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Zen, Intergalactic Ninja
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Quote-open “The best fighter is never angry.”

― Lao Tzu


Zen is a heroic alien ninja, here to save the day! He's up for all kinds of scenes from 'Save the Day' to 'Awkward Alien in the Coffee Shop'. He's also got a Spaceship among other things, and is open to getting involved with off-world affairs as well. As a side note, Zen thinks humans are neat, and could probably get suckered into doing stuff for the wrong people until he finds his feet here.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Battle Sense: 5, Mind Trick: 5, Psychic Regen: 2/3, Super Soldier: 4, Telepathy: 6

Abilities: Skill

Martial Arts: 7 Ninja Skills: 6

Abilities: Tech

Gravity Boots: 1, Hypership: 8, Photon Staff: 6, T-Pod: 6

Advantages: Bounty Hunter, Every Tongue, Nira

Flaws: Blue Alien, Code of Honor, Invasive Telepath, Open Book, Savior Complex

Languages: An ability allows Zen to comprehend all languages.


Power: Battle Sense (5)

Zen is particularly sensitive to any sentient mind nearby which directly means him harm. In combat, this makes it seem as though he anticipates attacks almost before the attacker knows what he's going to do. He is able to dodge most melee strikes, thrown weapons and bullets fairly easily. This ability does not work against drones, automated defenses, or any other mindless trap. It does however work with the rudimentary minds possessed by animals.

Power: Mind Trick (5)

Zen is capable of producing a minor psychic pulse which confuses an organic mind enough to remove Zen from one's perception. This is how Zen can perform a Ninja Vanish maneuver, or seem to blink out of being surrounded to attacking the bullies from behind. He can pulse himself out of perception for anyone within 50 meters or so. It only lasts a moment and cannot be used to simulate sustained invisibility. This ability only works on organic brains, or someone capable of interacting with a telepath. It generally does not work on robots, drones, or someone viewing him remotely with a camera, or just far enough away. Additionally, anyone with the most basic psychic discipline, or just a willpower of 5 or higher, is immune to this ability.

Power: Psychic Regen (2/3)

While Zen is conscious, he maintains enough mental control over his body to keep a constant healing factor of about 5x normal, but cannot regrow lost limbs or organs. When in deep meditation, and unable to do anything else, this doubles to 10x the normal rate, and does allow him to regrow and repair nearly any damage. He is not able to apply this power to anyone else. If Zen is kept unconscious, this power doesn't work at all, and Zen reverts to a normal healing rate, with no special restorative abilities.

Power: Super Soldier (4)

Designed in a lab as a super solider means Zen's muscles and bones are exceptionally dense and strong. Flipping a car over to use it as cover represents almost no effort at all, even though he doesn't look that bulky. This applies to his Strength, Toughness and Endurance at rank 4.

Power: Telepathy (6)

Mind Talking: Zen broadcasts his thoughts to 'speak' directly into someone else's head. This is his only method of verbal communication, so if anyone is blocking the reception of telepathic sendings, they will be unable to hear Zen speaking, although they would probably be aware of his attempt.

Lie Detector: While not able to literally read minds, he is able to tell if someone is lying to him. With effort, he can also read someone's general state of agitation, or broad sense of intent.

Mind Detector: With some meditative effort, Zen can pinpoint the locations of minds within the immediate vicinity.

Created in a lab, without a nose or mouth, Zen's DNA was sequenced to include a simple kind of telepathy. Through long training with the Masters of Om, Zen was able to develop this ability further into other applications.

Skill: Martial Arts (7)

Zen was originally created to be a super-soldier, though the project was deemed a failure for some unknown reason. Abandoned as an infant with the Masters of Om, he grew up knowing only the Martial Way. Because of his genetic background, he soaked up every lesson they had for him, resulting in the greatest student the Masters have ever trained. He is fluent in practically every known martial art, and melee weapon, and has rarely met his match in solo combat. His training also included strict adherence to an equivalent of the Bushido code which demands he fight fairly, no matter what. For instance, he would never draw a weapon against an unarmed opponent, or a gun against someone only armed with a knife.

Skill: Ninja Skills (6)

Zen is schooled in the ways of the shadow. He's an expert when it comes to getting around unobserved, and can circumvent almost any mechanical or electronic lock systems.

Tech: Gravity Boots (1)

These are another of the Masters' gifts to Zen when he left Om. They allow him to adapt to the different gravities of different planets. With the boots, he can walk on walls, ceilings and even thin branches or water - really any surface which could support some amount of weight. They also allow him to jump 200-300 yards, or fall for almost any distance and land safely.

Tech: Hypership (8)

Brig: The ship also has a small brig, really meant for 1, but could fit 2 in a pinch. It is strong enough to hold someone up to Strength 7, or resist rank 5 Arsenal and Power abilities.

Speed: The ship has a non-hyper cruising speed of about rank 8, but is not capable of atmospheric flight. It must remain parked in orbit while he uses his TPod for getting around.

Weapons: The ship is equipped with plasma blasters at Arsenal rank 6. The range of the weapons makes it impossible to attack any targets on earth.

Armor and Shields: The ship is able to defend itself against rank 6 Arsenal weapons and powers which use kinetic or energy based attacks.

Upon leaving Om, the Masters knew Zen would be off to explore the galaxy, and gave him an old ship left on Om by a previous student from a long time ago. The ship can transport 3-4 human sized people comfortably, double that if they don't mind sharing rooms, and can travel faster than light through hyperspace, getting him just about anywhere in the galaxy within a few days.

Tech: Photon Staff (6)

Zen was gifted with a photon staff when he left Om. It looks like a wooden staff with green glass panels embedded in it. When fully charged, it is a blunt weapon capable of discharging energy blasts, and cutting through even metallic objects. When fully charged, the staff should be able to operate for a day or so of normal use. When out of power, it's simply a sturdy quarterstaff. Zen must return to his Hypership to recharge it.

Tech: T-Pod (6)

The T-Pod is Zen's dropship, and everyday 'getting around' vehicle. It is a sphere with a slightly malleable surface that allows one to pass through, and has a crusing speed of about 10,000 mph, and is not subject to atmospheric friction. It can hold up to three adult human-sized people, /very/ cramped. It is only operable by Zen, as he drives it telepathically. There is nothing inside the pod, including seats or controls. It's just a flying sphere with a blue alien guy floating inside. It can safely traverse most harsh environments, as it's meant for space travel.


Advantage: Bounty Hunter

After spending several years as a galactic mercenary and bounty hunter, Zen is skilled at assessing risk vs reward scenarios. He has a pretty good sense for when a client is trying to cheat him as well, aided by his passive telepathic ability. Zen also has experience tracking down bounties and bringing them in. He's actually got quite bit of Galactic currency squirreled away, but since he's made Earth his home, he doesn't really have the ability to spend it beyond repairing and maintaining his Hypership.

Heavy Weapons-His experience has also left him fairly proficient in most heavy weapons, grenades and missile launchers, but he rarely gets a chance to use such things, because they would constitute an unfair advantage, philosophically.

Friends in Low Places-Zen has contacts in nearly every port around the Galaxy, and he has a reputation for being honorable which helps in making deals.

Advantage: Every Tongue

Because Zen communicates by projecting his thoughts, and hears other's speak along with the intentions in their minds, Zen is not restricted by linguistic barriers. People he encounters experience his voice in their head as a rich baritone, speaking in their most familiar language. Similarly, other people's words are translated into the Om language he grew up with. The downside is if Zen is without his version of a smartphone, he can't read or write any language but Om, which apparently is not in wide use on Earth.

Advantage: Nira

Occasionally Zen's friend Nira, a fellow mercenary/bounty hunter will show up, usually just in the nick of time. She's a scantily clad bombshell of a human woman, equipped with, and skilled in the use of heavy weapons. She has a ship of her own, but often likes to ride with Zen. They have an on-again, off-again 'friends with benefits' relationship, and they actually trust each other. Unfortunately, she doesn't want to be tied down to Earth, so Zen doesn't get to see her that often.


Flaw: Blue Alien

Zen does not fit in, or blend in with Earth society at all. He is obviously alien, and sticks out like a sore thumb everywhere he goes. He can never pose as a human, even with advanced make-up, he has no nose or mouth. He's also used to Galactic society where he didn't need to hide, so he's unfamiliar with the concept.

Flaw: Code of Honor

Zen is bound by the code of honor drilled into him by the Masters of Om. This is primarily manifested in his inability to choose a weapon which outstrips his opponent's weapon. This is somewhat malleable if he's outnumbered, or other extenuating circumstances crop up, like not feeling obliged to fight the /Hulk/ empty-handed. Most of the time though, this means he will not use the powered version of his staff, against someone with a knife, or a rocket launcher against someone with a pistol. He'll almost never use explosives if there's any chance of harming a civilian. He's also bound to only subdue opponents if the option is at all possible, instead of killing.

Flaw: Invasive Telepath

Unless he learns ASL, Zen has no other way to communicate with people, and many people will rightfully have a problem with an alien telepath projecting his voice directly into their minds.

Flaw: Open Book

Zen has the ability to defend himself against psychic attacks, but he's really not very good at it. Leaving himself open constantly to be able to 'speak' with people means locking down his mental discipline is difficult and unnatural for him to do. He also can't speak to anyone when he's trying to protect his mind, or really do much of anything but sit still and meditate.

Flaw: Savior Complex

It is impossible to pass up people in need. He gets sent in to bag a bad guy, but sees a cage full of people on the way there. He has to stop and help them before he can continue. It's just the way he's wired, and in his mind, it's worth to lose the bad guy to help the people in front of him, but this can result in remarkably bad consequences at times.


Zen was originally created in a test tube in a lab trying to start a super-soldier program. Zen was the last in a long line of failures, and after having been forced to abort so many subjects before him, the lead scientist put Zen in a pod and shot him into space to at least give him a chance at survival. Luckily for Zen, that pod landed on Om, home to the Masters of Om.

The Masters raised the orphan within their sanctuary, training him as soon as he could walk in all forms of martial arts. They also instilled in him a certain level of honor and dignity which he would be loathe to let down. After he came of age, the Masters knew the young Zen would not be content to remain on Om, and would need to get out and explore. They gifted Zen with a ship, the T-Pod that he landed on Om in, a photon staff, and a pair of gravity boots.

Since then, Zen has been roaming the galaxy, taking on jobs as mercenary or bounty hunter to keep his ship in repair, and to keep him in packaged food. Just recently however, he has made contact with Earth, and has come to like humans very much. After studying them at great length, he believes they, as a whole, possess a redeeming honor, despite certain individuals who act counter to that impression. This is why he has devoted himself to protecting the human race from themselves (at times) and from the Alien threat he knows is just outside their spiral arm of the galaxy, and just hasn't found them yet.


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