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Lor-Zod1 Lor-Zod2
Agility: 6 Strength: 6 Toughness: 8
Perception: 6 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 4
Alien Physiology Breath 4 Flight 6
Heat Vision 4 Regeneration 4 Senses 5
Speed 6 Telekinesis 4 X-Ray Vision
Kryptonian Education Physical Training
Kryptonite Magic and Psionics Solar Energy
Name: Lor-Zod; Christopher Lor-Zod's father was Krypton's staunchest defender, the man also recorded by history as its greatest traitor: General Dru-Zod. Zod was condemned to the Phantom Zone, where his wife, Ursa, later gave birth to Lor, raising him on tales of how they were wronged by the House of El. Years later, Lor arrived on Earth, confused and alone.

What could possibly go wrong?

Position: Last Son of the Phantom Zone
Team: N/A
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race: Alien
Type: DC FC
Actor: Chase Ellison
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Music: Dragonforce, "The Flame of Youth"
Quote: "'The son becomes the father,' right? Well, you never met MY father. Trust me -- I'm totally screwed."
Tone Likes: Comedic, Heroic, Gritty, Angsty, Social
Tone Dislikes: Romantic, Classic


General Zod was once leader of Krypton's planetary defense force, a decorated soldier and a patriotic citizen. When he heard of the scientist Jor-El's predictions that their world was on a course to destruction, Zod offered the scion of House El his support. When the Science Council scoffed at Jor-El's notions, Zod saw that times were desperate. He mounted an armed revolt in hopes of garnering enough attention that Jor-El could not be ignored.

Unfortunately for Zod, not only did he fail, but Jor-El remained loyal to the council and, when called to do so, did his duty and provided the critical evidence that condemned Zod: the very weapons Zod had used had further destabilized the planetary core, only hastening Krypton's destruction. General Zod and his co-conspirators, Non and Ursa, were banished to the Phantom Zone, and within a few months, despite Zod's efforts, Krypton was destroyed.

Within the Phantom Zone, Zod's only comfort was his wife, Ursa, and in time she conceived a child. To their surprise, the baby developed, grew, and was born healthy, despite the Phantom Zone normally preventing such life processes from continuing. They named the child Lor-Zod, and they raised him to be a proper scion of House Zod. He was schooled in Kryptonian knowledge by his father and trained in combat by his mother, though he never took to tactics like Zod nor to fighting like Ursa. He was perhaps an adequate student, but to his parents he became a disappointment, symbolizing loss and failure.

For most of the sixteen years -- relatively speaking -- that Lor-Zod spent in the Phantom Zone, his parents were emotionally distant and neglectful. When he was a bit older, they were openly abusive, using both verbal and physical force to try to force Lor to be more, to be better. And then, one day, it changed. Lor did not at first realize it, but his father had hit on the theory that Lor's unique biology might make him able to pass through the boundaries of the Phantom Zone and into the physical world again. So, in quite a turnaround, Lor's parents began to show him kindness and hints of affection.

Dru-Zod constructed a vessel and prepared it for a special journey. Lor was to pilot it, told he was accepting a great honor for House Zod. Eager to please and glad of the kinder treatment he was receiving, Lor never considered refusing. So, the experimental craft burst free of the Phantom Zone, and it tracked the only Kryptonian life signs it could find. Naturally, that meant the ship deposited Lor-Zod on Earth. Whether Dru-Zod and his compatriots escaped as well, however, remains a mystery.


Power: Alien Physiology

Limitations: Lor-Zod is somewhat weaker than other Kryptonians due to growing up in the Phantom Zone. This may correct itself with time and yellow sunlight exposure. Said sunlight is required for his powers to continue to function (see +flaws).

Phantom Zone: Because Lor-Zod was born in the Phantom Zone, he is immune to most of that dimension's effects. He exists as a normal biological entity there, which is how he was able to grow to his present age instead of being stuck as an undeveloped embryo. This ability is how he was able, with his father's help, to escape back into the physical world.

Power: Breath (4)
Range: Approximately 20 feet

Area of Effect: Radius of one to five feet

Limitations: Requires presence of breathable oxygen and lack of obstructions; lung capacity is a consideration, but through use of circular breathing the effect can be kept up for several minutes at at time.

Lor-Zod's lungs are capable of compressing and expelling many times more forcefully than a normal human being could. This allows his to inhale deeply and exhale the equivalent of gale-force winds up to 70 mph. By more narrowly pursing his lips, the rapidly moving air can quickly cool, able to cool steel from melting to frozen in a matter of seconds.

Power: Flight (6)
Lo-Zod can fly at roughly 10,000 MPH within an atmosphere, allowing him to cross the nation in minutes or circumnavigate the globe in a couple of hours. He is able to reach escape velocity with sustained effort.

Power: Heat Vision (4)
Range: 70 yards

Area of Effect: Target 8 inches in diameter

Limitations: Must have line of sight; sustained use for more than a few seconds causes drain on solar energy reserves.

Overuse of this power can drain his reserves, forcing him to take at least a few minutes' rest or risk a dropoff in power levels (safe to use heavily for one minute; after that, -1 to all powers per minute of heavy use with a 5 minute recovery time per minute of overuse).

Power: Regeneration (4)
Limitations: Decreases to 0 prolonged absence from yellow sun

Lor-Zod heals roughly twenty times more quickly than a Human being and has many times the stamina of even the most determined Olympic athlete, able to push himself at peak levels of exertion for up to 48 hours without rest.

Power: Senses (5)
Limitations: When focusing his senses, Lor is vulnerable to sensory overload. Also, the world is a very noisy place; this can be overwhelming at times and puts practical limits on how well he can pick out specific sounds.

Lor's senses are roughly 100 times stronger than a human being's. This means he can, hear, or smell at 100 feet what a normal human could perceive at ten, at 50 miles what said human could perceive at half a mile. In addition to telescopic distance vision, Lor can see microscopic objects up close at 100x magnification, and he can shift through seeing most of the EM spectrum.

His hearing range is similarly extended in terms of pitch and frequency, including infra- and ultra-sonics, even allowing use of echolocation like a bat. He can track via smell like a bloodhound or discern micro-fine details by touch. It is a vivid, high-definition world that Lor experiences.

Power: Speed (6)
Lor-Zod's speed is enhanced by his powers, allowing him to process information, perform physical tasks, and otherwise operate more than 75 times faster than a human in peak condition. He can also run at up to 10,000 MPH as easily as a normal human at an even, steady run.

Power: Telekinesis (4)
Range: Line of sight

Limitations: Fine control is very difficult.

Most of the time, this power is entirely unconscious. It allows Lor to do "impossible" things, such as pick up an airplane by its wing, because his telekinesis is supporting the object. At other times, the power manifests as quick bursts of poorly controlled force. It might disassemble an object, or it might just blast a hole in something. He tends to be very careful with it.

Power: X-Ray Vision
Range: Line of sight

Limitations: Cannot see through lead

This power is something of a misnomer. In fact, Lor-Zod can see any part of the electromagnetic spectrum if he chooses. This allows him to attune his vision to x-rays, allowing him to see through solid objects.


Advantage: Kryptonian Education

Augments Intellect when used. Science and technology are concepts that Lor-Zod, even as a teenager, can grapple with as well as many experts in those fields. He lacks experience, but he has been exposed to and understands many theories and advances that Earth has only begun to imagine. As such, his Intellect is augmented when dealing with science, technology, or Kryptonian culture.

Advantage: Physical Training
Augments Agility when used. Trained by his mother, Lor-Zod never developed the killer instincts to become a well-trained fighter. However, he still mastered the gymnastic and acrobatic portions of his training, making him much more adept at moving about, and thanks to his natural agility he could keep up with even the most agile of humans in this area, whether in formal athletic events or parkour.


Flaw: Kryptonite

Reduces Toughness to 0 within 10 minutes of exposure. Creates instant nausea and incapacitates within 15 minutes. When Krypton was destroyed, some of the planet's matter was charged with radioactive energy from the red star, Rao, interacting with the crystalline material of Krypton's planetary body. The end result was the gemlike green "Kryptonite."

The molecular and radioactive properties of Kryptonite are poisonous to Kryptonians, and it ignores their invulnerability to damage. Proximity to Kryptonite causes illness and rapid power loss. Prolonged exposure is lethal.

However, the rate of recovery once removed from the emissions is as rapid as the rate of damage, and Lor will be back to normal within an hour under optimal conditions. Sunlight helps to hasten recovery. Kryptonite radiation can be blocked by lead or super-dense materials.

Flaw: Magic and Psionics
Toughness and Willpower function as though they were 2 versus magic or psionic attacks. Despite a fairly strong will and great physical toughness, Lor-Zod is vulnerable to mystic and psychic attacks because the minds and spirits of Kryptonians are poorly adapted to the forces of magic and astral energy. Lor may still use his full Willpower to resist mental influence or control, but direct attacks are highly effective against him, such as the "mind blast" or "eldritch bolt."

Flaw: Solar Energy
If kept out of sunlight for more than one month, all physical attributes will reduce to 2. Zod requires solar energy to function at peak capacity, or his powers fade to greatly reduced levels, some disappearing entirely if his solar reserves are empty. Zod cannot absorb energy from the lower frequency orange K-type stars, and the radiation from red M-type stars actually disrupts his absorption process. The energy simply does not agree with him, and so within the radiation of such a star, he will begin to lose his power at a slow but steady rate. Within a day of such conditions, his solar reserves will be so depleted that he will be incapable of flight, and within two days he will lose access to all superhuman abilities, reducing his base physical attributes to 2.


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