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Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 6 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 7
Escape Artist 7 Hand-to-Hand 3 Hypnotism 5
Investigation 5 Magic 9 Occult Knowledge 7
Prestidigitation 8 Shadowcrest 8 Summoning 6
Artifacts Contacts Library
Multilingual Renown Stage Gear
Stage Persona Wealth
Blood Magic Cursed Daddy Issues
Exhaustion Mnemonic Spells Self Confidence
Name: Zatanna Zatara A member of the Homo Magi, Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of legendary magician Giovanni (John) Zatara, and the Hidden Ones sorceress, Sindella.

Descended from a line of mages that claim da Vinci, Nostradomus, and Flamel among their bloodlines, she is an exceptionally talented spellcaster who has to invoke her incantations by speaking them backwards.
Position: Mistress of Magic
Team: Justice League of America, Shadowpact
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Homo Magi
Type: DC FC
Actor: Taylor Cole
Alts: N/A
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Classic, Heroic, Gritty, Angsty, Romantic, Comedic, Social
Tone Dislikes: None.


Zatanna is the daughter of Giovanni Zatara, a famed magician and stage illusionist, and his wife Sindella, a member of a tribe of sorcerers called the Hidden Ones. Her family claims to have descended from such notable historical mystics as da Vinci, Nostradamus, and Nicholas Flamel. When she was young, her mother faked her own death to return to her order and Zatanna was raised by her father.

Zatara taught his daughter stage magic and the art of illusion, and the two traveled the world together during her childhood. Shortly after, the girl was cursed by an evil witch and was rendered unable to see her father. The rest of her childhood was spent being raised by strangers.

When she was older, she discovered Giovanni Zatara's diary and built a stage magic persona for herself, mastering his documented illusions. She began to travel with her act, all the while searching for her parents. During her search, she discovered her true magic, inherited as a member of Homo Magi.

She still seeks her father, and still believes her mother to be dead. She began using her powers for heroic purposes in recent years.


Skill: Escape Artist (7)

Zatanna is an acomplished escape artist who uses the skill in her stage act to get out of ropes, chains, locked boxes, cages, etc.

Skill: Hand-To-Hand Combat (3)
NOT THE FACE! Ahem. She has basic self-defense training. That's it. She has not yet trained with the JLA yet. May improve with time.

Skill: Hypnotism (5)
Zatanna can, with time and focus, hypnotize another person with a suggestible mind, just as a psychotherapist might. This requires the subject's cooperation.

Skill: Investigation (5)
Zatanna has a compliment of investigative skills born of heavy research into magic, and searching for her father.

Power: Magic (9)
Zatanna is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable magic users on the planet. For game purposes, the limitations of how many consenting characters she can affect with a spell will be her magic score. To effect more will require a staff ok. Her spells repetroire is extensive, but as a sampling it includes the following:

  • Elemental Sorcery: Zatanna has shown an enormous propensity for doing magic related to the elements. She has displayed generation and control offFire, air, water, and ice, as well as control of earth/rock, plants, and weather, and ability to resist extremes of heat and cold.
  • Psychic Spells: Mind Reading (willpower resist), Memory Manipulation (willpower resist, remove or alter memories), Mental Domination (Her willpower vs. that of the dominatee), Telekinesis (Strength 5).
  • Attribute Increases: Zatanna can use spells to augment Strength and Durability in herself or others (Max of 5).
  • Travel: Zatanna can cast a flight spell on herself and others. She can teleport herself and or others anywhere in this world or one of the dimensions she has access to. She also can travel between dimensions. Her home exists in its own dimension.
  • Defensive Spells: Forcefield generation, Mystical Invulnerability, Dispelling of other magics/illusions at 7 (her Willpower)
  • Transmutation: Elemental and Molecular Conversion, Size Alteration, Regeneration (at applicable scale level equal to her willpower)
  • Mystical Senses: Zee can see and sense spells being cast and the presence of magical beings, spirits, events, and items.

Limits: Backwards Speech, Self Confidence (See Flaws)

Skill: Occult Knowledge (7)
Zatanna has a huge amount of occult knowlege she has learned from her father, and on her own since then. She has an huge library at her disposal too.

Skill: Prestidigitation (8)
Zatanna is one of the greatest and most renowned stage magicians of all time, and her sleight-of-hand skills are exceptional.

Gear: Shadowcrest (8)
Shadowcrest is a mystical mansion and the ancestral home of the Zataras. It exists in another dimension. Its entrance moves from time to time. It is heavily warded and not visible to those without magical sight. It has magical servants and a magical security system requiring passphrases. It also contains an incredibly extensive library of both mundane and magical tomes, and a vault full of magical artifacts. It is a pocket dimension of sorts, and the manse is far larger on the inside than the outside.

Skill: Summoning (6)
Zatanna is versed in summoning spirits, demons, and other such entities, as well as the precautions to take, the rules to abide by, and what she can ask of them. She also knows how to dispel such creatures, or cleanse a place of their presence.


Advantage: Artifacts

Zatanna has an assortment of magical artifacts located in Shadowcrest, which have a variety of purposes. She doesn't know what all of them do, and some may be harmful. (Staff permission for anything uber)

Advantage: Contacts
Zatanna knows most of the influential people in the magic community, including John Constantine. She also grew up, in many ways, with Bruce Wayne and can call on him or his alter ego for favors when needed. She has plenty of beings she can summon to ask questions of as well.

Advantage: Library
Zatanna has an occult library in Shadowcrest which is one of the finest on Earth. Of course its extensive size can make research difficult.

Advantage: Multilingual
Zatanna reads many ancient languages, most of which are magical or which relate to magic such as Latin and Etruscan. She is fluent in modern English, Spanish, and Backwards Speech.

Advantage: Renown
Zee is famous as a stage magician and an actual mage, and so was her father. The Zatara name holds a great deal of weight in both communities.

Advantage: Stage Gear
Zatanna has vast a collection of magician's stage gear, including tricks, top hat, wand, trained bunnies, and traineddoves. She could probably open a museum with it all.

Advantage: Stage Persona
Zatanna has lived her life in the spotlight of the stage. She can act. which comes in handy with heroing as well.

Advantage: Wealth
Zatanna has the wealth left to her by her ancestral heritage, as well as that earned from her stage magician career. Plus Shadowcrest provides for most of her needs.


Flaw: Blood Magic

If unable to speak her incantations, Zee has been known to use blood magic. This requires her to draw her own blood and write the incantation with it. This is a dark form of magic and has a corrupting influence. Continued use of it may lower her willpower and thus her effectiveness.

Flaw: Cursed
Zatanna has been cursed with the inability to see or sense her father. He could be right beside her, and yelling in her ear or pinching her, and she would still be unaware. Until this curse is broken, she cannot possibly find him or learn from him.

Flaw: Daddy Issues
Since her father "Disappeared", Zatanna has been obsessed with finding him. There is no evidence that he is dead, or even hurt, and this frustrates her because she can only assume he left her on purpose.

Flaw: Exhaustion
If she pushes herself to do multiple high level spells, or mutliple spells which max out the number of people or things affected, her energy is drained and can only be recuped with actual bedrest and no use of magic for a time.

Flaw: Mnemonic Spells
To use her magic, Zatanna has to recite her incantations backwards. This requires focus, and may delay her castings for complex spells. The more complex a spell is, the more she needs to say to keep it from going awry. If she is too brief, she may have the spell do something unexpected. Also, if she is unable to speak, she cannot cast at all unless she delves into more dangerous blood magic.

Flaw: Self Confidence
Zatanna's stage persona is that of a woman of surpreme confidence but, inside, the real woman still has abandonement issues. She has difficulty understanding her own worth, and when she is feeling low, her ability to harness her magics diminishes by 2-3 points on the relative scales.


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