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Quote-open "Query: What is your name? Answer: Unit identification Yeweseisisel. Current language usage: English. English translation: One-Hundred and Fifty-Seven. Unit will also respond to variants. Examples: One-Hundred Fifty Seven. One-Five-Seven. Hundred-Fifty-Seven."

"Query: Should you not be out there hunting for eggs with the rest of them. Answer: This unit has not been assigned to hunt for eggs."

"Query: What are your observations about each variety you have just tasted? Answer: Varieties of energy source 'ice cream' identified 'dutch chocolate' and 'vanilla bean' show notable differences in taste and coloration. Low variance in temperature. Energy source 'ice cream' appears transient in nature. Ice cream begins in semisolid state. However, observations indicate that it will progress rapidly to liquid form once removed from containment. No meaningful difference in this behavior observed between variants. Analysis: 'Ice Cream' difficult to preserve in ideal state for usage as energy source. Avoid usage as survival rations."

"Access denied."

A specialized transportation and observation drone from a shadowy space culture, who happens to be a young human boy. 157 is an emotionless, logic-driven being interested only in the acquisition of information and knowledge and still following his mission despite being separated from his team. He's spent his entire life submerging his humanity to be able to do what his masters wanted, and now that he's free, perhaps the boy can be brought back and develop a real personality again.

OOC Information:

Themesong: "Numb" by Tait, from the album "Lose This Life." "New Worlds" from the soundtrack to "Mass Effect 2." "Uncharted Worlds" from the soundtrack to "Mass Effect."

Pronounced: Yeh-weh-say-sih-sel

Additional recognized identifications: kid, young man, hun


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Access Denied: 8, Fearless, Standing Orders: 8, Super-Intellect: 8

Abilities: Magic

Disease Immunity, Environmental Code, Gravity Code, Scrying: 5, Self Recode, Spacetime Code: 7

Abilities: Skill

Galactic Knowledge: 6, Navigation, Observation: 7, Warp Combat: 4


Flaws: Amorality, Curious, Emotionless, Hunted, Limited Will, Socially Inept, Superiors, Verbal, Weak Body

Languages: Nasibban, English, Kree, Shi'ar, Skrull, and Thanagarian


Attribute: Access Denied (8)

Though 157 is normally ripe pickings for mind reading or control, there are areas of his mind that are walled off with massive resistance (rank 8). He has been trained to compartmentalize information in secret and hidden areas of his mind in some cases, and these areas are highly defended both by his trained desire to serve his controller well, and strong magical barriers. Secret information such as locations of places important to his superiors, the formulas by which he uses his magic, and information he's been specifically instructed to keep a secret are stored in these locations. 157 can freely access these areas, but it is extraordinarily difficult to mind-read those regions, or to mentally command or even externally intimidate or cajole 157 into giving up the information.

Attribute: Fearless

157 does have an instinct of self-preservation, but it's a robotic sort of instinct--a tool seeking to preserve itself, not a person trying to stay alive. Thus, attempts to manipulate him through fear will not so much be resisted as fail due to his very nature. However, appealing to him on logical grounds and demonstrating the ability to carry out threats may work, if 157 analyzes the odds and finds them against him and does not have orders or priorities that are ranked higher than his own safety.

Attribute: Standing Orders (8)

If 157 is in the presence of or on a mission from a recognized Superior, his Will should be considered 8 for purposes of resisting commands that contradict that superior's expressed wishes or harm that superior.

Attribute: Super-Intellect (8)

157 has been trained since birth to understand concepts well beyond the average person--both to allow him to work his form of magic, and to allow him to comprehend cultures and secrets from across time and space. He learns incredibly swiftly--soaking up information like a sponge--and comprehends things that few others could. It is barely any trouble at all for him to follow advanced conversations about subjects he's only just heard may of course take further research to get /everything/ straight (he doesn't read minds), but he can pick up quite a bit from context even with unfamiliar subjects. He swiftly learns how to navigate new places, how to get on in new cultures, and even new languages. He could probably blend in absolutely perfectly on Earth in a very short time, if it weren't for his rather crippling lack of understanding of how to get on with people in /any/ culture--but that's another thing entirely.

Magic: Disease Immunity

157's control over his personal "code" also has another benefit--should viruses or other diseases enter his system, he is capable of writing them out, giving him effective disease immunity. He is aware of his personal code at all times if conscious, and thus has no difficulty identifying when a disease enters his system. Note that this is only for diseases, not for drugs or poisons, which he must avoid exposure to or suffer the effects.

Magic: Environmental Code

157 has the ability to significantly alter the environment in the area around his body by modifying the "code" of the universe. This enables him, generally, to render environments safe for him when they would ordinarily be hostile. He is able to alter temperatures to a high degree, turning even very cold or hot environments comfortable for him. He can convert toxic gases or atmospheres to breathable air. He can eliminate harmful radiation. In effect, he turns "bad for my health" into "perfectly fine."

These effects are reasonably quick, but starting them up does take a moment or two. Thus, while this can be used to counter ongoing or persistent effects that would affect him, he cannot use this to oppose quick attacks (flame blasts, sudden bursts if poison gas, radiation beams, etc.) or even to avoid the /start/ of lasting effects if he's at or near ground zero. If he walks into a room with poison gas in it, he's safe. If he's in the room when the gas is released and doesn't have at least a few seconds to analyze it, he'll at least take the initial effects (and with his weak body, that's often enough to be major).

Once a given modification is in place, 157 does not need to maintain it. It remains active even if he is rendered unconscious, though it would be disabled if he were to be killed.

It should also be noted that 157 has the ability to see the "code" of the environment, allowing him to detect the presence of toxins, intolerable temperatures, or radiation, as well as the local gravitational level (see Gravity Code).

Magic: Gravity Code

In addition to environmental alteration (see Environmental Code), 157 is capable of modification of gravity--or rather, of gravity's effect on /him/, personally. He primarily uses this to keep gravity at a comfortable level regardless of the situation. As with his environmental code, responding to a change in gravity by modifying it takes a few seconds of analysis, making this useless against sudden attacks, but a possible defense against longer-term or slowly-building effects.

157 is however also capable of using this tactically. By lowering gravity's effects, he can jump for long distances or fall from long heights at a safe speed. By raising gravity's effects, he can drop more quickly or otherwise move unpredictably. Since no analysis is involved, 157 is capable of doing this instantaneously.

It must be restated that both effects are personal only--157 cannot impart either effect on another person and cannot use gravity modification against another person either. The only effects are on 157 himself.

Magic: Scrying (5)

Range: 157's range is much shorter with a scrying wormhole, only up to 50 miles. As with the transportation variety, the longer the distance, the more time it takes to set up. If within line of sight, it is nigh-instantaneous, but if either end is out of 157's line-of-sight, it can take several minutes to set up.

Time: 157 must actively maintain a scrying wormhole, but can do so as long as he is still conscious.

This is a variant use of Spacetime Code. 157 is able to form a different kind of wormhole with his abilities: one which does not allow the passage of materials, but does allow the passage of light and sound. As with the transportation version, the effect can be one way or two way, enabling spying or communication.

Unlike the transportation version, there is no distinctive sound when a scrying wormhole is created, and if it is a one-way wormhole, it shows up only on the viewing side, not the viewed side. There is, however, a slight hum in the area and a light shimmering at the wormhole's opening--though difficult to detect, it is not impossible and could give away that something is going on.

Magic: Self Recode

Cosmetic: 157 cannot use this ability to change his physical statistics--he is still weak and rather uncoordinated no matter his race or species. He cannot actually gain new powers or abilities through this power.

157 is capable to a small degree of recoding himself, aiding attempts to blend in with alien civilizations by looking like one of them. This is not true species alteration--157 cannot see the genetic makeup of another person. However, he /can/ alter his genetics to change his coloration and cosmetic physical traits to fit various humanoid forms. He cannot grow new large limbs, but he can alter the traits of his existing ones. Ridged ears? Okay. Only four fingers, or six instead? Fine. Big full-gray eyes? No problem. Claws? Well...he can look like he has them, but they won't be any more useful than his fingernails.

He can use this with or without an example present, and can use it freely to just change his cosmetic traits as well rather than appearing a different species.

This is not true shape shifting--157 cannot change his general appearance all that much, and a person who knows him would, with some study, recognize him even in a more extreme disguise. Even if he alters his human racial descent or appears alien, he is recognizable. It is for blending in, not hiding from people that know his face. Still, if someone's looking for a blond kid and 157 now has black hair, or someone is looking for a Caucasian and he's now Asian, that could be enough to get him out of a situation or at least buy him some time.

Once a given shift is established, it remains indefinitely without futher maintenance. Even if 157 is rendered unconscious or killed, it will not revert.

Magic: Spacetime Code (7)

Range: Technically, limitless...however, 157 can only /quickly/ create wormholes if the entrance and exit are in his line of sight. If either is outside his line of sight he must perform complex mathematical calculations to accomplish the creation, which requires increasing amounts of time depending on the distance involved, as 157 must account not only for distance but also for a wide variety of other spacetime influences that have an increasing probability of occurring with greater distances.

Knowledge: 157 does not need to have ever been to either location, but must have some knowledge of their existence and a means of understanding positioning. A map may be enough, but for galactic travel, he will likely require star charts or other resources. He is quite capable of calculating from less-than-ideal information, however--it just takes longer.

Time: Wormholes can be created instantly if both ends are in 157's line of sight. In other cases, it takes a matter of seconds to create one for up to about 100 yards, less than a minute to create one that can go several miles, and just a few minutes to create one to go anywhere in a city. The time required ascends from there, and long-distance galactic travel can take a day or more to prepare. As far as life of the wormhole: wormholes last seconds in general, and can be maintained for minutes at most. 157 may shut one down manually if he wishes.

Safety: Part of the creation process is an error check which detects troublesome solids and other interference on the other side of the wormhole before the hole is truly open. Thus, no nasty travels to the inside of a brick wall. This is drilled into him to such an extent that he's actually incapable of using wormholes to directly attack--that is, no opening a wormhole inside of someone or interrupting parts of objects with them. Even if it's technically possible, 157 simply can't do it.

Size: 157 can create wormholes large enough to allow a car or a few people through with ease, but if he wants to transport anything larger, it starts adding time to the calculations. His normal limit is an object the size of a battleship, though that would at least triple the length of time required to create a wormhole to carry it.

157 has been altered mentally to be able to comprehend and use arts which could be considered magical or mystical, focused on the manipulation of spacetime relationships and connections. They're more of a highly advanced science...but when you get that far, what's the difference?

Primarily, this allows 157 to form connections between different points in space in the form of a kind of short-lived wormhole. He can open one or two-way holes.

157 normally utilizes this power to travel distances...however, there are other uses. He can use it as a means of motion in combat, though he actually has to duck into the wormhole and thus it isn't as quick as normal teleportation. Furthermore, he can create wormhole openings and endings very quickly anywhere in his line of sight, allowing him to use this to move other things around the battlefield to an extent...such as opponents, bullets, energy blasts, cars... Wormholes do feature a distinctive opening noise and flash of light, however, and it would be possible to dodge even for a person without enhanced reactions, so long as they were not overcommitted to their motion. Should one actually pass into a wormhole, momentum remains constant.

Skill: Galactic Knowledge (6)

157 is young, but he's been to an astonishing number of places around the galaxy already on missions for his superiors. He possesses a detailed knowledge of various alien worlds and cultures and has a good chance of recognizing aliens from the more open races of the galaxy should they stop by well as having some knowledge of their abilities or other traits, due to his work in spying. He knows quite a bit about galactic diplomacy and politics, as well, and has extensive star charts stored in his head that let him navigate to many areas of the galaxy with ease should the need arise.

Skill: Navigation (*)

157 has a great deal of navigational ability due to its necessity for the use of his powers. He has learned to read and memorize maps and star charts with ease, and can rapidly perform calculations and judgments necessary to travel by mundane or magical means. Once he has had time to study a map of an area, he will quickly have every street memorized and can quickly recall the distances and specific locations of various points. Assuming a map of reasonable accuracy, he can get where he wants to go via his Spacetime Code power without needing to have actually traveled their mundanely at all. With one of less accuracy, it's a bit more fiddly, but he can still get in the ballpark--and once he's been there in reality, he can correct his calculations and get it just fine in the future.

Skill: Observation (7)

157 has been taught to observe and, to be frank, spy on other cultures, and has become exceptionally good at it. His job was to seek out and memorize critical information to report back to his masters, and though he generally worked with a team, it was /his/ job to actually find and analyze information--the others were just there to keep him out of trouble while he did so, or execute him if he showed signs of self-awareness. 157 doesn't miss a thing, and he's gotten quite good at paying attention to multiple things at once. He analyzes things thoroughly and draws as much information as possible out of any situation he can. This carries over to crisis situations--even when he needs to work fast, he quickly ascertains exactly where everything is and what it's doing. He isn't superhuman in this regard...just exceptionally well-trained, experienced, and engineered specifically for this purpose.

Skill: Warp Combat (4)

157 is inexperienced in combat, generally having others do the fighting on his previous missions, but he has a brilliant mind and an inherent understanding of his powers, allowing him to quickly and capably identify the best way to utilize his Spacetime Code to create wormholes to aid himself or others in a combat situation. His body may be slow and weak, but his mind is extremely fast, and that allows him to react very quickly when using his powers, using his wormholes and personal gravitational effects to make for a surprising opponent.



Flaw: Amorality

157 does not understand the concept of right and wrong in the least. Whatever he believes is needed to achieve an objective he has been assigned, he will do it. Whatever is necessary to fulfill his self-preservation, he will do it. Unless against a superior's orders, of course. Stealing? Hurting people? Revealing deadly secrets? Killing? All definitely within his set of tactical options. However, he /does/ recognize on some level that larger, more drastic actions tend to attract attention of a type that could lead to his injury or death. Thus...he will not decide to take the most extreme steps unless logic dictates that it is necessary to do so.

Flaw: Curious

157 is intensely curious--one of the few human qualities not driven out of his mind by his captors. It was judged beneficial to his work as an observer and spy--the ability to decide to have interest in something and pursue an investigation into it was a trait necessary in such a field. And with commanding officers there, the tool wouldn't get itself in trouble...he could be called back easily.

Unfortunately, 157 is still intensely curious, and now he has no commanding officers around. He can and will regularly get himself into real trouble by wandering after something out of pure interest with a single-mindedness that overwhelms his usual good awareness of his surroundings, and even once in danger he will often try his best to keep investigating while dodging bullets, blasts, or what-have-you.

Flaw: Emotionless

157 is about as close to an emotionless robot as you can get as a biological entity. Aside from his curiosity, which causes its own problems, every other human emotion has been hammered out of him by his Nasibban captors. He's theoretically capable of experiencing them, the moment, he doesn't, nor does he understand them. Aside from the obvious problems with relating to other people, this means that 157 is pretty incapable of formulating wants or desires of his own, and will remain an unquestioning puppet of any recognized superior until such time as he awakens as more of a human being.

Flaw: Hunted

157 is on the run, sort of. He's not entirely aware of his own situation, and thinks he was ordered to explore this world on his own. Unusual, yes, but 157 doesn't question orders, ever. Caught up in a plot to steal some particularly critical secret information in his head, 157 was left stranded in a way on Earth when the plot was partially foiled...ordered to travel here alone and investigate the planet (as a means of getting him where he could be nabbed), he's stayed here since the nabbers and those who pursued him killed each other off. There's no one to order him away, after all! Unfortunately, the whole situation has been misinterpreted by those in command, who believe he has developed a will of his own and run off...and when valuable tools develop their own will and run off, the Nasibbans regretfully execute the tools. If 157 is found by those searching for won't be a happy reunion.

Flaw: Limited Will

157 is easy to overpower for mind control purposes--he doesn't have much will to maintain his own desires, if he even has any. If a recognized superior is not present to command him, he'll pretty much fold to mind control abilities in a heartbeat (but see "Fearless," "Standing Orders," and "Access Denied.") He also doesn't have much defense against mind-reading when it comes to his memories and general knowledge (but see "Access Denied"). He has very little defense against psionic or spiritual attacks in general, and should be considered rank 1 Will against hostile psionic or spiritual attacks.

Flaw: Socially Inept

157 was an information gatherer and spy of sorts, but that /never/ involved direct interaction with other people. That was for other members of his team. As a result, he has no idea how to interact with another person, and despite his vast knowledge of galactic cultures and people and even his growing knowledge of Earth, he cannot possibly hope to blend in as a normal person. He doesn't even know to try. He speaks oddly, acts strangely, and seems more like a computer system than a person...and he doesn't even know that's bad. Suffice to say 157's "cover" is nonexistent.

Flaw: Superiors

157's own will--whatever small amount of one he has--is entirely subservient to the will of recognized superiors. He does not question orders, ever. No matter what they contain, no matter if they contradict his own slight desires, no matter if they contradict his instinct for self-preservation...there is no questioning an order from a recognized superior. It is fortunate that the Nasibban superiors who raised him currently don't know where he is, but they are hunting for him...and should 157 recognize the wrong person on Earth as a superior, the results could be catastrophic.

157 does not easily recognize a new superior, but it might be possible through means of mind control or mind reading to get him to recognize a person or learn the means by which to claim command. Furthermore, by behaving in a manner befitting a superior and treating 157 as he is used to his superiors treating him (as a tool, but a valued tool), 157 may come to acknowledge a person as a superior. 157 may also choose to acknowledge a person as a temporary superior if logic dictates that serving a person will get him support in pursuit of his current mission.

Flaw: Verbal

157 must speak to use his powers. In the case of his wormhole generation, that is anytime he creates or manually closes one. In the case of his environmental powers, that is whenever he needs to set up a new adaptation code. In the case of his self-recode, that is whenever he changes his form.

He does not need to speak loudly--it can be subdued or even a whisper--but he must speak. He may be seen, or heard for those close enough or with enhanced hearing. More importantly, if he is unable to speak--and it must actually make sound, so a silence effect would count even if he is still technically speaking--he cannot use his powers actively. He may continue benefitting from uses he has already triggered--powers already active are not cancelled.

Flaw: Weak Body

157 is a valuable tool, but he's a valuable tool that was being kept carefully under control...and part of that control was being quite sure that he never became physically strong enough to be a danger to his captors. He had defenders...he didn't need to be strong enough to fight for himself. In fact, it was better if it was the opposite. Thus, he's thin and weak, small for his age, and has poor physical dexterity that leads to several attacks of clumsiness. Strength, Toughness, and Dexterity can be considered 1.


The boy who would become known as Yeweseisisel (157) was born Albert Erasmus Gutermuth, but lived only a short time under that name. A mere week after his birth, he and his parents vanished from a suburb of New York, never to be seen again. The Nasibbans, a shadowy race of aliens, had taken them in the night--having noticed that all three held the potential to be of use to their schemes.

The Nasibbans are a race that has kept to the shadows, but their name seems to come up quite frequently in the darker dealings of galactic races. They are information brokers, black market traders, and they've got a hand in just about everything nasty or unethical that goes on in the galaxy. In the case of the Gutermuths, the Nasibbans wanted their genes. They had been watching the family for some time, having discovered that the father and mother held genetic potential to work with their secret arts...and theorizing that their child would be able to be trained to be of even higher use. Even among the Nasibbans, it was not so easy to find one who could, and so it was their way to seek out such children across the universe. When the boy was born, they realized their ambitions had come true. A simple disappearing act later, a cover story in the right places, and the Nasibbans had a new agent and a possible source for even more, and everyone thought the family had just decided to move to a quieter area of the USA.

Albert never really knew his parents. He was held seperately from them, and trained to become not a child but a tool. Every childish impulse, every awakening goal or desire, was crushed not through terror and pain but through disinterest and disapproval. The boy learned that he could only get any approval, only get a response at all, by doing precisely as his masters wished--following orders to the letter, investigating and learning what they wanted him to investigate and learn. He subdued his own humanity and interests, and began only to serve as his masters wished. Slowly, the child died, and only the tool remained. Albert was gone. 157 remained.

He was trained from his earliest days to see the world a different way, to unlock a part of his mind that the Nasibbans knew was there, but that never would have come forth without them. 157 was brilliant, and capable of seeing what they wanted him to see--the secret workings of the universe, the elements of reality that most simply glossed over. He learned to see them, to understand change them.

He was ready for missions by the time he was only six years old. He accompanied teams of Nasibban agents, working covert operations across the galaxy. He transported them wherever they wished to go. He spied on whatever they wished him to spy on. He carried information that changed worlds, ended lives... he never questioned, never thought about what it all meant, never thought about his own desires or where he came from. There was only what his masters wanted. There was only the mission.

One day, it all changed...though 157 did not even realize it. Along the line, a mission had gone wrong, unknown to 157 or his team. He had been discovered, and had been watched ever since. On another mission, he and his team discovered information that would change the balance of power in a whole region of the galaxy. The Nasibbans wanted it. But others wanted it too...and why pay for what you can get for free?

The operation was brilliant. The Nasibbans never saw it coming. With the aid of double-agents, the Nasibbans' enemies contacted 157 alone, and got him to recognize one of them as a superior through knowledge of the Nasibbans' methods. He was sent to Earth...alone. It looked like he'd just decided to go there on his own. His old homeland...a perfect place. Some old memory might have guided the boy there, awakening his human side...that was how it looked. It would be the perfect place to nab him.

Unfortunately, it didn't go flawlessly. 157 left, but he wasn't the only one on his team who could read the "code" behind the universe. He was traced, and his old team showed up just as the Nasibbans' enemies were trying to nab him. It was a brief, bloody battle on the outskirts of New York. Both teams were experts, well-trained and absolutely determined to succeed. Only 157 survived.

Now, alone and still believing himself on a mission, 157 wanders and tries to fulfill the goals he believes his masters set for him--ever-loyal and innocently unaware that he is now regarded as a dangerous escapee.


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File:Fern Fiddlehead.jpg
Fern Fiddlehead

157 wandered into Anita Bella by chance one day, and Fern tried her best to handle the ruckus he caused by stealing a customer's cheeseburger. Somehow that ended up with poor Fern offering to pay for the kid's food if he stopped by Anita Bella while she was there, to avoid any further burger theft incidents.

File:Pepper Potts.jpg
Pepper Potts

Pepper was running a charity event when 157 showed up, and she's taken something of an interest in trying to teach the young robot-like boy humanity. It's slow going, but she's trying her best.

File:J'onn J'onzz.jpg
John Jones

Detective Jones happened upon 157 one day and treated him to a meal, and is trying to figure him out (having figured out that he's in some way related to some sort of fight between two groups of aliens on the outskirts of New York). He's rescued 157 from potential danger while in disguise, as well.

File:Academy of Tomorrow.jpg
Academy of Tomorrow

157 was recruited as a student for the Academy by Emma Frost, and persuaded that it would be a good way to learn about the planet and the human race. He fulfills his duties as a student seriously and has an easy time with the classwork save for anything requiring 1) emotion or 2) athletic capabilities. He's regarded as one of the weirdest students at the school, and there are a lot of rumors crossing the halls about him. He has defended the Academy multiple times and seems to understand his relationship with it as a kind of alliance, which is to be long as it is useful.

File:Emma Frost.jpg
Emma Frost

Emma runs the Academy of Tomorrow, where 157 studies. He's one of her projects--she brought him to the school as a means of watching him and ensuring he wasn't a threat to the world. 157 seems to regard her as something close to, but not quite, a true recognized superior, and generally follows her requests. He seems to vary between being a favored student and a worrisome potential threat.

File:The Stepford Cuckoos.jpg
The Stepford Cuckoos

157 and the Five-in-One hit it off right away upon meeting at the Academy of Tomorrow, if one understands "hit it off" to mean "coldly and rationally evaluated each other's abilities and potential value as espionage agents and potential allies." Theirs is an odd relationship. The Cuckoos are trying to teach 157 to behave in a more human manner, while his emotionless logic has helped them in dealing with their true identities as Weapon XIV.

File:Kurenai Kagemaru.jpg
Kurenai Kagemaru

A fellow student at the Academy of Tomorrow. Their first meeting was nothing sort of a disaster, as language barriers and 157's odd behavior ultimately led to Kurenai mistaking him for a troublemaking kitsune and trying to, shall we say, "exorcise" him via extreme violence. Once things were worked out, they haven't had any further problems...though 157 does make sure to remind her that he is not a kitsune, each and every time they meet. If it were anyone else, it might just be joking around and poking fun. 157 doesn't joke.


Yeweseisisel's Wanted List
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