Her reactions are often somewhat extreme, and it takes an exceptional amount of effort to control herself in laboratories, hospitals, doctor's offices, and other places that remind her of Weapon X in particular. Laura's most frequent instabilities tend to result in outbursts of rage or depression, sometimes self-destructively.

Flaw: Loner by Nature
Laura has difficulty interacting with others and is compelled towards solitude to a degree. While she can-- and in fact, wants-- to be part of a group, she will inevitably wander off on her own for indeterminate periods.

Flaw: On the Run
Laura is a high-value asset, both to the Weapon X and larger Weapon Plus Projects, as well as to similar groups. Since she recently broke out of her captivity, she is to some degree actively pursued for recapture by these groups.

Flaw: Second Best
Laura, as a clone of Wolverine, has identity issues. She is both intensely curious about her progenitor, and at the same time intensely angry for the part he has unwittingly played in her creation. Created as a weapon, she struggles between what she obviously does so well, and rebelling against the purpose for which others intended her.

Flaw: Trigger Scent
Weapon X developed an artificial pheromone, called a 'trigger scent', designed to trigger a berserker rage in Laura. When Laura inhales a significant amount of the scent, she is unable to resist the compulsion to kill in her immediate vicinity. The rage subsides within minutes of the scent being withdrawn, and Laura has only clouded, vague memories of her enraged actions afterward.


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