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Xavin 2 Xavin 3
Agility: 2 Strength: 2 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 5
Assimilation 5 Combat Training 4 Flame Projection 6
Flight 1/3 Force Fields 6 Invisibility --
Malleability 5 Offensive Constructs 4 Rocky Hide 7
Shapeshifting -- Stealth 4 Super-Strength 6
Super Skrull -- Tactics 5
Aggression Homeless Long Way From Home
Runaway Groom Super Skrull Cadet
Name: Xavin Xavin of Tarnax VII has been doing his best to keep a low profile on Earth since his ship crashed in Centennial Park; his natural Skrull shapeshifting abilities are as much a boon to this task as his own temper and ignorance of Earth's culture are a hindrance. Though homeless, he has found something like a community on the streets of Metropolis' Suicide Slum, where he resides.
Position: Space Runaway
Team: N/A
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Alien
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Spoiler, Wolverine
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Nearly twenty years ago, Prince De'zean of the Skrull outpost world Tarnax VII sent a scouting party to the Milky Way galaxy, eager to find new worlds to conquer in the Empire's name; as his forces approached the planet Earth, they found a Khundish armada with intentions on doing the same. The two sides decided to settle their differences in the only way they knew how, and the conflict soon spiraled into full blown war.

De'zean's son Xavin hatched during the early years of the war, and like many youths in De'zean's sector of the empire, he was tutored in the art of combat from very a young age. Given his lineage, he was all but expected to lead a unit of his own as soon as he was old enough, and he took this responsibility to heart--even as his instructors, fellow cadets, and even his father's explanations of /why/ they were at war grew increasingly vague.

As he approached adolesence, his father's connections helped secure him a place in the Super Skrull program, where he underwent a series of surgeries and radiation bombardments designed to transform him into a superpowered warrior. The procedure was a success, and Xavin - now truly ready to strike fear into Khundish hearts at the head of his father's forces - began learning how to control his volatile new abilities. All the while, however, he continued to grasp for some semblance of meaning behind the conflict, particularly once the cadets he'd trained with just a few years ago - those without the marks or connections to merit officer training - began shipping out to the front lines.

Xavin was far from the only young Skrull to question the war, and after a few years of putting up with the growing discontent amongst his next generation of officers, De'zean finally reached out to broker a truce with the Khunds. In the end, each side agreed to set aside its claims on the planet Earth in favor of joining forces; to seal the treaty, they also agreed to a series of political marriages, including a union between the Khundish admiral's daughter and Xavin.

The idea of marrying a person he'd never met - a /Khund/, no less - was rather jarring for Xavin, but the prospect of setting aside fruitless conflict to engage in the kind of glorious conquest he'd been taught was his birthright was enough for him to set his misgivings aside--not that he had much choice in the matter, anyway.

When the big day came, the two sides congregated aboard an unarmed cruiser near the site of the original conflict, and one after another, Skrull and Khund joined in treaty-mandated matrimony. As the final ceremony - Xavin's - drew to a close, De'zean decided to share his wedding gift a little early: one by one, members of the Khundish wedding party transformed into Skrull soldiers and set about the grisly business of eliminating the Khunds. Before Xavin could react, a Khundish special forces unit burst into the wedding hall--not to protect the ceremony goers, but to slaughter the Skrulls in attendance.

Horrified, Xavin drew upon years of intense combat training and... hid. Rendered invisible by his Super Skrull talents, he fled to the cruiser's hangar, where he boarded the first vessel he could and escaped. The ship's autopilot systems - seemingly primed for the aftermath of the wedding disaster - engaged and whisked him to Earth.

When his escape vessel finally made landfall, it did so dramatically: the ship crashed in a wooded section of Metropolis' Centennial Park. By the time the Science Police made it to the scene, Xavin himself was nowhere to be found; with no home to go back to, he had no choice but to make the best of his situation and try to blend, lest home - whatever was left of it - came looking for him.


Skill: Assimilation (5)

When he wasn't learning how to fight, Xavin was learning how to blend; endless lessons on body language, speech patterns, and vocal nuances have gone a long way in teaching him how not to call attention to himself while pretending to be someone else.

Given a few references - speech, appearance, mannerisms, et cetera - he can alter his appearance and voice to roughly match a given individual's--enough so that casual observers or individuals not familiar with the subject might be fooled in passing. Given more time to practice - and a sufficient amount of reference information - he might be able to fool more canny observers.

Note:The effectiveness of Xavin's shapeshifting as it relates to pretending to be other actual FCs is entirely subject to player/staff consent.

Skill: Combat Training (4)

Xavin has received several years of Skrull military training, much of it focused on using his powers effectively in combat. He is also a moderately proficient hand to hand fighter, but not to the degree that he could last for long in a fight with a well-trained martial artist without using his powers.

Super Skrull Power: Force Fields (6)

Xavin can create invisible force fields around himself himself or people/things/places in his line of sight. These fields are air and watertight, and individuals on the inside are still able to see outside of them normally. His force fields can sustain impressive amounts of punishment - from impact and energy attacks both - before being compromised. They can be as hard as steel or as soft and yielding as foam rubber, depending on his needs at the time. The fields are ovoid by default, but they can be formed in other simple, non-mechanical shapes as needed, such as walls or bridges. They can be controlled via thought - even moved independently of Xavin himself if they aren't too large - but they do have mass; larger fields move slower than smaller ones.

The fields are linked to his mind and body in such a way that extreme impacts against them will actually cause him physical physical pain. Additionally, the inertia of blows against the field are translated through them to his body, so if he doesn't control their density properly - generally by making it more pliable - he can easily be sent flying by impacts against them, even if they hold.

Maintaining a single force field requires some effort, but due to years of the intensive training, he can do so nigh on indefinitely--assuming that his concentration isn't broken, and he only needs to protect a person/place roughly as large as himself. Maintaining multiple fields - or larger fields - is more fatiguing, and can tire him out in a matter of hours, dependant on how hard he's pushing himself.

Note: Invisibility, Force Fields, and Offensive Constructs are all part of the same powerset.

Super Skrull Power: Flame Projection (6)

Xavin can envelop parts or all of his body in fiery plasma that he can then project outwards at will, generally from his hands. The plasma can be shaped somewhat as it's fired - jets of flame are most common, but spheres, walls, even burning letters are possible - and the intensity of the flames is variable. He can generate flames hot enough to melt steel without immediately breaking a sweat, though prolonged usage is fatiguing.

Power: Flight (1/3)

Xavin can fly in one of two ways:

1.) Sprouting actual wings from his back and doing it the old fashioned way. This is the slower option, and is not entirely reliable, as he is dependant on favorable wind conditions to fly with any efficacy. 2.) Using his flame projection powers for propulsion. This is quicker, much easier to control, and somewhat more fatiguing, especially if he wants to fly at high speeds. It also - obviously - requires that he commit to using his fire powers.

Super Skrull Power: Invisibility (--)

By concentrating, Xavin can render himself invisible to the naked eye. This phenomenon doesn't cause visual distortions of any kind, and extends to anything on his person, but does not disguise his scent or any noise he might make. With some effort, he can apply this effect to nearby people and objects in his line of sight, up to around 2,500 cubic feet of matter.

Note: Invisibility, Force Fields, and Offensive Constructs are all part of the same powerset.

Super Skrull Power: Malleability (5)

Xavin's innate shapeshifting ability has been augmented, allowing him to stretch his limbs and contort his body in ways that few other Skrulls can. He can stretch his limbs out to a maximum distance of about 1,000 feet without causing major discomfort, but the closer he gets to that limit, the more difficult it is to precisely control his distended body: he could use his body as a bridge by stretching from one end of a chasm to the other, for example, but one bad twitch or muscle spasm could lead to him having to slowly drag his stretched out body up from the hole.

He can also shift his whole body into a variety of shapes - gliders, parachutes, trampolines, et cetera - or shape individual extremities into simple weapons like clubs or comically oversized fists.

If Xavin isn't using any of his other Super Skrull powers, he can render himself highly resistant to mundane Earth weapons - bullets, knives, et cetera - by relaxing his body to a yielding, rubber-like consistency. This only works against attacks that he's actually aware of.

Note: Malleability's rating is used to scale its damage resistance.

Super Skrull Power: Offensive Constructs (4)

Xavin's invisible force fields can be projected offensively, given the proper shape. Larger, heavier fields might be used as clubs or rams, while smaller, lighter ones might be fired at high speeds like missiles.

Super Skrull Power: Rocky Hide (7)

Whenever he accesses his strength augmentations, the parts of his body he's applying his strength through are sheathed in durable orange stone. He can shrug off energy weapons, explosives, even the blows of many superstrong humans--provided that they hit the rocky part of his body.

Note: Rocky Hide and Super-Strength are part of the same powerset.

Genetic Power: Shapeshifting (--)

As a Skrull, Xavin has the ability to alter his shape at will. He can assume any form he can imagine, but he does not take on the physical properties of those forms; additionally, assuming the form of a superpowered being does not grant Xavin that being's powers. His natural shapeshifting abilities don't allow him to assume forms significantly larger or smaller than himself, but his Super Skrull enhancements - which give him much more leeway in altering his own mass - do.

Additionally, Xavin's body will naturally shift vital organs around for safety if he's attacked. This biological quuirk doesn't make him much more resistant to damage, but it does make him harder to actually kill through conventional means.

Limitation: Individuals with enhanced olfactory senses can generally tell that Xavin doesn't smell quite right, no matter what form he takes. The only way for him to hide his natural scent from such individuals is to take the same precautions anyone else might(excessive amounts of perfume/cologne/other strong smelling substances).

Note: The effectiveness of Xavin's shapeshifting as it relates to pretending to be other actual FCs is entirely subject to player/staff consent.

Skill: Stealth (4)

Xavin is fairly adept at avoiding notice when he has to, but he mostly only worries about moving around silently when he's actually invisible, so as not to ruin the effect.

Super Skrull Power: Super-Strength (6)

Xavin's cosmic energy enhancements allow him to drastically increase his strength, so long as he isn't using any of his other powers. When engaged, these enhancements sheath parts of his body in smooth orange stone--generally the part he's actually using at the time: if he wants to throw a super-strong punch or lift a car, for instance, his arms would be covered in rock, but the rest of him would remain unchanged.

Power: Super Skrull (--)

Several years ago, Xavin underwent a battery of surgeries and cosmic radiation treatments designed to transform him into one of the Skrull Empire's elite, superpowered warriors. These enhancements let him to alter his body on a fundamental level, producing powers beyond those of normal Skrulls: his cells can be modified to produce burning plasma or light-negative force fields, and he can sheath parts of his body in durable stone, greatly magnifying his strength. His natural shapeshifting capabilities are also enhanced, allowing him to stretch his body over very long distances.

Skill: Tactics (5)

Xavin has been rigorously drilled in military tactics since early adolesence, and is capable of planning and executing moderately complex maneuvers on his own or with small groups. He tends to favour the direct application of overwhelming force to subtlety in most combat situations.


Advantage: Languages

Xavin was tutored in a smattering of Earth languages to better prepare him for the day when the planet would be under his father's control. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic.


Flaw: Aggression

Thanks to his upbringing, violence is the most natural solution to most problems, as far as Xavin is concerned--even those that could be solved with a little negotiation.

Flaw: Homeless

Xavin currently has no steady home or income, and generally relies on shapeshifting or invisibility-aided petty theft to get what he needs; outright charity is a last resort.

Flaw: Long Way From Home

Most of what Xavin knows about Earth, he learned from teachers back home; it's enough to let him function on a day to day basis without immediately setting off alarm bells, but he still doesn't quite grasp the finer points of Earthling culture or social norms.

Flaw: Runaway Groom

Xavin was pledged to marry a Khundish admiral's daughter to settle a decades old conflict between their two people; when each side ambushed the other at their wedding, Xavin fled and the war was back on. Because he ran rather than join his father's soldiers in murdering Khunds, he has been branded a coward and a traitor by his own people, and because of his father's treachery, he is wanted by the Khund.

Flaw: Super Skrull Cadet

Xavin has not yet mastered his Super Skrull capabilities, and as such, he cannot use more than one of his powers at once. Multiple powers might manifest if his concentration is severely impacted or he's experiencing an emotional outburst, but he would be unable to control them in any useful fashion, even then.


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